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Friendmaking thread Anonymous 31657

Currently have no friends and have been experiencing panic attacks all day. What are you guys up to and how are you coping with life?

Anonymous 31661


I've currently been trying to make friends with someone online and we've been speaking a few days. But I find it so difficult to make friends when I'm the instigator. All the other friends I've had have been people that spoke to me first and made the effort because I've always found it so difficult to talk to people naturally and approach them first after years of bullying and rejection throughout school. I'm also on the AS too so it's probably my aspergers also.
It gets to the point where if they don't message me for hours I get sick to my stomach and feel like they hate me and I've been bothering them too much. It sometimes borders on panic attack like symptoms. Even though I know I'm being irrational probably and they're just busy. God I feel so pathetic being like this but my fears of abandonment are strong.

Anonymous 31662

I know the feeling anon I have horrible abandonment issues too. Hope you find the friend youre looking for though

Anonymous 31663

Same. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with people like you. It's just that everyone gets instantly satisfied from the media, so why care about people? People are a lot less talkative nowadays.

Anonymous 31674

get dabbed on LMAO!!

Anonymous 31675

Thanks, I have been messaging them and its going okay, but I never really know if i'm over messaging them, we tend to talk most days but it takes each of us like a few hours to respond to the other. I feel like if we stop messaging the contact will die off because I'm scared of bothering them again.

Anonymous 31676

I've been dealing with bad social anxiety recently. Makes me feel so horrible because it's really irrational yet I can't control it, and then I spend the whole day thinking about how I messed up.. Impossible to make friends this way :(

Anonymous 31677

Yeah. Like I said it's normal to feel like this. Everyone else is pretty desensitised to social contact, so they expect everyone to be isolated from each other. You're just "green" to it. Chances are they really are gonna ghost you, but it's still good to remain faithful.

Anonymous 31704

Everyone gets sick/annoyed of me really fast and then just stops talking to me. :(

Anonymous 32598


I've tried loads of times to make friends with similar interests as me but I'm always the only one who says 'hello' first or asks a question about the other person. The other person comes off as not wanting to get to know me. I've just kinda given up on making friends now.

Anonymous 32604


I have a little group of online friends I've been with for years now.

Though I would like to make new friends (particularly female friends who share my autism interests) but every time I find someone I really like they end up disappearing from me.
I guess I'm just too clingy/obsessive. Oh well. I've been a lot happier focusing on my real friends who I've been with for years now, but I'm always interested in finding new friends…

But everytime I find someone who seems like they could be a friend to me they end up being a tranny sjw

Anonymous 32644

awh, i tried to add you but you must have changed your name or somethin. i hope u are feeling better!

i hope its not the sjwness that drives u away, i am pretty right wing but i find i can make good friends who are lefty, i just try to stay quiet when political topics come up :-/

Anonymous 32645


discor d dot gg /RY7hNr

Well then, let us make friends. This life is very short, being alone is sometimes nice, and comfy, but the loneliness of being alone is not.

Having just one right friend can make you have the best of both worlds.

Anonymous 32646


discor d dot gg /AnuMCMH
sorry that link is stupid…

Anonymous 32824

Get a patook, you fags. It's friendship!Tinder.

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