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Anonymous 27282

I haven’t cuddled with someone for five years.

Anonymous 27284

Get a pet?

Anonymous 27297

Abstaining from cuddling makes one stronger.

Anonymous 28419


Anonymous 28425


Classic denial

Anonymous 28428

I'm a friendless loser NEET and I've never felt this weak before.

Anonymous 28435

cuddling is lewd and should be abstained from

Anonymous 28439


I must be the strongest.

AteMo 28442

I'm gonna be honest with you, I prefer cuddling to sex.
Yes, I enjoy sex, but cuddling has got to be the ultimate comfy and loving activity.
It has mutual validation, comfort, and allows for intimate talk.
It isn't a strainous activity, and both could enjoy watching films while cuddling too.
For me, I could die then and there just being wrapped.

Anonymous 28445

>I prefer cuddling to sex

Anonymous 28450

Anonymous 28700

I don’t want to one-up you, OP, but I have to.

I’ve never cuddled with anyone ;_;

Anonymous 28701

It’s not the same as cuddling a human. This poster describes the difference well:
>It has mutual validation, comfort, and allows for intimate talk.

Anonymous 28741

Same here
Have accepted solitude and focusing my efforts on helping the human race

Anonymous 28742


have sex incel

Anonymous 28750

nice larp faggot

Anonymous 28751

I’ve not cuddled someone for even one year. Or even a month. I can do about 12 hours max. So don’t be hard on yourself.

Anonymous 28759

But anon, nobody has cuddled for five years - it's impossible. YOu'd have to stop to go to the loo, or to make food and go to work and stuff.

Funposting aside, I'm sorry anon.
Going without physical intimacy like that, even the simplest of things like a hug, can be really hard.
I hope you're okay.

Anonymous 28767

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