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Anonymous 30566

who's an overly afraid person ? im often afraid of weird things that could just happen out of nowhere. Sometimes im scared of things like ghosts or people randomly coming to get me. I work a lot during the days and dont get much time to relax, but when i do im afraid something might happen.
Do some of you overly afraid anonettes relate ? How do you usually deal with being scared like that ?
I wouldn't say its full on anxiety, more like when you don't want to watch something because it makes you scared and want to hide until it stops.

Anonymous 30571

It's taken me 23 years to fucking admit it but I absolutely fucking hate my Dad and all the bullshit he put me through calling me stupid all day everyday. Now I have a major social anxiety complex and my only solution is to forcefully insert myself into social situations that make me addled with fear until my body just finally fucking adjusts and realizes shits fucking fine. Fear is the fucking enemy so I have to fight it constantly.

Anonymous 30577

anon i have the exact same. i thought i was the only one having these fears, or i was just being
too childish

i usually tend to go out when its bright, a night time lamp (so that its never dark enough to think your chair is a person), i put music or the tv on when its all too quiet, i sing, leave the lights on, call other people just because, etc.
you could also get a roommate if its really that bad.

Anonymous 30578

I can't fall asleep "alone". I need to keep myself busy by scrolling through my phone or knowing my cat is in the room because other than this i get afraid that there might be someone.
I guess i can understand why some people would find this "childish". Though I do not know what causes this.

Anonymous 30579

just curious but do you have any family history of psychosis or smt like that? i have the same (but probably worse if its just unable to sleep alone) my mom has schizophrenia and i think it rubbed off on me in the form of light paranoia…

Anonymous 30581

I am not sure. I've never asked them about this, and my familly is extremely conservative when it comes to mental health so no one got the chance to get "diagnosed" with anything. All I can say is that I got some scary past experiences which I think might explain why I'm often scared like that.

Anonymous 31091

I sometimes remember scary things I have seen ages ago and then I am afraid of them.
Like ghost or some scary story I have read. It is stupid but can't help it. Sometimes when I have time to think about stuff, I am super afrait of the future and need to force myself to think of something different and need time to calm down.

Don't know if it's anything like yours feeling of being afraid.

Anonymous 31102

Watch horror movies, it made me not phased by anything. I just force myself to feel smug about the whole situation and refuse to take it seriously, I like anyone who's around me is a big baby. Just tell yourself how "garbage the effects are" how "the main character has terrible dialogue." Whatever you need to do to convince yourself this whole thing is fake and lame and you are not impressed or going to dignify a jump scare with a reaction. It legit makes you brave anon. Start with easy stuff like creature features.

Anonymous 31118

That's actually some great advice, anon. I'll be sure to try this trick and tell you later if it does indeed work with me.

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