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Anonymous 29281

Are cute guys as soft and good smelling as they look?

Anonymous 29282


Anonymous 29283


Anonymous 29284


Anonymous 29288

Yes, my bf is soft to cuddle and I love his scent. I could inhale it all day

Anonymous 29289

*sniffs your bf*

Anonymous 29295

where do i find cute, soft, good-smelling guys?

Anonymous 29298

Yes, I think it's either his shampoo or possibly his hair gel.

Surprisingly soft! My bf is not a muscular guy and he's a lot thinner than me, so I kind of expected him to be bony. But he's really comfortable to lay on top of, usually.

Also he's nice and cool, I tend to run warm and since we live in a hot state it's fun to cuddle.

Anonymous 29335

Anonymous 29337

They’re not very soft but they smell good. My bf is super bony but I could nuzzle into him all day just because of how nice he smells.

Anonymous 29395


go on hrt and find out

Anonymous 29442

Men don't go around just hugging and sniffing each other.

Anonymous 29467


All guys pretty much smell the same to me, and I’ve separated them into four scents
>boy smell
Really nice, nostalgic kinda musky smell that’s really prominent in guy rooms/on used clothing
>cool smell
That straight out of the shower or generally clean. Usually smells amazing IMO unless it’s something cheap/overwhelming, then it becomes nauseating
>cig smell
Generally being phased out as more people are vaping
>holy shit take a shower smell
That guy who is either ignorant or doesn’t give a shit about how much he stinks. That body odor that occupies an entire room and lingers for a little while after they leave. Like a rodent crawled into a bowl full of onions and died. The kind of guy who is unaware of the existence of deodorant but also really good at magic the gathering.

Anonymous 29537

Wrestlers do

Anonymous 29538

Filthy virgin here. Could you describe the smell of dicks as well, please? Are there also different categories or only two (clean, dirty)?

Anonymous 29547

My bf's dicks smells like nothing at all. It amazed me given how easily my vag smells despite having good hygiene.

Anonymous 29548

Really mine has three smells, "clean" "horny" and "all day"

Clean can smell like nothing or soap and or aftershave. He likes to shave his balls.

Horny smells like precum/cum, usually when he is aroused or had just masturbated.

All day is All day smell. It's gross, just like a vag it gets gross. It smell like sweat and piss. It is gross.

Anonymous 29626

How does cum/precum smell like?

Anonymous 29629

if youre smelling it off a clean area (like some towel or smt) then it'll smell salty and musky. if youre on the boy's pp then it'll not smell like anything bc the only thing you'll b able to smell will be his pp, which is a musky, really concentrated version of his chest's smell.

Anonymous 29662


>they turn into an aggressive scary creature
Not if he's much shorter than you and you're the one on top, controlling his cute peepee.

Anonymous 29663


Consider this: cute soft boy who turns into scary monster of a man when it's sex time and turns back into a cute soft boy when it's over.

Anonymous 29664


Au contraire, you just need a boy who makes love gently, they exist

Anonymous 29672

As for taste, it's hard to describe it exactly, because it is really affected by his diet and lifestyle. Smoking guys have bitter tasting cum, while healthy anons, specially those who eat fruits have sweet tasting cum.

Anonymous 29677

A boy can't make love gently. I've watched porn and the way they hammer their pp into a woman looks pretty off-putting. (And kind of funny, too. The way their asses move, heh.) It's either dominate or be dominated and I'd choose the former.

Anonymous 29679

Idea too basic, get a normal man instead.

Anonymous 29684

Anon you have been watching too much porn. Real, cute boys go reeeally gentle and soft, much more grinding than pounding. You just need some luck

Anonymous 29707

to be fair, your vag expels fluids in order to clean itself that doesn't smell great, dicks don't

Anonymous 29713

Normal men are for degenerates anon

Anonymous 29738

skelly bf anon…

Anonymous 29802

My bf does both. It depends on where we are at in lovemaking though… usually it's soft gentle grinding at first and eventually leads up to more frantic as climax approaches.

I would say the important takeaway is that lovemaking is a varied process that has a lot of different parts to it, from foreplay to aftercare.

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