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Anonymous 31141

what is it that you like about boys?

Anonymous 31142


Anonymous 31143

Their virgin peepees. If they're not virgins, I don't like them.

Anonymous 31144


Anonymous 31145


Absolutely nothing. They are gross, hairy, rude, egocentric, filthy and unhygienic. Just say no to boys.

Anonymous 31146

Dat dicc and nuthin else

Anonymous 31147

Nice hair that I can run my fingers through. A V shaped torso with a big chest to sleep on and thin waist to put your arms around from the back. Adonis belt.
Nothing like that DYEL thought.

Anonymous 31150

wtf i love men now

Anonymous 31151

Men need to be exterminated. Except for the ones who can do really good Scooby-Doo voice impressions. Those men can live. The others.. quick death.

Anonymous 31153

I hope nobody has to compromise for a man who looks like that

Anonymous 31157

The smaller ones are very very cute.
And some men are my friends.
But other than that I'd say around 90% of men are unattractive to me, and I tend to dislike male behaviour as a whole.

Anonymous 31159

i love male hands and forearms so much

Anonymous 31161

Their chubby bellies

Anonymous 31162

men > boys

Anonymous 31170

The fruits of their labor. Their own physical bodies, and in essence their maleness as distinguished from femaleness, is of no value.

Anonymous 31172


Big meaty butts
If I had a bf that looked like this I would I would never get anything done because I would just smack his butt all the time

Anonymous 31210

Idk what the fuck it is about them, if it's because of their social programming, or if it's because of evolutionary psychology, or a mix of both, but I feel like boys have this strange way about them where they will do anything no matter how inconvenient it is for them if they fucking like you. I know girls experience that too, but it's like, I doubt I'd do the same for these boys even the ones I've loved dearly. I've talked this over with my one real life girl friend and she confirmed this has been her experience with men as well.

I find it endearing and sweet. It's wonderful they go so hard for love and that's what I like so much about boys. That and they get the penetration option attached to them, it's convenient.

Anonymous 31252

pump n dump?

Anonymous 31261

this is true and i know a couple girls who abuse the fact that their bfs would do anything for them. it's a little pathethic to be honest

Anonymous 31286

It sounds ideal to me. Men should put in the effort for the person they love. So many relationships die because one party feels like they don't have to try anymore and take the other for granted (usually the man)

Anonymous 31314

Yeah. Men above 5'5" eternally BTFO.

Anonymous 31315

>"around 90% of men are unattractive to me"
>"to me" = singular
>females = plural

Anonymous 31342

Their big arms, compassion, their persistence and conviction. The sheer will of a man is astounding. There's nothing in this world quite like a determined man.

There are many other things that are attractive about men but that's probably the best part about them

Anonymous 31567

I dont think i like boys anymore. Maybe im too old. So this is about men

Their hair. Its so healthy and natural
The v shape
how theyre tall and big compared to me, makes me feel safe
Their arms
Their chubby soft warm bellies

Anonymous 31602

even if you found a man with an ass like that, he would probably have shit smeared around his butthole because most men hate wiping properly. euro anons can probably disregard this post.

Anonymous 31604

You sound like an incel lmao. Sweeping always-negative statements.

Anonymous 31605

Why are men so gross FUCK. My bf pisses without lifting the seat so it ends up getting piss all over. Then he smears it around with toilet paper. I used his room's bathroom once and it had dry piss and butt hairs on it. Also sometime he misses and it ends on the floor.

Anonymous 31606

Some people just have no sense of hygiene. Unironic suggestion: If you piss on him, maybe he'll learn his lesson…

Anonymous 31607

sorry but that's just your bf, most people have decent hygiene

Anonymous 31608

you sound like a man or a pick me lmao.

Anonymous 31609

Why are you still with him?

Anonymous 31612

What was that last thing?

Anonymous 33293

Nothing really.

It's just that I am a closeted bisexual so I'd rather pass off as straight because it's convenient, I want to fit in, and I'm also in denial about being attracted to women.

Being in a heterosexual relationship is the societal norm and there's a lot less bullshit and hurdles (like homophobia, inequality under the law, etc) to sift through compared to a homosexual relationship.

Anonymous 33393

I really thought I knew what I liked in men, but upon revision, it's become obvious I only really find fatherly qualities attractive. Now I don't know if this is muh daddy issues or my biological clock ticking loudly.

Anonymous 33400


When they find their true passion

Anonymous 33501

Ruh Roh Raggy! It's Ritler!

Anonymous 33502

i am unable to like boys in general. only can accept my bf. he has cuddly warm body, not too thin and not too fat.

Anonymous 33503

I like their bulk. Their strength. The thickness of their hands and the fact that if they love you, you get to see the softness behind the tough shells society tells them they need to have. I honestly really love their short haircuts (love them on women too. Everybody should have short hair), I love when they sweat.

I wish that I was a man. I'd be gay af and fuck so many dudes.

Anonymous 33511

Why would you need to be a man for that?

Anonymous 33513

As a woman I would feel disgusted by that sort of behavior. I mostly just want to date and have a wholesome life. But the fujoshi in me wishes I was a man and could screw men as a man.

It's just not as interesting as a woman. I know someone will say 'oh society brainwashed you, blah blah blah', but this isn't really about that… I just find gay sex hotter than hetero sex, and would not get the same thrill as a woman doing it.

Anonymous 33514

Oh my dudette, that sounds tempting. If I was a man I would be so into you.

Anonymous 33515

>the fujoshi in me wishes I was a man and could screw men as a man
I mean you could try pegging?

Anonymous 33537

Thanks for the prospective interest in an alternate version of myself. I do wish that were reality.

Nah. My boyfriend is very against it, and I want to jizz out of my own personal penis. It's just some weird kink I'll never satisfy. What can you do.

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