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Anonymous 31761

i just want to be hugged by a biological male

Anonymous 31764

Ask your father or brother or cousin.

Anonymous 31765

Hug your dog or cat.

Anonymous 31768

There are lots of dustmites around, and plenty of them are male. Hug away!

Anonymous 31778

Brothers count very much as the opposite sex. Especially older brothers who have the duty to help their little sisters with their hugging desires.

Anonymous 31784

It's not hard, what's stopping you

Anonymous 31787


I just want to hug a biological female

Anonymous 31788

hugs you

Anonymous 31796

i just want to be hugged by a biological organism

Anonymous 31797


hugs you

Anonymous 31805


I had the chance to hug some guys on the the football team at my highschool when they did the free hugs sign trend but I was too nervous to

Anonymous 31807

yeah they aren't really free, you have to sign a ToS before actually hugging them

Anonymous 31808

Woah. Don't you know they have to consent to the hug first? They'll rage out and kill you, otherwise.

Anonymous 31880


I'll take it

Anonymous 31896


slightly offtopic question:
Do you cuddle with your friends (without any sexual longing)? Not just hugging for a few seconds but for example lying on the couch, watching a good movie and simply lie in each others arms, gently caressing his/her hair and so on…?

Anonymous 31897


Not OP but I don’t do this and don’t know anyone who does. If a friend tried doing something like that with me I’d be weirded out and pull away.

Anonymous 31898

cuddles up to you in a locking embrace preventing escape

Anonymous 31899


this post made me have want for gf
i miss my old friend who doesn't cuddle with me anymore

Anonymous 31901

I do with my best friend, if there’s a bunch of us we’ll all cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket or two.

Anonymous 31928


But why?
I've experienced wonderful cuddle experiences with good friends of the opposite sex on psychedelics and I really wish it was kind of normal to do it in everyday life. You know, some of my best friends are single, a few for their whole life so I think sharing some harmless female warmth would be a benefit (for me too). Plus, my bf would be ok with it, so why is it that such a big problem?

Jelly if true.

Anonymous 31929


What about a cute Trans boy

Anonymous 31930

Anonymous 31949


you’re more than welcome to join us!

Anonymous 31975


Heh oke, dudes and dudettes! I'll be there in a minute.

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