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Anonymous 31693

How do you deal with people misuderstanding you because of your lack of social skills?

I finally made a friend, but she's always surrounded by other people so i'm always awkward when we're playing vidyas ir whatever.
Because of that she thinks i hate her but i just can't communicate and like a normal human.

Tldr; I'm retarded help.

Anonymous 31705

The best way to not be awkward in settings where you're with one or more friends and other people you don't know is to act as if you know everyone. Don't give a thought to what they might think, just interact as if you knew them. It's better for them to think of you as too friendly rather than some mute asshole who might hate them or be too retarded to speak.

Anonymous 32071

In that situation I would get another friend.

Anonymous 32078

Have you tried telling her exactly what's in this post? i.e. I feel awkward talking to you when you're in a group?

Anonymous 32087


I tried and may have helped a bit, i'm still awkward, but at least not as much as before.

I would do it If i made friends as easily as you say, also, i get too attached to people since i don't have many friends.

The problem is that she didn't told me in my face. It was a male friend that printed and showed to me.

I think that my main problem is that i Just don't know how to express how i feel to other people in general.

I'm Sorry for any eventual typos, i'm really sleepy and english isn't my first language.

Anonymous 32601

I also have autism. I'd advise you to practice in a social setting where people would be less judgmental.

I find church to be a good place. Most of the people there aren't going to be as harsh towards you being a little socially off. Since they are more humble and happy to have anyone come by. I improved a lot of my social skills by attending church regularly and coming to weekly Bible studies/prayer meetings.

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