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I am in a world of shit Anonymous 31374

I can't get over him. Not sure what I'm supposed to do now. I'm a wreck and I tear up at the thought of him. Had to excuse myself from class because I couldn't hold back my tears. There's no getting back from this, there's no default happy state to fall back to. I was miserable then and I'm miserable now. The only time I've experienced genuine happiness was when I was with him. Should I just off myself? I feel like there's no place for me here.

Anonymous 31375

>Should I just off myself?
Honestly I do not know the answer to that, there is only one person in the whole universe who knows, and that is you. If things are entirely hopeless and there is not a way for you to ever be happy I really do not know what you can do.

That is where I am at now in my life, after the one I loved left me, I cannot feel whole. I wake up with nightmares, worrying about him, only to remember… he is gone. After they were gone I did just about everything to fix things, I chased them, looked for them, I spent a month or two finding him, only to be met with silence. I considered dying. I spent many nights crying at the sky, asking where i should go, what I should do. Asking God why he did this to me, what was I supposed to learn. There is not one day that doesn't go by where I don't think of him. Think of the lies, the betrayal, the laughs, the joy. Now life is bleak, sadness and joy seem dull, I miss the times where I could not stop myself from laughing. I miss that warmth in my heart, and it has lead me to many more mistakes and sadness. I have found that these issues, these riddles of the heart do not have simple answers, if any. Anymore I just hope that the next day will feel better than the last.

A world of shit is pretty accurate, a world where nothing is good, nothing is joyful. If you want me to I could be your friend, and maybe attempt to fill the gap this person has left. But other than this, I have nothing I can do to help you. Except to tell you to breath.

Anonymous 31376

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