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single and beautif…

Anonymous 30878

>well over 33 years of age
>still single

At least I'm still good looking

Anonymous 30883

>muh women age like milk men age like whine
When will moids stop shilling this retarded meme? You're not going to suddenly blossom into a Chad or whatever when you turn 40. Nobody finds gross old men attractive.

Anonymous 30886

She can still play the hot MILF-card with younger guys, unless she's a lesbian. But it's true that for most other men, women over 30 or even 25 are useless.

Well, it's irrefutable that some young women do date much older men. I also find old men unattractive but those women could really have a fetish for that balding middle-aged beer belly look. Or they just like their money.
But I doubt that men really care about the reason as long as a pretty girl is willing to be on their arms.

Anonymous 30887

>legitimate source
pick one. that data is literally pulled out of some incels ass. also
>unironically using the term sexual market value

Anonymous 30888

you smegs are so boring. always bringing up the same old charts from reddit and 4chan. be more creative.

Anonymous 30891


>60 yo man having the same smv as 38 yo woman
you sure are a dreamer

Anonymous 30900


men are disgusting

Anonymous 30903

So I decided to find where he got his data. Here's his post:
He mentioned a couple of posts regarding the standards he used. Here's the one about women:
If he used these answers as data that's extremely poor form. The first question in the survey already determines the outcome. Not to mention it's just self-reported and messy in general. I'm not a STEMfag/stats major and even I can tell it's garbage data.

The only other option is even worse, just like you said: he pulled it out of his ass.

Anonymous 30904

Meant to reply to >>30887 as well, fuck.

Anonymous 30906

except its not true at all…

Anonymous 30907

Then gib data.

Anonymous 30908


>us women

Anonymous 30909

Oh you.

Anonymous 30913

If you were good looking you wouldn't be single at 33 now would you.

Anonymous 30916

the maleposting on this board is out of control

Anonymous 30923

When it comes to aging, handsome men are outliers.
Men like Sean Connery, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds among others, who reached their peak after being 40 do exist, while this is not possible for women.
But most of men over 30 and 40 look far worse tham most women on this age. My father was a very handsome man while my mom was plain. Now she's quite prettier than he. Most of them are bald and heavy while many women can still look fine, even though far from what they used to be when they were 25 (I'm not saying that ugly old women don't exist too, that's also the rule).

So, do men age like wine? Some do, but most age like shit. Do women age like milk? That's a very strong assumption, but unlike for men, it's impossible for us to age like wine, even if, on average, we age better.

We're all in the ignorance veil, as Rawls would say. You have a better chance of still being desirable after a certain age if you're a women and is the most rational choice at this point.

Anonymous 30932


Thank fuck someone is here to talk sense. This stereotype that women’s appearances fade in entirety once they reach 30 or 23, or 18, or wherever else internet people decide to draw the line while men just look better with age is fucking ridiculous. Men and women both get wrinkles, get fat, lose muscle mass, and die. How fast this happens has more to do with genetics and how well you take care of yourself than anything else.

Anonymous 30942

A whole lot of denial in this thread

Anonymous 30946

from the male side you mean. no one thinks women look better after they hit the 30s, but "the wall" and "ageing like wine" are the delusional concepts

Anonymous 30949

I agree with theses posts. Yeah, gray hair and wrinckles can make a man look better, but you can't judge the whole with the few exceptions.
In the end there's some justice on it. You have both the changes of a bigger improvement and going downhill.

Anonymous 30954

>gray hair and wrinkles can make a man look better
Lmao don't project your old man fetish. Men are peak at 18-21.

Anonymous 30955


And? He's Leonardo DiCaprio. A famous actor who is rich and naturally good looking, so he can date whatever B-lister model he wants. He is not your average man, even as his looks start to go with age.

Anonymous 30956


I think Leo is a prime example of this whole discussion… what he was and what he is now, it's an abysmal difference. Those younger women cling onto him for clout and money.

Anonymous 30957


and there are also female examples of that

Anonymous 30958

>your old man fetish
It's not "my" fetish, you can look at any list of the most handsome men and most of them will be over 30, many over 40 or even 50. >>30923 gave a good list.
Gisele Bündchen was the world's highest paid model when she dated DiCaprio, I don't think she was looking for fame or fortune though.

Anonymous 30959

You're missing the point. Yes, he's rich and attractive and famous and could have any woman he wants.
And he only wants women 25 and under. So would every man if they could.

Anonymous 30962

and you're missing her point. he's not attractive compared to his younger self, his looks severely deteriorated with time. he used to be one of the most handsome men in the world, now no one would give him a second look on the street if he wasn't famous. his success with young women comes from the fact that he's rich, famous and an overall successful affluent man, which is what attracts women. no one is saying younger women aren't preferred, of course they are, we are saying men don't age like wine.
affluent women do the same (ie. Madonna >>30957 ) but not to same degree because it's women who tend to look for different qualities other than looks (status and a fat bank account, for that matter).

yes and he dated her in '01, almost 20 years ago.

Anonymous 30965


the man is not ugly but tell me how he is any different from your typical run-of-the-mill boomer. he'd hardly have any chicks throwing themselves at him for his looks only.

Anonymous 30967

except i'm a young woman so i have access to much hotter men around my age? are you a smegsie by any chance?

Anonymous 30969

nta, but I also wouldn't date Leo due to his age.
Not that I'm Stacy, it would just be weird, dude.

Anonymous 30970

I'm one of the girls arguing that women age on average as good os better than men, but I think your image shows otherwise. He looked plain and callow when compared to his older self.

Anonymous 30973


sorry i'm not attracted to boomers who could be my dad lol along with most other women
i mean to each their own

Anonymous 30976

>along with most other women
Oh yeah, just look at the uggos he has to settle for because the majority of women aren't attracted to him.

Anonymous 30977

you missed the part where i talked exclusively about his looks disregarding his achievements and status as a celebrity, which means you missed my entire point

Anonymous 30978

You think the richest model in the world dated him for his money and status?

Anonymous 30979

please learn to read the previous posts, he dated giselle almost 20 years ago. and do you really think that has nothing to do with him being leonardo dicaprio? do you think any model would date a random guy who looked like this >>30973 ? how many middle-aged chubby common dudes do you see walking with a model under his arm?

Anonymous 30980


>with most other women

Anonymous 30981

images (3).jpeg

Depends on how hard you try to cherry pick the worst image of him you could find to try and validate your insecurities

Anonymous 30982

but you're wrong. most women without daddy fetishes prefer younger men from looks alone. it's irrefutable. if they choose old men to date, it's because they can give them something else, often money and status.

Anonymous 30983

i literally posted >>30965 in which he looks almost identical. still not even close to being as attractive as he was in his prime. i would not date him if he was a nobody.
>your insecurities
which insecurities? i am a woman in my late teens stating what is obvious for anyone who is not a man trying to pass a woman on an anonymous online forum. i have no horse in this race. sounds like projection. are you an insecure chubby old man?

Anonymous 30984

Are you a 14 year old kpop fangirl?

Anonymous 30985


>this thread

Anonymous 30986

>if you don't want anything to do with graying men old enough to be your father with beer bellies and receding hairlines it must mean you are into kpop
>anything that isn't an unattractive old fart is a feminine skinny boy
big cope smegs

Anonymous 30987

I'm just saying you probably shouldn't be arguing over the phrase "men age like wine" if you aren't old enough to drink wine to begin with.

Go sip your apple juice at the kids table while adults are talking.

Anonymous 30988

according to >>30952 and >>30900 I'm old enough to be desired by said men, so I think I'm entitled to an opinion.

Anonymous 30989

Old enough, not attractive enough.

Anonymous 30990


if that helps you sleep at night, smegsie.

Anonymous 30991

I mean, you just straight up aren't.
You're bragging as if Leonardo DiCaprio would be desperately begging to date you but he wouldn't glance twice at you.
And no, not even a third picture of a celebrity aging will change that.

Anonymous 30992

>most women without daddy fetishes prefer younger men from looks alone.
You don't know many women, do you? Are you a 15yo smeg looking for a onee-san or what?

Anonymous 30993


I already told you I would not look twice at a man who looked like him. he looks just like any other boomer, there's literally nothing special about the way he looks. he made a career out of his looks as a young man and now his appeal lies elsewhere. you don't seem to be able to grasp that. imagine a world where "leonardo dicaprio" doesn't exist and ask random women to choose between his old self and your young male star of choice.
I will post another one just because you're so invested in this.

Anonymous 30994


Nta but considering the majority of posts ITT I'm quite sure your opinion is the least popular here too. You may look the list of George Clooney ex-gfs. Or just check how old Clint Eastwood was when he was Blondie. Or basically how old was every 007 ever.

You're right if you say most men end up as Orson Welles, but as someone else mentioned ITT, many magazines made by women for women rank the hottest men every year. Check the average age of them.

Anonymous 30995


the majority of posts itt are most likely samefagging by males, as evidenced by the deleted posts at the very beginning.
it's a plain fantasy that women prefer old men en masse. women generally date men around the same age as them. George Clooney and Clint Eastwood are outliers among men, like that other anon said some men really do get better with age but most really don't. 007 is by definition an older gentleman. 'twilight moms' were a thing that happened. look at who women in their prime are thirsting for. it's bieber and shawn mendes and instagram male thots.

Anonymous 30996

And all those magazines were samefagged by men too then?

Anonymous 30997

>magazine polls answered by boomer women somehow trump reality even when everything else points to the contrary

Anonymous 30998

>George Clooney and Clint Eastwood are outliers among men, like that other anon said some men really do get better with age but most really don't.
I didn't see anyone saying otherwise. Actually that anon even said that there are more men at their prime when they get older than women.
>look at who women in their prime are thirsting for. it's bieber and shawn mendes and instagram male
You have no evidence for that. There's nothing wrong about liking younger men (I like shotacon for Christ sake), but if you ask for the average women who are the hottest men in the world most of names will be of guys over 30 or even 40.
You're either coping really hard or you're still on highschool. Maybe both.

Anonymous 30999

Lmao you're a riot. You claim your anecdotal story based on nothing is reality yet actual polls don't count. It's quite the denial you're in.

Anonymous 31000

do you really need evidence that women in the 15-25 age group are thirsting for those men?

Anonymous 31001

Not her, but by "everything else" you mean your opinion?
Because honestly, I'm 27 and I'm quite sure it's pretty much otherwise. Oh, and I thought that too when I was a teen.

Anonymous 31002

Actually I do. Because I had never seen someone with your opinion.
But since you put 15 yo women on the same category of those with 25 I assume you're underage

Anonymous 31003

Post it. Quantitative evidence, just like polls are, not a post by a teenage girl on Tumblr, if possible.

Anonymous 31004

Misquote, it was for >>30997

Anonymous 31005

>do you really need evidence
Imagine actually typing that out in an argument and expecting people to respect or take you seriously.

Anonymous 31006

i must have been hallucinating the billions of teen girls with bieber posters in their rooms. they must have actually been posters of fat men in their 40s. my bad.

according to actual surveys (and not magazines lol) in most marriages the husband and wife are within 1 year of age difference or the husband is up to 3 years older. in only 1% of marriages the husband is 20 years older than the wife.
source: Married Couple Family Groups, By Presence Of Own Children Under 18, And Age, Earnings, Education, And Race And Hispanic Origin Of Both Spouses

Anonymous 31008

>i must have been hallucinating the billions of teen girls with bieber posters in their rooms.
>teen girls
Do you know girls over 18? Because well, we don't like Bieber. I say that because when I was a teen I used to think he was pretty (trust me, I knew him before he was famous, when he would cover a few songs on YoUTube), now I see how wrong I was.
>) in most marriages the husband and wife are within 1 year of age difference or the husband is up to 3 years older.
That's what people get, not what they would choose if they could. No one here but a couple os smegs denied that on the average population women age just like men or even better. We're talking about the top of the top, not someone you met in a bar or on the church. If you do this, you'll find out what I'm saying.

Anonymous 31009

Aren't we talking about women on their prime? Because you're far from that when you're 14.

Anonymous 31010

the top of the top marry for reasons other than physical attraction. these women are not marrying the most physically attractive men, they are marrying the highest status men. men can be 80 year old grandpas with erectile dysfunction and still manage to bag 20 year old models if they're rich enough. now show me the magazine polls with the average age, since you only threw it up in the air without providing evidence even though you demand it from others.

Anonymous 31011

What do people who shill the "wamen are over at 30" meme even get out of it?
The logical solution to this dilemma is to just not date men since they'll all dump you eventually. EZ. And yet I somehow feel this is not the outcome these types want, they wish women would throw themselves at men during their youth due to insecurity and then throw themselves out as 30 approaches.

But it's just a hopeless situation, so why even bother?

Anonymous 31012

>these women are not marrying the most physically attractive men, they are marrying the highest status men
Yeah, every women is marrying the highest status me. Sorry to burst your bubble, princess, but the world doesn't work this way. Most of us don't get what we want, and that will probably happen to you too. If you ask an average women if she would change her bf for someone with the same status that looked like Ryan Reynolds or DiCaprio what do you think she would do.
In any case, you're argument is just a simple ad hoc.
>now show me the magazine polls with the average age,
You can calculate that for yourself. Just pick the average age for a top ten, I won't spoonfeed you.

Anonymous 31013

>i must have been hallucinating the billions of teen girls with bieber posters in their rooms.
Yes, as a matter of fact you are hallucinating if that's what you think exists. Because there's only 8 billion people in the world to begin with. About 4 billion of those are female. For there to be "billions" of teen girls with bieber posters in their rooms that would mean a minimum of 2 billion such girls. There's only 4 billion females to begin with, and half of them are certainly not in the narrow age range of 13-19. So your statement is fundamentally impossible to begin with. And even if it wasn't, you'd need every single teen girl on the planet to own those posters, which is even more ridiculous.

Just because you and your 10 friends had beiber posters in your room does not mean the entire population of the planet did. Did you knows of people don't even have rooms of their own? Sorry but you just scream underage idiot with no comprehension of the real world louder and louder with every post.

Anonymous 31014

>The logical solution to this dilemma is to just not date men since they'll all dump you eventually.
This is also the conclusion I've come to.

Even if I married in my youth, I'll still turn 30 one day. According to the meme, my husband in his 30s will look at me and think: "My wife is old and unattractive now. I can date much hotter and younger women, let's divorce!" It means there's no reason for any woman to marry, unless she wants to end up as a single mother who are considered as very undesirable in the dating world.

Anonymous 31015

>I can date much hotter and younger women, let's divorce!"
Even though I'm arguing with the underage girl who mentioned Bieber, that's also wrong, as men at this age are, on average uglier than their wives.

Anonymous 31017

you can't be this autistic, please tell me you're joking

Anonymous 31018

NTA (the first one here), but even then it's still not worth it since he'll instead start hating you, treating you like shit, and no longer have sex with you. So what purpose is there then?

This just isn't a desirable future for me. But it is also sad since I find men attractive and finding and being successful with les or other bi women is difficult.

Lose lose life ig.

Anonymous 31019

Life is miserable for 99% of the population. There's nothing we can do

Anonymous 31020


>still a khhv
Just kill me please. How are you surviving OP?

Anonymous 31034

why are robots so angry that most young women prefer young fresh guys with sharp features.
women too can like beauty and youth, and most do.
some young women like them older, but that doesn't mean any ugly faced old dude, which is 90% of them, is what they dream about. you guys are not george clooney.
it's like they are trying to reassure themselves to compensate having had little attention from women in their youth. I don't think being a nuisance on imageboards is the way to make women realise they must swoon over your khaki pants.

Anonymous 31037

Are you honestly assuming everyone ITT but you is a guy?
Jesus, learn to read. Yeah, women like, on average younger guys while yeah, "young" doesn't mean Justin Bieber babyface unless you're underage (you basically assumed that before, I'm still waiting for the banhammer) and yeah, the hottest of the hottest are also older.
No one is defying that.

Anonymous 31039

>everyone who doesn't share my opinion is a guy
I always knew there were just too many trannies here, but I didn't know I was one of them

Anonymous 31040

you're talking to a different anon so you're the one assuming things. sorry grandma but the minimum age to post here is 18. also the one who posted leo's dating history is banned, which proves my point that it was a smeg. good job falling for dude bait, i'm sure he's happy for the shitstorm he created.

Anonymous 31042

what I wrote >>31034 isn't directed to you, especially if you are a woman, so why are you having a fit ? i wasn't replying to any one person in particular.
I see this "all men are in their prime at 50" gibberish almost every time I wanna sit back and read mgtow or incel boards for a laugh, those that hold this opinion are mostly male balding losers (which I don't think you are interested in), and my point was that they are laughable, but yeah, have a it w sexy older men, idc.

Anonymous 31043

>"all men are in their prime at 50
That's just pathetic though, and I don't think anyone with a double digit IQ believe in this shit. I think you're attacking a strawman.

What me and many others said is that:
1 even though most men look like shit after 30, but there are some outliers that are, in general, considered attractive than any twenty five yo guys. That can be verified in pretty much every list ever.
2 Very few women over 20 think Justin Bieber or people like him are desirable. If you believe that's the rule than you probably don't know many women over this age (and those are the vastly majority of the population unless you live in Nigeria or whatever).

Anonymous 31045

you know there isn't one single anon replying to you right ?
i never said men had the triple digit IQ necessary to doubt that any older man somehow is more attractive (mgtow and their betabux who women in their 30s supposedly flock to or Lucas Werner and his telomeres), and I never said anything about justin bieber, who btw mustn't be that young anymore since 2007.
I don't care about the statistically insignificant portion of actually attractive old men who I guess exists, I care about laughing at delusional dudes walking in circles while leaky diarrhoea drips down their legs mumbling how once they turn 40 and own a car worn down stacies will be begging at their feet amidst the rubble of the wall they just smashed into, and boy does the internet deliver.

Anonymous 31048

guys, you're just as intolerant as biased as incels. people from both genders can be pretty, ugly, young, and old, stop making dumb generalizations like saying all women age like shit or all young men are cute

Anonymous 31050

we don't need your permission to be petty or make generalisations or make fun of those who make them. life is too short not to laugh at retards on the internet.

Anonymous 31098

The list of the most handsome male actors over 40 hasn’t changed in 20 years, maybe it’s because they were handsome to begin with and they have a certain character applied to them? Most of them undeniably looked better 20 years ago.
Now if you’re talking about women being attracted to men’s wallets that’s a totally different thing.

Anonymous 31101

>Now if you’re talking about women being attracted to men’s wallets that’s a totally different thing.
You brought up the elephant in the room. And for some reason, the men who claim they age better than women are always broke neets.

Anonymous 31120

>The list of the most handsome male actors over 40 hasn’t changed in 20 years
That's some hard cope, I don't believe there are many men over 60 in any of these lists, and I'm quite sure Sean Connery is not anywhere near as handsome as he was on that time.
>Most of them undeniably looked better 20 years ago.
Of course, no one said men over 60 look better.

Anonymous 31121

>agrees with me that they looked better 20 years ago
You are one stupid moid

Anonymous 31122

Yes, they looked better when they were 35-40 than now, where they look 60. Did you even read your own post?
In any case I would like too see any list of hot men over 40 from the 90's and one from this year to compare.

Anonymous 31123

I mistyped, I meant to say men that are now over 40. I apologize for that

Anonymous 31124

Quote a single post ITT praising 60+ yo men

Anonymous 31614

ok boomer

Anonymous 31622


If can take care for yourself (and are willing to shift your target demographic) you’ll be fine for at least another 10 years.

Anonymous 31666

33 physically but how old mentally?

Anonymous 32172


women change their preferred age men don't it doesn't matter how old a guy gets there's always be women that like him at that age

Anonymous 32441

It's just what nature intended. Even If we don't like it, in most societies men had sex with 14-15-16 year old girls, sometimes even at 12. This doesn't make them disgusting, it's just their nature. I don't like it also, but it is what it is.

Anonymous 32442

In shit societies they did. In Europe they might have married that young but they generally waited until they were older to consumate it. 16 is very different from 12. Having sex with 12 year olds is disgusting no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous 32448

>we need to follow nature urrurrghnnnnn
Get off your computer and live in the wild. Stop taking medicine.
What even is nature when all species can evolve and change?

Anonymous 32453

>>we need to follow nature urrurrghnnnnn
what are you talking about? I never said this. I'm saying it's their nature, but obviously, we have societal norms to prevent men from having sex with <18 year old women. My point is only the following: men are more attracted to women around 14-16 biologically. If you ask them directly they will obviously deny it, but deep inside they know it's true and studies like the above prove it.
>In shit societies they did.
I'm talking about the paleolithic era, where everyone lived in tribes. In those times (even in modern tribes) you see what I'm talking about. They consider a woman ready for sex, marriage and breeding just after they get their first period.

Anonymous 32454


>paleolithic era
Keep in mind that the homo sapiens spent more time living in tribes than in "civilization".
>The age of speciation of H. sapiens out of ancestral H. erectus (or an intermediate species such as Homo antecessor) is estimated to have been roughly 350,000 years ago.
Look at this picture and you will understand what I'm talking about, we spent more than 2 Million years living as nomadic-tribes, in those times it only mattered that women were able to reproduce (after their first period), cause the primary and only objective was survival. This led to men naturally finding women more attractive in their teen years, and not before (that would be pedophilia) or after (what is normal now).

I repeat myself though: I'm not condoning that behavior. Even if it's biologically ingrained, by today's standards it's not moral nor allowed for them to have sex with teens. But just keep in mind this when you interact with men, because it's the truth.

Anonymous 32455

that's why when I looked at my 22 year old bf computer I found an incredible amount of "teen" "petite teen" "schoolgirl" porn. It's a sad realization, but most men prefer that, they just repress it or outright deny it because of society's standards.

Anonymous 32459

These arguments don't make me feel better.
Why bother dating or getting married if your boyfriend or husband is going to constantly want people other than you?
I'm going to spend the vast majority of my life not being a teenager

Anonymous 32460

That's like asking why you'd ever want to be in shape if you're just going to want to pig out on sweets. Food uneaten (and lusts unacted upon) harm no one.

Anonymous 32472

Because everyone adjusts their desires to what they can get (or think they're able to) and societal standards.
A very unattractive, boring, low paying job guy probably doesn't feel entitled to date intelligent, kind, beautiful women. So he will date women according to his level and will learn to love them, because he knows he can't do any better. It's the same reason why women probably hook up with average guys, become their gfs while not constantly thinking about Dicaprio, or any other attractive, millionaire guy.
Ideal attraction is one thing, reality is another. This is not bad, it's how the world works in every way.

Anonymous 32475

The real solution is to just not date. At least personally I couldn't "learn to love" someone that I criticize in my head and nitpick 24/7.

Anonymous 32477

While it's true that most people date and marry someone who's similar to their "level", the way you worded it sounds like you think the average person just settles for someone and they can't be truly happy with their partners.
Is that really how the dating world for us average people works?

Anonymous 32480

>it sounds like you think the average person just settles for someone and they can't be truly happy with their partners.
I actually think the opposite. Yes, people settle, but they know X reality is out of reach, so they learn to love that person (real love) and be happy. Maybe some people don't. But I think the average person manages to live decently in that sense.

To understand better, imagine this: a lot of people could become a millionaire, right? but most of them KNOW they don't have the skills, nor the time, nor the abilities to become one. So they just accept their job and do as best as they can with what they have. They are NOT thinking constantly about why they're not millionaires, they just live their reality, otherwise it would be too painful.

So, basically, is not only "settling" but actually a full on acceptance of what you are and what you can get.

Anonymous 32482

In fact, the only reason why you're unhappy right now is because you want a reality that's out of reach. You think you "deserve" something that you can't have. But reality is reality. You get what you can. If you think you deserve X, you work to get X, if you don't get it, then you just don't. That's all. The other possibility is people who never accept what they can't have and live up to ridiculous or absurd standards, they are suffering 100% of the time, and they end up killing themselves because they don't live up to what they imagine they "should" be. I don't think that's reasonable though.

Anonymous 32518

You made me realize that there's something abnormal or weird with my world view/mindset if what you say about the average person is true.

Anonymous 32521

I don't think this is true for some men.
I'm not sure how most people behave but for my past boyfriends (n=2 so anecdotal), they became the only man I was attracted to.
My exes weren't the same. They still had their type which I didn't conform to, but they were dating me because they were both insecure no one else would have them.

Anonymous 32920

This graph is posted everywhere and it's fake.

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