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Anonymous 31081

How's your faith in the human race holding up?

Anonymous 31082


Not good OP. Got dumped, made fun of for my mental illness and then got my passion ripped away from me by an ex and his friends. I also work fast food so y'know that really sucks that faith in humanity out of you :(

Anonymous 31100


I think humanity is going to shit because of this new generation, born after 2000. I'm gen Z and I remember how older people had a different status, they were more respected and growing up was an ideal rather than something you should loathe. Then, trends gradually shifted towards the opposite, in the sense that you're more valuable when you're young, look young, hold onto childish things for as long as possible and point the finger at older generations. They're also conservative as hell and the sjw image they have is just a different, more subtle way to act on right wing ideas minus the self awareness, but I know these things have been discussed before.

Anonymous 31103

It's so cringey when normies steal imageboard memes goddamn.

Anonymous 31106

What? "Ok boomer" a little late to the party to be complaining about that one being appropriated.

Anonymous 31110


It seems like these days I can't escape stories of people being shitty. It's either learning about cruelty throughout history, horrific stories happening somewhere in the world now, people close to me telling me how badly they've been screwed over by others, or people I thought were good having their hidden fucked up behaviour being exposed. I've also probably done some really shitty things and been the subject of some people's stories. It's also learning things like the stats on the rates of rape and child abuse. I've come to automatically expect shitty behaviour from people in general and I don't trust anybody. Shutting myself up seems more appealing everyday.

Anonymous 31113


I’m not suicidal but reading about every bleak thing happening makes me want to take my life before the world goes south. I wonder if things are more terrible now, or if the world has always been this awful and I’m old enough to realize it now.

I can distract myself with work, service, and friends but these thoughts always linger and are especially bad when I’m alone.

Anonymous 31116

>not wanting apocalypse-survivor or ghoul bf

Anonymous 31119


After years of internet over-consumption and being exposed to how people really are behind internet anonymity, I've lost my faith in the human race.
I've become paranoid that people I interact with in real life are secretly judgemental assholes but they can't be rude (to me) or insult me like they do online because of the concept of politeness.

I've also come upon a lot of crazy stuff and ideas on the internet that I've never even heard of before in real life. It's easy to dismiss internet crazies with labelling them autistic basement dwellers who live with their mommas but the reality is that many crazies are completely normal people. I doubt all of them are lying about working in politics, at well-known companies making so-and-so many figures or with poor families. And these are the same people spewing crazy judgemental and insulting stuff online.

I blame my sheltered teenage life for not having exposed me to more assholes which would've given me thicker skin.

Anonymous 31125

not well. my best friend's bf beat the shit out of her, not even sparing her face, a couple of days ago and I felt like I had to hold back tears looking at her yesterday. my sister's boyfriend "used" to hit her regularly and she's still with him. i was sexually abused as a child and only got out of a 4 year relationship this year that was fraught with violent sexual assault and rape.

what's disgusting is how people pretend the world isn't so bad when they've numbed themselves so much. my mom acts like all sexual assault and domestic violence is usually exaggerated by the woman to get something out of the man when i've seen my dad slap her and regularly belittle her throughout my life. furthermore, i don't know any woman who has experienced partner violence/assault who has even tried to prosecute the man.

sorry, i'm just depressed as shit. i feel weird talking to my current (non-abusive so far) bf about this stuff because I feel like he doesn't want to believe this stuff is so common either, or that he doesn't really care.

Anonymous 31127


This was my experience as well. Learning this after being so sheltered for so long was a huge shock. I honestly don't know how to navigate or how to understand society anymore. I'm surprised the world can even function as it does. Seems like underneath the very thin surface of society and daily life is a huge underworld of degeneracy and depravity everywhere.

Anonymous 31156

Are you sure you’re not just focusing on depressing aspects in order to validate your pessimistic ideas? I just need to think about Shakespeare and Michelangelo to regain faith in humans.

>>31119 Maybe that coworker who cheered you up with the right words when you were down also has weird kinks like sticking star wars action figures in his/her bum. That’s normal; people are ambiguous, but it’s your choice whether you wanna focus on the star wars action figures’ smell or the kind words.

Anonymous 31164

Are you sure you’re not just focusing on depressing aspects in order to validate your pessimistic ideas?
I'm sure.

>I just need to think about Shakespeare and Michelangelo to regain faith in humans.

What turns me into a misanthrope isn't the fact that bad people exist.
It's how dependant on their surroundings people are and the fact that they devolve into petty squabbling and immediately start hacking at eachothers' knees the minute things become uncomfortable.

We live in the most comfortable society that has ever existed.
We also live in the digital age, and people exist in a nihilistic void free of purpose.
Sit back and witness millionaire 22 year olds that don't do anything except upload a video to YouTube once a week vitriolically take jabs at eachother and try to find reasons to knock eachother down.

Anonymous 31167

I'm sad that people hurt and kill animals. Can't they stick to hurting and killing other humans?

Anonymous 31182

I notice every day that people hate the rich, but continue to buy the most unnecessary trivialities from the biggest corporations, forever feeding the beast that they so despise. Humans are domesticated animals, I hate them, and consider myself different from them, though I know I am not.

When I interact with humans, I remember that some are good people, or at least they appear so on the outside. As a recluse, however, I seldom visit the outer world, and so I spend more time thinking objectively as an outside observer rather than an internal component of the bigger mechanism.

I think that in the grand scheme of how pathetically insignificant our lives truly are, it is absurd that I find myself and so many other people acquiescing the life laid out before us. It is also absurd that we choose to fight and destroy each other rather than work together to escape this planet and explore the cosmos before the sun swallows us whole. Hate begets hate, blah blah blah, the same old shit. There is a better existence for us, but I cannot realise it at the present time.

Anonymous 31219

This. I'm overly paranoid about dating men or having a son after all the shit I've seen online anon..

Anonymous 31224

Dead and buried. I'm jaded enough for 10 grumpy old men. I wish I was never born. All my dreams have been ripped from my grasp. No matter where I look I see a barren wasteland devoid of any merit and any happiness.
I overdosed on that particular blackpill a long time ago. Now I'm just cold on the ground.

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