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i need dentures at 29 Anonymous 29763

i had a bad couple of years. with tooth whiten, anitbiotics and not having a dentist i developed weakened enamel. so now it looks like all my top teeth have to come out. i feel like a loser and i want to kms. I have never done drugs and i dont smoke. so to lose my teeth when other dont doesnt seem fair. life isnt fair but my life is cursed. my van was stolen last month. its just been a rough life.

Anonymous 29764

That sounds like an awful time. At least with the teeth no one will reallyknow unless you tell them or they knew you before you got the fake teeth.

How are you dealing with no van? Carpool? Public transportation?

Anonymous 29768

Can you briefly describe to the layperson how antibiotics weaken tooth enamel? I mean, i guess i can just search it, but i kinda want it in the context of this thread.

Anonymous 29804

Probably gonna have the same happen to me. Haven't taken care of myself at all because of depression. I have gone legit months without brushing teeth (I know it's very gross, I'm sorry). Pretty sure I have developed parodontium by now. Also gonna whiten my teeth these days too because they have gotten yellow because of my shitty habits (started looksmaxxing, dieting atm).

Anonymous 29814

wait what the heck
tooth whiten and antibiotics can make your teeth fall off?

Anonymous 29832

It is possible that some stronger antibiotics will fuck over your tooth enamel if you take them for a long time, as well as teeth whiteners.

The biggest culprit though is just plain old poor dental hygiene and junk foods. Soda in particular will fuck up your teeth pretty bad. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss, kids.

Anonymous 29846

>with tooth whiten, anitbiotics and not having a dentist i developed weakened enamel.
No you didnt, your enamel doesnt change once its made, what you meant to say is that you developed rampant caries and the dentist said "this is a fucking disaster, how about we start from scratch?"

Anonymous 30082

you miserable know it alls is why this board is so dead. the person gave a cause. you can look up antibiotics and tooth whiten.

there needs to be a new board where off putting socially akward people cant post.

the op provided has a gi issue that's also hurting their cause. not everything has to be spelt out.

Anonymous 30635

op here. the specialist said my my teeth broke off because of the way i was keeping medicine, cough drops in my mouth. I held it in my mouth at night. so after 4 years of doing this thats why my teeth started breaking up. its sad. the gums are great but the dentin started eroding.
I also had an muscle illness that kept me homebound for 3 months.
its sad. the dentist said he has heard of this before.
i dont know if i will get implants or just get a flipper and wait. denture will erode the gums but an implant will keep the gums healthy.

i will say some dentist go for the nuclear option first.

because of people like you i think this will be my last update. im pouring my soul out and some socially awkward jerk just to comment on my life.

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