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Anonymous 31166

I'm really happy because I may get kicked out of med school and I'm really excited to see how depressed my parents get.

Anonymous 31168

gracie braithwaite…

Tough bitches dig ditches

Anonymous 31169

Screen Shot 2019-0…

Why are you get me getting kicked out anon? I'm in med school too and I'm constantly worried that my terrible past will catch up with me randomly and get me kicked out. But our stories are probably different and I'm interested.

Anonymous 31171

how in the world do you get kicked out of medical school? also that's stupid, just get it over with and walk away with your degree.

Anonymous 32021


I know this thread is old, but I also struggled in med school (US grad not IMG) and had to retake Step 1 twice and nearly got kicked out (if you fail 3 times you get booted). It was the worst time of my life, but I got thru it and just finished residency this summer. Hang in there OP. I got a tutor to help me with test taking (I didn't have much exposure to USMLE style multiple choice exams in college), it saved me.

Anonymous 32022

>there are miners here who already finished residency
i'm waiting for my match. was residency as bad as med school?

Anonymous 32025


Residency was a million times better than med school.

I went to a small college, a huge medical school, and then a small residency. I liked college, and residency felt similar because low class sizes make it more comfy, more 1 on 1 time with attendings. Medical school was just too many people.

Residency was also better because you actually get a paycheck, if anyone is getting pimped it's the med students not you, and it's fun to actually work in your field of choice and learn useful things instead of be on rotations as a ms3 that you don't care about (except maybe if you have a separate intern year or off service stuff). Also attendings are generally nice and my co-residents are some of the best friends I've ever made (bonding thru shared suffering?), I'm sad I moved away but they're all going various places too after graduation.

The only part I struggled with was chronic sleep deprivation, and doing a 24-28 hour call shift is brutal. Carrying a pager sucked.

Good luck with the match! rank things in terms of where you'd honestly be happy to attend, don't go for prestige, nobody cares about where you went. Patients don't even know that residency is a thing they just sometimes ask where you went to medical school.

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