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Consider the following: Anonymous 29739

Youre a 40yo housewife (never thought of getting a degree or worked jobs higher than minimum wage, zero work experience for the last 15 years), mother of 3 (19yo boy, 14yo girl, 7yo boy), married for 19 yrs. You dont have any real friends, youre distanced from your family, your life was dedicated to the family you created and that, so far, sufficed.
Over the span of 5 years, the following happened:
- your youngest was diagnosed with autism
- your middle child attempted suicide after her friend raped her (still alive and healthy)
- a girl who claims to be your oldest's girlfriend shows up at your door saying she is pregnant
- you discover your husband has had affairs with almost every woman in his office through the last 12 years of your marriage, maybe longer

What is your course of action?

Anonymous 29740


Pretty soon being autistic is going to be like being lefthanded. 10% of people are lefthanded, and almost 2% are autistic now and it keeps going up. Autism is a regular thing, your schools are going to be ready for it and know how to handle it. In a graduating class of 600 your kid will probably have 12 other autists to hang out with. Frankly autism itself is nbd these days (obviously the cases vary from minor to severe though).

Look at this chart.

Anonymous 29741

Deal with the most important being the suicide, tell the 19 year old that it's his problem (because it fucking is) and divorce your husband after your daughter is no longer suicidal.

Anonymous 29742

>no degree
>zero work experience
>3 fucking children
>no friends, no family
>husband cheats on me
>poor middle child

Thanks anon for reminding me that not wanting to get married and having children is the best decision I'll ever make in my life.

I have no course of action to offer because these are things I'll never have to rack my brain about. Hell yeah.

Anonymous 29743


>>read worst case scenario for X
>>Ha! Haha! I’m so smart for not doing X!!

I’ve never met you and I bet I could still write a half accurate biography of you.

Anonymous 29744

>write a half accurate biography of you
Fire away!

Anonymous 29747

Lmao you wish. If you want more anecdotes, I know two women who are childless and both regret it. One of them is married and she cries not having kids every single day. The other one is both unmarried and childless, she is all alone, very unhappy, has problems with every person she meets, and is overall very bitter about life.
You might enjoy it but you might also regret it, don't think it's that simple.

Anonymous 29749

Is there a reason they haven't committed sudoku yet?

Anonymous 29752

>try to get the youngest child treatment/therapy
>try to get therapy for the middle child
>tell the eldest to deal with his own problems

Anonymous 29754

How autistic is the youngest? My younger brother is autistic but he's the kindest soul I've ever met.
Middle child, be supportive.
Oldest child… might need some tough love.
The husband and lack of work experience/friends is the toughest part… I don't think you're in a financial place to leave him. Shit, that's tough. I guess getting back in touch with your family (not in a begging way) and maybe looking into career opportunities…? With 15 years out of the field and no prior education that's a rough one… when you get something going you can then consider divorce in a few years? I don't know; this is rather out of my league and I feel everything I've said is just the basic and obvious choice, I wish you the best…

Anonymous 29756

A bit too specific to be a hypothetical.
I don't really think an anonymous board full of femcel neets is really the best place to be asking for serious advice.

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