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Help Anonymous 29745

I can’t tell if the reason why I stay with my boyfriend is cos I genuinely love him or if it’s cos i feel like I owe it to him cos he’s been so good and feel bad I’d hurt him so much If I leave him.
Basically what does it mean to be truly in love with someone?

Anonymous 29755

If you have to ask yourself something like this I think you should prevent yourself and him the pain of prolonging the relationship.

Anonymous 29758

>You should always listen to the nagging insecurities in your head! What could possibly go wrong?
Yeah that's dumb. Op don't throw away a great thing because you overthought it.

Anonymous 29766

>what does it mean to be truly in love with someone?
I think, when you’re in love with someone, you feel comfortable being vulnerable around them. They accept you and you accept them. Being around them makes you feel loved and wanted. That’s my experience with it.

This, OP, you sound like you’re just overanalyzing! I can relate.

Anonymous 29772

It depends, like anons here said you might just be overthinking things in a moment of insecurity but I ended a relationship myself over similar thoughts but probably different circumstances.
It's important to be honest with your feelings and not stick in places because others want you to, it can really mess with your head.

Anonymous 29779

I can't stand you anons who thinks that breaking up is the perfect solution for everything.

Anonymous 29817

>who thinks that breaking up is the perfect solution for everything

It gives people valuable life experience so that they will be wise enough to make decisions on their own in the future instead of relying on anonymous image boards for all of their problems.

People today are bad and lazy at dealing with relationship issues, cant work things out and don't value what they have. Better to just let things drop if there is the slightest chance that it will make them realize what they have lost. This isn't generally directed at op though since the issue seems to be personal, but in like 99% of all other cases it does.

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