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The strength of men scares me Anonymous 31526

I am a caddy for my part time job (best job for an unskilled highschooler or university student btw). There is this cute guy there I have a crush on, but he seems quite shy and just likes to read his book while waiting for a golfer. The few times we’ve talked he seems quite pleasant.

I’ve always known men were stronger than us, but it’s another thing to see it in person. I’ve noticed that when he caddies, he carries the entire golf bag with one arm by the handle up and out to his side, kind of like the pose when flexing your bicep, and he fucking SPRINTS with it. He runs ahead on each hole to see where the ball lands, and he runs significantly faster than the golf carts.

He doesn’t even look like some sort of muscle beast from /fit/. He’s just a tall, thin, toned guy who might lift a few times a week. He could probably kill me with a single punch, and then follow up with 80 more without running out of breath. I would probably have a panic attack if we got in an argument and he got angry and started shouting. I don’t even know how you could have an equal relationship with someone when the difference in power is so immense. They say it’s borderline rape when a CEO fucks an intern due to the difference in power, but what about physical power?

I was already a little afraid of men’s predatory instincts and behavior, but to see it reinforced that whenever I’m around men I’m only alive because they permit it freaks me out. How do you cope with this?

Anonymous 31527

Therapy, you're being paranoid.

Anonymous 31528

>tall, thin, toned guy who might lift a few times a week
Lift more than him and get some self-defense lessons. Befriend him at the same time and ask for arm wrestling matches to test your strength.
Once you're sure you can overpower him, make him your boy toy.

Anonymous 31529


1 out of every 5 women is raped. Countless others are stuck in abusive relationships or are victims of domestic violence. I do not want to be a victim.

In the past men would slap broads on tv for laughs. Many men have an intense urge to hurt and torture women, think of all the bdsm porn. This isn’t paranoia, it’s reality.

Anonymous 31530

Lift moar.

Anonymous 31560

>This isn’t paranoia. Wait, no, it’s paranoia.

Anonymous 31565


Anonymous 31568

>1 out of every 5 women is raped
Sexual harassment is definitely an issue but this would be worse than most african countries. If you were to take into account all the ACCUSATIONS and not confirmed cases, then maybe this would be relevant. That being said, crackheads and trashy dramawhores accuse each other of shit all the time, so it's a moot point.

Anonymous 31569

As far as romance goes, get a weak partner, duh.
My "crush" at the moment is shorter and weaker than me. Sauce: He couldn't open a jammed door that I opened with ease.
I'm a relatively big gal though, I imagine it would be more difficult for a 5'1" woman or something.

As for society as a whole, just take precautions and accept it. Take up a martial art if it bothers you so.
I mean, people without working legs are even more vulnerable than women and they're out there living. Think of them. Or dwarfs.

Anonymous 31570

Considering that men are socialised to be afraid of touching women out of hand and even more so when it comes to hurting women, I wouldn't worry about it. In addition, they are biologically driven to be emotionally directed by women's emotional expressions (even if insincere), especially their partner and family and friends. Why do you think men side with women on everything, even if they internally disagree? Women are the centre of social consensus and norms, men know this subconsciously and act accordingly. So a man has to be mentally ill to ignore the extreme aversion that would come with a woman expressing pain or distraught emotions at his hand.

Completely delusional. I'd even go so far as to say men are abused by women more than the other way around, just that physically and emotionally they are designed, if not meant to take it (and may not even recognise it as such). Both socially and biologically. Of course any data on this is useless because no one would report it nor recognise a report as legitimate to begin with. Whereas it's currently trendy for shitty types of women to give generous self-victimising accounts of their supposed abuse for social points, often obscuring real abuse as the whole thing becomes entirely based on the social and media side than the actual issue. This is men's fate and completely fine in my opinion, but certain women blowing their side out of proportion to justify and reinforce their mental illnesses as well as incelish hatred of men, is not good for anyone but the insidious actors who control social media and the flow of these memes. For starters, it leaves you irrationally scared and hateful of half the population. Once again the internet feeds self-destructive behaviour to make you as impotent and disordered as possible.

Anonymous 31571

really happy wrest…

>just likes to read his book
>he carries the entire golf bag with one arm by the handle up and out to his side, kind of like the pose when flexing your bicep, and he fucking SPRINTS with it.
>he runs significantly faster than the golf carts.
>tall, thin, toned guy
>He could probably kill me with a single punch
He sounds fucking hot

Anonymous 31572

You really triggered the moids, lmaO.

Anonymous 31574

1 in 5 is a meme. The number came from a college survey and was about assaults that occurred throughout all their college years, not yearly rapes, and not actual reported rape numbers. If you count the total number of reported rapes in the US in 2018, only 0.03% of the total population was raped. 101,500 rapes in a country with +167,000,000 women.
How many people do you know that have been victims of domestic violence? In my 24 years of life I've only heard about it once, and it was between a drug addict and his alcoholic gf.
>In the past men would slap broads on tv for laughs
That was what, over 20, 30 years ago? Nobody does this or thinks it's funny nowadays. Irrelevant in today's society where boys are told to never hit girls and men can have their lives rightfully ruined if they ever hit a women. If anything women hitting men is actually used as comedy.
In 2018 Pornhub did a survey of the most searched terms by men. Out of 20 categories, bondage was in the very last place. Even if you check by the number of videos, bondage is at the one of the lowest points on the list. Actually something interesting that I found while looking this up was that on the survey "hentai" and "japanese" were listed at the top, but they actually have lower amounts of videos. That says a lot about what kind of men constitute the porn audience (weebs and yellow fever incels that would never interact with you irl).

Instead of thinking all men want to rape you, look up where and who commits the most crimes against women. Ask yourself, where do most domestic violence calls come from? The majority of men who commit crimes against women come from low income households, poor and high crime areas, are minorities, etc. For example, there are whole years where not a single white male/black female rape was reported, so black women should mostly worry about black men living near them. Decent men born and raised by normal people as normal men aren't going to rape you. You should be afraid if you live in a shitty city filled with crime, drug addicts, alcoholics, and minorities. You should take precautions and be safe, but not have an irrational fear where men's physical strength alone causes you to question your life.
Damn 1st world problems.

Anonymous 31575

Tall, cute, muscular, athletic, shy, and reads books? OP, if you're afraid of him then I'll be happy to take him instead.

Anonymous 31576


My shithole country doesn't let you carry a gun, or even a knife in self-defense. All I get is pepper spray, and I fear that a mugging or sexual assault would turn to murder as the pain makes the moid go berserk and snap my neck. Conventional wisdom says to get a big strong boyfriend to protect you, but you are more likely to get attacked by your man than some random guy. Maybe I should become a pitbull mommy or something.

Anonymous 31577


Just train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Women with a higher belt will routinely beat a man, even a big buff one.

I've only started training recently and it's pretty fun. It's the perfect martial art in bed as it's all about ground game, and no one gets badly hurt like in a striking art.


>when she playfully plays the bongo on his ass after winning

So fucking hot. I've masturbated to this video and now routinely masturbate by imagining similar scenarios. I can't wait to get a guy in bed just to twist him into a pretzel and completely dominate him, coiling around him and leaving him no escape as I suck him dry and turn him into my own personal fucktoy.

After gaining a few belts, invite the guy on a date where you teach him some Jiu-Jitsu and spar with him. It'll be glorious when you facesit him and choke him out between your thighs. Maybe he can then teach you about lifting.

Anonymous 31578

You're not getting anyone if you just keep masturbating like that. You should try training instead, and don't hold onto that fantasy so weirdly. You're just gonna creep people out.

Anonymous 31579

Imagine being a prude square in this day and age.

Anonymous 31580

What if he's strong enough to pick you up and not put you down?

Anonymous 31581

pasted image 0.png

Depends how he grabs you, but probably some variation of an airborne triangle choke.

Anonymous 31582

I'm trying to help you not be a sweaty recluse seen at porn conventions.

Anonymous 31583

>if a woman has an actual libido and likes to masturbate sometimes along with a few kinks she must be a full blown degenerate coomer who religiously visits porn conventions

Don't tell me you're some sort of """traditional""" r/redpillwoman PickMe that is against sex before marriage and will inevitably deadbedroom your miserable husband due to being a frigid bitch with no sex drive.

Anonymous 31584

I like the cut of your jib, anon.

Anonymous 31585

If you only date men shorter than you, then you probably won't have to worry about this.

I also fantasise about grappling guys with my own two hands…

Anonymous 31586

What if you meet someone who isn't into getting manhandled? It's an extremely niche fetish. What're you going to do when it comes to, and he's not into it? Just do it anyway because that's how your fantasies play out?

Anonymous 31587

I don't find physical strength scary, but it disgusts me a little bit.

Anonymous 31588


Sounds like by the time the poor lad is in bed with her and finds out, it will already be too late lol.

Anonymous 31589

You do know the real world doesn't work like porn. Right? She'll get a lot of "based" replies to the thread with her mugshot in it. That's about it.

Anonymous 31590

I can tell you from experience having eaten a lot of tear gas to the face (basically the same stuff as pepper spray) that it's not the kind of pain that makes you go berserk, but rather the kind of pain and discomfort that incapacitates you.

Anonymous 31591

>maybe I should become a pitbull mommy or something
Those are 10x more likely to attack you than a male partner

Anonymous 31595


talking about grappling, the girls win every match in the sccal championship three years in a row!


Anonymous 31597

>>31595 The fights are separated by gender…

Anonymous 31598

no they're not

Anonymous 31610

Anonymous 31613


My reconnaissance of male forums and reddit indicates that most men enjoy a women who is eager, active in bed, and initiates often vs a starfish. Many women are submissive and want to be thrown around, slapped, and choked by big strong men in bed, but the number of natural male doms who get off on hurting women is actually pretty small. Many men play along because that’s what their girlfriend wants, but they grow tired of having to do everything in bed and having all their actions be resisted as if she doesn’t want it. A lot of them also start to look down on their girlfriends in secret.

The number of female doms is also far outnumbered by the number of males subs, so I’m sure she could find a sub but that may not be what she actually wants. Many male subs (and women subs too I suppose) have psychological issues and want a mommy girlfriend to take care of them, and tend not to be alpha and exciting out of bed. They tend to be manchildren, and taking care of them can be exhausting for the dom. I honestly think vanilla sex or occasional switch bdsm, but only in bed, is the ideal relationship. Most men probably don’t want to be literally choked out in bed, but I’m sure they’d be ecstatic if their girlfriend occasionally climbed on top and fucked him senseless. Some play wrestling in bed honestly sounds like pretty fun and sexy foreplay, whether he wins, mounts me, and gives me a good fuck from behind, or I win and get some hot forced oral. I think far more men than you think would be up for it.

Anonymous 31623

>implying most rapes are reported
>disregarding a college survey then using one from pornhub
>claiming women hit men for comedy
>claiming women should not fear men unless they're black
>complaining about "1st world problems"
mods pls ban this moid

Anonymous 31624

Be careful anon, I wouldn't use males on reddit and and forums as a good representation of the male population as a whole

Anonymous 31625

>Women with a higher belt will routinely beat a man, even a big buff one.

Correction: they will beat them by BJJ rules, not by real world rules (aka no rules).

Anonymous 31626

i mean the SCCAL championship, the south california coast atletic federation hampionship, not the state championship

some girl win state championships tho

Anonymous 31627


wait that's not even a state championship, that's just pro wrestling

Anonymous 31628

That's also what guys in the comment section of this video say.

Plus, it proves that OP isn't paranoid at all. A lot of men secretly look down on women for being weak and physically inferior to them. Nobody respects weak humans. It's just like school bullying: The weak get hurt and picked on because it's easy to do so.

Anonymous 31629


technically, yes tehre's a lot of things you can do outside of the bjj ruleset that could give you an advantage over someone who weight less than you
but the hard truth is that if you're not a grappler yourself, you don't know how to use those advantages or even that those advantages exist, a woman with a higher belt will beat a guy and also a guy in the street who doesn't know how to grapple

Anonymous 31630

Why are moids so obsessed with being physically superior to women and making sure everyone knows they're better at sports? It's pathetic

Anonymous 31631

>implying most rapes are reported
Not the point. I'm talking about OP misinterpreting the 1 in 5 meme.
>disregarding a college survey then using one from pornhub
That's why I checked the actual number of available videos. It matches with the survey results so no problem there.
>claiming women hit men for comedy
Literally a staple of Japanese comedy. But what I meant to say is that you can use women gently hurting men to be funny, but you can't do that with men.
>claiming women should not fear men unless they're black
Missing the point. The point was that your fears should be based on the dangers in your environment.
>complaining about "1st world problems"
Well yes, that's what it is. I wish worrying about the strength of a cute boy was the worst part of my day. If you want proof that I'm a girl, ask for whatever you want.

Anonymous 31651


if you wanna be stronger than most guys just do some bjj, technique alays beat raw strenght


Anonymous 31652


Plot twist: OP takes place in the American Northeast and this tall shyboi will only see a woman romantically if she could physically overwhelm him

Anonymous 31653

Men are scary anon, I agree. Scary ≠ evil though, in fact I would say most of them are good people fundamentally, if you ignore their foibles. Anyway, I look at it like this - I need to find a big strong man who I know is good and I can trust, so I can turn that fear and anxiety into a sense of safety and protection. I am intimidated by men, but I also want one, you know?

Anonymous 31658


Anonymous 31660

>I’m alive because they permit it
That’s life. Anytime you’re walking on the sidewalk, any car could run you over. Whenever you’re buying/being given food, it could be poisoned. Any person you let approach, could stab you. And yet we do all these things because life is easier if we trust people to a reasonable extent.

Anonymous 31685

it's called trust lol

Anonymous 31689


Anonymous 31691

Anonymous 31699

>1 out of every 5 women is raped
I cannot believe people still believe this. I blame cuckboy "feminists" for spreading this around in a desperate attempt to get pussy and glorified whore Stacies for screaming rape whenever they get caught by Chad with Brad. Non-monogamy was a mistake.

Anonymous 31702

I searched it and the figure got popular after Obama used it in a speech.
>a ProQuest search of newspaper and magazine articles in English whose titles included the terms campus, college, or universit and the term rape, raping, sexually assault, sexual assault, sex assault*, or sexual violence revealed 3,630 articles in 2014–2015 compared with only 638 in 2012–2013. Of these popular press articles in 2014–2015, the phrase “1in5” or “one in five” appeared in 709 of them.
Thanks MSM.

Anonymous 31703

My bf accidentally hit me 'lightly' once because he spun around too fast and it left me dazed for two days and bruised for nearly a week. It's scary if he hits me fore sure yeah, but he cried about it for like three hours and that kinda put me off of him and not really ever worry about that possibility again. :\

Anonymous 31708

both holding back

Anonymous 31714

Yeah in both cases the men aren't even trying they're basically just standing there. The 1st was trying to disengage as she was attacking him, the 2nd didn't try to do anything not even hold her to stop the takedown. If the 1st just stood in a stable stance she wouldn't be able to take him down despite having all that fat and good technique, because she wouldn't be able to pull him into the throw to get the needed force to make him go down.

And this is just onesided playfighting really. Even a weak enraged man is very dangerous and unbeatable largely due to ferocity alone. They're designed to turn into killing machines when faced with serious adversary, much like fighting dogs. These videos just mean the men didn't consider the women to be real threats or retrained themselves for social reasons (they'd probably get beaten up by other men if they seriously defended themselves).

Anonymous 31718

>They're designed to turn into killing machines
Yeah, which is why men are horrible and should die out.
All they want to do is rape and murder women, children, and each other.

Anonymous 31720

[King Crimson starts playing]

Anonymous 31722

you're right the human race should just end all together

Anonymous 31723

Hell yeah, you know what's up.

Anonymous 31724

You sound full of ambition.

Anonymous 31726

I don't think men should die out but women should be less trusting of and stay away from them. Without exceptions.

It just doesn't make any sense to trust someone who's not only physically stronger than you and could beat you to a pulp if he wanted to but also doesn't have an ounce of respect for you due to your lack of physical strength. (Yes, even your wonderful husbands and loving boyfriends consider you less as them unless they're in the initial state of being pussywhipped.)

Like >>31714 said, the men who were being attacked by the women in the videos didn't even respect them enough to fight with their full strength. That's the sole reason the women "won", it wasn't even a fair win. Men don't and will never consider us their equals due to our different natures. Trusting and giving your love to someone like that is pure foolishness.

Anonymous 31727

What terrible paranoia. Millions of women live happy peaceful lives with their husbands, brothers, and fathers. Being assaulted isn't the norm. I don't know what you experienced that made you think like this, but it clearly left a mark on you and you should seek professional help.

Anonymous 31729


True, I think men place too much importance on physical strength in others as well as lose theory of mind the less a living being has in common with them. Hence men generally are loud bullies of manlets/weak men (since it's socially acceptable, those who reject social norms openly hate women as well) and abuse animals at a far higher rate than women. Along with the testosterone aggression, of course. They respect men who look like them the most, but even then the test makes them fight each other.

Men also, generally, don't keep pets for company. Men prefer dogs since it's a "useful" animal but very few will enjoy animals like cats just to cuddle and spend time with.
Not that "pure" animal love is indicative of a man who will care for and respect human beings. Ian Brady allegedly loved animals. It's just a trend I've noticed.

Men simply have piss poor empathy lmao. I almost feel bad for them…you know, because I'm a woman.

Sure, it is possible to live in peace with them but they can never love us like we love them. It's sad to think about.
And they are a very real threat, just as living with a Pit Bull is.

Men frustrate me so much. It comes out as hate at times, but it's not exactly. Fear and frustration since we both have our weaknesses and strengths but they don't want us to think we have any, or our strengths are inherently "lesser."

Anonymous 31730

>unless they're in the initial state of being pussywhipped
You're twofaced. Seriously. Go see a shrink. You're having some kind of schism.

Anonymous 31732

This isn't just about being assaulted. Of course it's not the norm. It's more about the fact that men can't respect people who are inferior to them in certain ways (which also includes other men, by the way). Since women are generally physically weaker than them, they will never be able to take us seriously and see us as being on the same level as them, so how can you trust someone who thinks you're beneath him?

If you don't believe personal anecdotes, you can find millions of men on the internet whose opinions led me to this belief.

I've never experienced male violence against myself. Don't make baseless assumptions.

Anonymous 31734

You trust them just like millions of other women around the world do. You tell people not to make assumptions yet you make your own assumptions about all men. I'm sorry that you're clearly in denial about whatever issue you have, hopefully you accept it one day and seek help. I'm done having irrational conversations with you, good luck in life.

Anonymous 31735

>make your own assumptions about all men
Based on evidence. There are thousands of videos, blogs and whathaveyou out there where you can easily see that men have no respect but only disdain for us. Look up "Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House" and go from there or start with videos like this one. Skip to the comments and tell me what you see.

>I'm done having irrational conversations with you

It's not irrational if proof exists. You're only "done" with this because you can't argue against my point.

Anonymous 31736

The funny thing is that you have all this hatred in your mind, but probably castrate yourself over racism. Go figure.

Anonymous 31737

>These couple of comments on the internet are proof that all 3,500,000,000(give or take) men on earth are this exact way

Ok radfoomer

Anonymous 31739

Did you reply to the wrong post?

Anonymous 31741


Anonymous 31751

>and also a guy in the street who doesn't know how to grapple

Yes, as long as she attacks first and manages to take him to the ground at once.
Otherwise it's punches in the face for her.

Anonymous 31756


>If they beat the crap out of them they're violent savages
>If they don't they're assholes with no respect for the weaker (?)
You know that "damned if you do, damned if you don't" logic is typical of manipulative people, right?

Anonymous 31759

Don't worry. I've already called the men in white on her. To the funny farm!

Anonymous 31763

I don't see any hatred. More like distrust and pessimism.
It sounds like the female version of a man from the MGTOW movement or TheRedPill community.

Anonymous 31769

That's hatred, too.

Anonymous 31774


Get a gun

Anonymous 31789


>Sure, it is possible to live in peace with them but they can never love us like we love them
Those self-indulgent mommy-issue-having fucks feel the same way about us. They feel entitled to have a gf, yet don't have one because they're shitty people, and so they feel anger or self-pity of not having what they feel entitled to. This is only magnified in the white knights who see themselves as "not like the other bois :^)", because they don't understand that being nice to a girl does not equal free coochie.

Anonymous 31806


those are girls wining tournaments, that means guys who aren¿t holding back, guys who can beat average joes in seconds, are getting beat by women


i'll give you another example: https://www.bjjee.com/articles/teen-girl-uses-bjj-submit-male-amateur-mma-22-seconds/

take a look at this, the guy who's from a kickboxing gym in mexico throw a jab at the girl who just dodge it and submit the guy, again thi is a guy who punch faster than 90% of the population and the girl just duck and ends the fight in 20 seconds, there's no male magic power, if a guy don't know how to fight he will lose against a trained woman

Anonymous 31812

t. LARPing male weakling searching for validation here
you are probably below 5'8 too lol

Anonymous 31813

True, sadly

Anonymous 31814

Male weaklings get bullied by strong males, too. I would have sympathy for them if they didn't bully even weaker beings like babies or children.

Anonymous 31815

Why can't manlets just accept being small and cute? The world would be so much better.

Anonymous 31816

Ever wondered why weight classes exist or how many rules apply outside of professional sports and training grounds? While training for self-defence is actually a great idea and BJJ is a great idea as well, do not get all hyped and overconfident and if you see a very big scary guy coming for you, run immediately. Fight should be the last resort and at any rate objects work better than bare hands against someone who is way larger.

I have seen many such cases happen, just a couple weeks ago some young cocky dude who boasted having trained in muay thai for 9+ years (and later his friends confirmed it was true and he was also quite good at it) got into a brawl with a bigger fat dude who is a tube of lard that does nothing but smoke joints all day. Fat dude knocked him out so hard one of the muay thai dude's teeth was left imbedded in his hand.
Moral, do not be cocky and do not overestimate your capabilities even against someone of equal size.
Running>weapons>fighting training>being helpless

Anonymous 31817

The strength of strong women scares them.

Anonymous 31818

You can not interview every one of these 3.5 billion, but you CAN look at samples, which basically confirm what she said

Anonymous 31819


Anonymous 31820

You are citing half a dozen examples and we are like 7 billion on this planet, do you know based on that logic I could also cite a few fitfat people running faster than many skinnies and use that flimsy evidence to make my case? All of that is basically anecdotal evidence, not a guarantee. It's really good that you wanna push anons to pursue self-defence classes and martial arts and try to motivate them, but PLEASE do not dupe them into thinking they can take on a larger person even with that baggage of experience behind them. There is a biological difference in muscle composition, tendons and levers in males and females already, moreso with hormones, cultural-induced aggression and general tendency to violence kicking in, moreso with size difference which alone tends to HUGE already. Please do not dupe people into thinking that because they have taken a few classes they are now Trinity from Matrix.

Anonymous 31822

It's also implied in the original post ('start with videos like this one') that it's just ONE of many other videos with such comments.

Anonymous 31824

Wow this post is so original

Anonymous 31825

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zabenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous 31826

mmeant for >>31814

Anonymous 31828

Most posters here are incel men, followed by incel women, then real men and women

Anonymous 31829

>Most posters here are incel men
I doubt it.

The similarity between this thread and threads on male-dominated imageboards shows that loser men and loser women are not that different from each other. Just because you see something in other places first, it doesn't mean seeing it here means this is just some imitation.

Anonymous 31832

They are cute.
Fite me irl about it.

Anonymous 31835

What about "pornsick," "cumbrain," and "troon?"
I heard the first two often, especially from radfems, before coomer became a big thing.

Anonymous 31838

Would you count ED terms (like ana-chan)? I see them used less here, but on lc they're used quite often from migrants from my proana and such communities. As well as /cgl/ memes ig although I'm less familiar with those since I was too ugly to wear J-fashion in its heyday.
Perhaps women are just less likely to make memes for mass communication. Distinctly feminine (and less mainstream) subcultures certainly exist, like feminism, lolita, and doll collecting, yet I can't seem to think of many memes. Just those shitting on trans people and about eating disorders. Coping memes, I guess?

This could probably either read as "women aren't funny" or "women don't need constant humour to feel socially fulfilled."

Anonymous 31840

well im not doing any of that really, i'm just showing that a person with better technique male or female will won a fight against a less technical opponent, tendons, muscle and bones can be overcome (pretty easily) when the person with said advantage doesn't know how to capitalize it

Anonymous 31844

>won a fight against a less technical opponent
As long as the opponent does not have over 20kg or 20cm over you, then you should just make a run for it, call for help or use objects. Because IRL in 99% of cases you are fukk'd. Picture shitty MMA fighter Struve against technically excellent fighter Demetrious Johnson, being far better pound for pound does not help here either
Again, it is a good idea, but should be kept as a last resource for your safety and you should not be overconfident or over-relying on it, for all anons

Anonymous 31849


i get what you're saying and i agree with you,it's not just some casual training that will give you the upper hand against guys, you have to train really hard, probably every day, i agree with you on that but i think we're moving away from the main point a little, my examples goes to show that a woman with training can defeat easely a guy with no training
yes a better technique can overcome help you overcome some handicaps
yes if the guy is way bigger and stronger AND has enough knowdledge of the techniques to know how to capitalise those factors then it's pretty hard to win
but the original discussison>>31714 >>31751 was that a man with no martial arts background can beat a wrestling champion just with pushing her or throwing a punch
my point is that will not happen, if you rigorously train martial arts you'll have the upper hand against most men, because they don't know shit about how to fight, they don't know how to throw a punch, how to avoid a takedown, how to take advantage of their weight and muscular strenght
f you find a huge, heavy,strong and tall guy who was some martial arts background, yeah you're fuck, but most guys are fuck too, everyone except a pro is fucked at that point

Anonymous 31855

If the boys didnt have that strength humanity would die off in its early stages.

If men equalled women in strength they would have extremely harder time protecting their tribes from the wild, hunt animals and build shelters later on.

This strength is used to protect, not to attack your own species. Men who physically abuse women are looked down upon even by other men.

Op is being paranoid

Anonymous 31856

What about women who side with the abuser?

Anonymous 31861

What about women being abusers?

We can keep asking questions irrelevant to the thread

Anonymous 31879

I honestly understand this feel.

I'm a lifelong "big girl" so I always thought that any unarmed person couldn't seriously hurt me due to my weight alone (a small comfort that fatties on here may relate to). However, I ended up hooking up with a skinny (played sports for fun but had sort of a skinny fat pear-shaped body with small man boobs) university student and we were play fighting one day and he pinned me and I actually couldn't get away. I had maybe 20kilos on this kid and he could seriously hurt me if he actually wanted to with zero fight experience on his part.
While I'm not one of those dumb fucks who honestly think this dude as is could beat a trained female fighter at peak physical condition, it is scary as someone who always thought that lardassery could protect me from an average young and healthy man. It's humbling and encouraged me to start lifting.

Anonymous 31881

He had technique over you. Use your weight to your advantage to avoid getting pinned in the first place.

Anonymous 31886

No, he had muscle mass over her, which along with leverage is the deciding factor.

Testosterone lets boys have retain muscle mass at a higher rate then women can, so Even if you set a man and a woman who are the same weight next to one another, the boy will likely have more musculature than the girl.

Anonymous 31887

She said she was a fatty and her bf was a skinny guy, with proper stance and law of physics on her side she should stand a chance. This is just my observation in retrospect, and what I'm trying to say is her loss wasn't due to the fact it was male vs female but instead skill difference.

Anonymous 31954

my brother is nuts and always manhandles me. i'd just be walking getting a snack and he'll smack it out of my hands or snatch it away from me. sometimes he chokes my neck or he shoves me aside for kicks and giggles. other times he'll fake punch me, grasp my arms tightly, or smack me in the head for no reason just because he's bored.

i hate my brother and is dumb brute strength. he knows he is strong and thinks it's awesome but it just fucking annoys me he uses his brute strength on me, someone who doesn't fucking care how strong he is and gets annoyed by it. like bruh, who are you trying to impress? idiot.

Anonymous 31957

>Skip to the comments and tell me what you see.
why not watch the video instead?

Anonymous 31958

i'm not joking my brother treats me like shit. it's to be expected as he is a misogynistic POS. he browses 4chan all day and is brainwashed to think women are inferior species and that hitler did nothing wrong etc. your run of the mill poltard talk

Anonymous 31959

I'm sorry you go through this, anon. My brother not only sexually abused me for years, but he also would slammed a textbook on my head and he violently choked me while moving me around in his anger. It hurts.

Anonymous 31961

what the fuck

Anonymous 31964

You have to punish him.

Anonymous 31978

>He had technique over you
Or, more likely, he was stronger since even at a similar body size males have naturally a lot more muscle mass and strength
If difference was 20kg and the anon above was, say, 95-100kg and her bf was 75-80kg, for a person of that size even with minimal training it would be fairly easy to move around 100kg, even with no combat experience on his part, given higher pound per pound strength

Anonymous 31996


She has explicitly told you it was the strength difference. Why do you keep pushing your interpretation even against her direct statement?

Anonymous 32024

This is why I think it's unfair to condemn a woman who defended herself with a knife against her violent husband. It's a thing in Russia. Raging man charges at a woman trying to beat her to death with his fists, woman defends herself with a knife and stabs him to death, judge claims it's an "excess of self defense" - what excess of self defense?! He was already using a weapon against her, his fists! The knife in her hand only EQUALIZED the field. It was that or death. Men want women to die rather than defend themselves.

Anonymous 32055

Russian self-defence laws are fucked up. So is the court system. Once you're taken to court you're gonna be convicted with like 95% chance.
Nothing to do with gender.
t. Russian

Anonymous 32143

>had to post a bmwf couple

Anonymous 32227



wrestling also gives you a great booty and a fit body, if not for the self defence you can do wrestling for the aesthetics

Anonymous 32231


>literal toothpicks
>great and fit body

Anonymous 32243

ot, but I like your image since it describes my love life and how I act towards men perfectly.
Thank you, it is cathartic to relate to things.

Anonymous 32268


the girl on the left wona male state championship, that means no male in the whole state could beat her

both of them are strong as fuck and can beat almost every male

and their asses are just incredible, big, round and tight

Anonymous 32274

Troll or jealous fatty-chan, not being fat doesn't mean you're a toothpick. Those girls both have developed asses and shapely legs as well as arms, you can't tell if their hips are proportionate or not, but the point is they aren't toothpicks.

Anonymous 32275

>that means no male in the whole state could beat her
Terminatrix t-x, you have the bad habit of omitting weight classes to make your case lol, she fights at like 48 kg category, are there even enough males in the US weighing that little after they hit puberty?

Anonymous 32276

Whoops, meant for >>32268
Excuse me, I'm rarted

Anonymous 32278

u r excused

I'm all for grrl power but misconstruing this stuff by omitting weight classes is just unreasonable and delusional at best. I grew up with 3 brothers, each represents the spectrum of body types and even my tiny smol youngest bro demonstrated a degree of physical strength after he hit puberty that frankly scared me.

Anonymous 32305

Why would a woman need to be as strong as a man?
To do manual labour?
Boxing, judo, wrestling etc are just sports, much like tennis and football.
Pepper sprays, knives and guns are much more efficient for self defense than bare hands.
Just avoid being alone and unarmed around people who might want to harm you. This is a useful advice for both men and women.

Anonymous 32306

Mad that hot thicc wrestler Stacies get to feel up hot stronk wrestler Chads and nibble on their cauliflower ears. :3

Anonymous 32336


those damn stacys

Anonymous 32361

I think the problem comes from the fear that most men could hurt or harm women, and quite easily. The variable that I'm constantly assessing and re-assessing is how much of the population could be moved to violence if they get upset/how easily they could get upset/hoe many people are secret sex offenders murderers, ect.

This place kind of sets my squirrel brain off in regards to paranoia. I try not to think about it, but I honestly think I'm too freaked out to ever pursue anyone who isn't smaller than me.

I do find myself getting freaked out at the thought of not being on equal grounds with men- I was a mess growing up until I got tall. If I didn't have my height to be able to feel at least substantial on that level I don't think I would be able to function very well.

Anonymous 32363


>I'm too freaked out to ever pursue anyone who isn't smaller than me
That's real shit, anon.
On top of small men just being undeniably hot, how anyone could have relations with a person whose hormones make them both aggressive and impulsive ON TOP of them being hulks is beyond me.
It's like people who keep pitbulls as family dogs. Chihuahua instead pls. Breeding men to be smaller when?

Only half joking.

Anonymous 32401



she made a youtube channel after the popularity of that clip

Anonymous 32408

Men are conditioned from childhood not to hurt women and in fact to defend them at cost to themselves. As long as they aren't insane it's pretty unlikely they'll hurt you.

Anonymous 32410

Be the change you want to see. Have 6 kids with a manlet.
Now do you see the issue?

Anonymous 32501

this girl won TWO SCCAL championship!!


fun fact: since girl began wrestling in that tournament in 2016 only one guy could beat a girl in the 2019 championship, every other intergender macth was won by a girl, they all won they respective weight bracket

Anonymous 32503

tournament obey rules and guys are ever easy into women.

Anonymous 32504

Your post reminds me of short men who whine on the internet about how short parents should never reproduce and blame/hate their mothers either for passing on their own short genes or having kids with a short man.
Crazy stuff. I didn't come out particularly attractive but it never crossed my mind to hate my parents for it.

Anonymous 32509

i really thought we were better than /r9k/ but here we are

Anonymous 32550

My post was meant to imply that even if she thought of short guys as cute she probably wouldn't want to reproduce with one.
On that note my mom is really short and my brothers are the only men in the family under 6'.

Anonymous 32552

Original chihuahua anon, and it would be nice to reproduce with a short guy someday if I wasn't terrified of pregnancy (possible complications, ruining my body, being cheated on while pregnant). But that's the pregnancy itself and has nothing to do with my (hypothetical) partner. For what it's worth I do have a lot of sexual fantasies that involve being impregnated by one (it's super romantic, you know) and yet…pregnancy scary.

Perhaps with a surrogate or an artificial womb (exciting tech for tokophobes like me!), but I definitely would have short sons idgaf. Or daughters but that is less looked down on.

Anonymous 32559

I don't understand people like you. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Sure it's a bit scary, but if you've ever used argumentum ad naturam and don't want to have kids you're a hypocrite because that's what we're made for.
And having adorable kids with a shorter-than-me subby guy would be cute as hell.

Anonymous 32635

Manlets are disgusting, in all honesty.

Anonymous 32642

laughing girls.png

Their fixation on their height and inferiority about it is pretty funny tbh

Anonymous 32683

Their inferiority complex makes me want to toss a manlet under 5'3"/160 cm on my bed.

Anonymous 32691


i want to wrestle them just to keep with the theme of this thread

Anonymous 32693

I feel like I am now on some sort of list.

Anonymous 32696



This anon gets it.
Actually saw a guy today who must have been 5 ft nothing/152 cm and it was really hot. Kind of chubby, too…a juicy boy.

Anonymous 32703

Anonymous 32754


Anonymous 32755

>160 cm
Wtf I love Domics now

Anonymous 32772

This is more of a point against jiu jitsu than for it, both were standing so exposed when trying to cling onto each other than in an actual fight an adversary could have punched their face a dozen times. I can't help but think a lot of these martial arts are only practical as long as they are practiced in their specific environment, if somebody really assaults you he is not gonna wait for you to find the right grip

Anonymous 32783

That's what Bruce Lee said too, it was one of his main gripes with eastern martial arts. That being said, BJJ is extremely effective and deadly in MMA where you're allowed to strike.

Anonymous 32801

bot of them were exposed because that was clearly a grappling match, you don't have to change your technique much tho
closing the distance and going for the clinch already protects you against 90% of punches, the only moment when you're exposed is the couple of seconds you need to get there, but you can just put your fist in front of your head and protect yoruself against a knock out punch, is not that hard, doing bjj or wrestling gives you teh agility and techinique to close teh distance fast and safe against pretty much everybody

Anonymous 32874

>that was clearly a grappling match
and if in the real world somebody assaults you they're not gonna have a fair grappling match following the rules
>protects you against 90% of punches
Ehhrm no, have you not seen the video? Both were very exposed and left a root of room for the other to land a punch/elbow/knee etc. Close distance fighting works especially if you are shorter than the other person because you negate their reach advantage in stand-up but it still leaves a lot of room to land blows.
>protect the head
May leave ribs, throat and other areas exposed and may not even be enough if the other person is significantly stronger and can badly hurt you with a punch anywhere it lands (which includes wrist, elbow, forearm, neck, joint generally etc.)
From all things I gathered if you are assaulted by somebody larger and stronger, even if trained, your best option is to run away, second best is to use spray/keys/blunt objects etc. and actually fighting barehanded is the least safe option.

Anonymous 36635


Anonymous 36650

MMA has a lot of specific rules about things you’re not allowed to do like ball grabbing, which other martial arts don’t have. It’s completely as amazing as everyone makes out. Also looks horrible.

Martial arts are called arts for a reason. It’s about form and looking good, not so much best fighting technique. You will learn good blocks, quick reactions and how to escape but you need to know when to surrender. If someone points a gun at you then you need to put your hands up, not try to kick it away like in the movies. Most martial arts aren’t made for modern weapons.

The majority of martial arts taught these days have been altered into modern forms (karate, jiu jitsu, wushu, kung fu) or were completed made up recently, some from previous arts (Brazilian jiu jitsu, akido, judo, capoeira, MMA, krav maga). The latter ones are more effective but don’t look as good.

Anonymous 36661

what about getting a unlicensed gun? how many times in your life do you think the police will just randomly search through your purse? and if you don't plan on having a gun hobby anyway, you don't have any legal permits to lose, you'll probably just get a fine and have it confiscated if you somehow get caught, which will probably only happen if someone actually assaults you and you have to use it

Anonymous 36688

>It’s completely as amazing as everyone makes out.
That should read not as a amazing. MMA is overrated.

Anonymous 36727

paige wrestling.jp…

Anonymous 36734

What does this contribute to the thread? We already had the "women can win at grappling sports" discussion. You didn't even write anything. What was the point?

Anonymous 36810

Started wrestling last year, can confirm best thing ever

Anonymous 36825

how are the boys

Anonymous 36827

Anonymous 36832

I think its extremely important to understand that you always avoid physical confrontation ESPECIALLY with men, because they are a lot stronger and in an actual fight will win easily 99.9% of the time, even if they guy doesn't seem that big

certain contact sports with set rules like wrestling and such are different altogether though, where it is completely ok to 'fight' against a guy

I just really don't want some anons bering over-confident and thinking that they can put themselves at risk because they took a few (basically useless) defense classes, please don't.

thread I saw a while ago on a simiar discussion

Anonymous 36836

Does anyone else feel disturbed and upset when you see other women going on about rape/choking fetishes? You know, the "Choke me daddy uwu" bs? Like they're so dumb and naive and they're probably going to end up getting hurt. It's sad.

Anonymous 36840

The very best route to take is to avoid men or at least being alone with men in your life as much as possible.
The foolproof way to prevent the easily life-threatening domestic abuse that comes from men is to not date them. Sure, a woman can kill you, but a man could do it unintentionally with ease.

Anonymous 37108

>a man could do it unintentionally with ease
That's going a little far. It takes quite a bit of force to seriously harm someone and risk death.
Men are stronger and are capable of such force, but it's not like they go around throwing haymakers in attempts to swat flies and risk instantly breaking your neck with a missed strike or something.

Anonymous 37109


Anonymous 37110

Nobody chose what makes their boat go, it is no one fault but theirs.

Anonymous 37113

i just think they're coping tbh, like he can't hurt me if i WANT to be hurt gotcha.

Anonymous 37122


Anonymous 37690

I'm just shaking my head at the notion that wrestling and bjj should be useful out on the streets. Both have a very strict set of rules on what is allowed and both are a 1v1 affair. In the real world more often than not the aggressor will be armed and/or be numerically superior. Willingly getting on the ground and attempt to wrestle in that case is suicide. Overall, being on the ground in a streetfight is really really bad since it's harder to defend yourself and you can't run if things are getting out of hand. It's anectdotal evidence but I once witness a fight outside a club where two guys where wrestling on the ground outside. After a while a friend to one if them just casually strolled over and kicked the other in the head as he was laying there on the ground. It ended the fight right then and there and there was nothing the victim could have done to defend himself from that position.

Anonymous 38009

It's just repression issues.

Anonymous 38021

wtf people can't choose what turns them on

Anonymous 38197

Lmao nice copypasta.

Anonymous 38201

Trust your instincts, you are not wrong. It's highly illogical to be that intimate with someone who could easily kill you with their bare hands. And no, knowing self-defense will not completely offset size/physical strength. Unless you want to constantly walk around with 2~3 female friends to overwhelm the dude if he tries to get violent - assuming they will be able to shrug off their freeze instinct -, it is indeed dangerous to date a dude.

Anonymous 38202

Smart move keeping them out of the dating pool through mind games. Stacy strut!

Anonymous 38286

BJJ is only good insofar as knowing how to avoid someone trying to grapple with you. Running is easily the most effective thing and a girl who practices sprinting can very realistically outrun the average moid.

Anonymous 38301


>Running is easily…
Let me stop you right thar

Anonymous 38302

Not sure not being able to outrun bullets is a good reason to simply not run.

Anonymous 38308


Anonymous 38310

but a trained woman can beat a guy in wrestling


Anonymous 38314

Anon…I’m implying carrying a gun is better self-defense. Besides, the average woman cannot outrun the average man.

Anonymous 38315

It's really not, guns that can actually kill people are heavy and recoil hurts and is startling

It's better than nothing but unless you get the drop on a guy there is a good chance he will be on top of you before you can fire

Anonymous 38316

Non-burgers can't relate.

Anonymous 38319

wrestling is a sport with rules, not an actual fight, if a man decides to fuck you up he will do so with complete ease, please don't think you could be in a REAL fight because you know a bit of wrestling, It is very dangerous to have a false self confidence in this regard.

Anonymous 38320

Handguns aren’t heavy and they’re what you would use with a conceal carry permit. Also no one said anything about killing someone, it’s possible to protect yourself without being completely immoral you know. And this defeatist attitude of
>waaa guns can’t help you every time
Doesn’t erase all the times it does help women ward off predators. If I am being followed, I’d rather have a greater assurance than my running ability.

Anonymous 38321


>It's better than nothing but unless you get the drop on a guy there is a good chance he will be on top of you before you can fire
Let's test that theory.

Anonymous 38323

Burgers can't relate.

Anonymous 38415


Stop being fucking obsessed with rape and go enroll yourself on some martial art classes and/or avoid men as much as you can, just don't let them intimidate and oppress you bc of their physical strength. You should be more worried about other kinds of threats

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