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Anyone else want pets but don't have the resources to treat them well? Anonymous 30586

I want a dog or rabbit as a pet but fucking can't yet because I have neither the space nor time to be a good companion to it. I really fucking wish I had the apartment space for a large dog but then I can't let him out enough to be fair to him with my current job. I wish I could have a fucking rabbit because they have to stay indoors all the time but but the fucking city I live in bans them as pets god fucking damn. I just want a fluffy pack animal that I can call my friend and vent to about problems argh.

Anonymous 30587

>but the fucking city I live in bans them as pets god fucking damn
How can a city ban rabbits as pets?

Anonymous 30588

I say "city" but since it's Minot North Dakota maybe "town" is more appropriate. They have an extended list of banned pets and rabbits are on their due to pest problems.

Anonymous 30589

I want a dog really badly but I can't afford one. Also my roommate's cat is a huge bully who wouldn't tolerate another animal living with us.
If you have enough free time I recommend volunteering at an animal shelter so you can spend time with dogs. I go to my local one a few times a week and it's very rewarding.

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