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Anonymous 31864

Do you care about how a man dresses? I do and none of my friends do, I’m convinced there isn’t a normal man out there who I can just take shopping with me and actually offer valuable critique and appreciate the same things as me. Am I in the minority for wanting this? My friends don’t care about how guys dress so I feel like some weird outlier

Anonymous 31869

I am clueless when it comes to men's fashion. I just know I like button up shirts (no to minimal patterns) on men and I don't care for graphic tees outside the gym. I rather him wear nice shoes or boots then tennis shoes or dad sandals. But once again I'm rather clueless.

Anonymous 31871

No, because I dress like a Plain Jane myself. I think you're in the minority but if fashion is important to you, it's understandable why you'd want to share this interest with a partner.

Anonymous 31873


>be similar to OP, prefer men dress a certain way
>tfw guy I like has asked me to pick out clothes for him
>tfw he comments on my clothing choices
It begins…
I mean, assuming we end up dating.

But also I'm not actually that into objectively aesthetic fashion, I just like piecing together (male) outfits that look comfy and are more put together than the hoodie+sweatpants/loose blue jeans combo men tend to wear. I draw a lot of men in cute fits so it would be fun to translate that into real life! I can also only buy so many clothes for myself heh might as well move on to someone else.

Anonymous 31874

Already holding shirts up to his chest? Some anons here work so fast. I wish I could be so determined to marry someone, or at least pretty enough that they won't throw rocks my way.

Anonymous 31875

You're getting stoned? Damn you need to read the bible.

Anonymous 31876

Do you mean men in general, like friends and relatives? I wouldn't care about those, but I definitely care about how my bf dresses.
Whenever he dresses in a suit and dress shoes for a party or something all I can think about all night is how hot he looks and how much I want to rub my hands all over his body. I like it a lot better when he dresses nicely, which happens pretty often thankfully.

Anonymous 31877

Not really. I will say that a good sense of style can turn an otherwise "meh" dude into a hottie in my eyes, but a lack of fashion sense is definitely not a deal breaker for me. The way I see it, I can always change the way a man dresses if it's really that bad (think a uniform of sweatpants and ill fitting t-shirts).

Anonymous 31878

I mean, he propositioned me (and has been the one pursuing oddly) so I'm actually not rushing it myself lol.
>at least pretty enough that they won't throw rocks my way
Sounds similar to the majority of my attempts at romance tbh. Even now though I'm a healthy weight and get called cute, I have moderate acne so I'm still held back with looks. I'm not sure how this guy is seeing past it but I'm glad!

I'm sure you'll find someone, anon. You can't be that bad looking.

Anonymous 31883

I care. The guy I had a crush on for such a long time wore really nice-looking streetwear (and has a nice IG following for it). The clothes really enhance how nice and cool he looks and shows his style.

Anonymous 31885

On one hand, I think someone who knows how to style themselves can be quite nice. On the other hand, vanity is a bit of a red flag. It’s not inherently vain to have an aesthetic sensibility, but the model type seems off-putting to me.

I think that there can be something of a boyish charm in the sloppy ways some guys dress. I also think that clothing influences our understanding of people more than we may fully realise- Perhaps OP’s friends are into boycore and don’t consciously know. That or clothing is trivial and they just wish to peel the banana to see what’s underneath.

Anonymous 31904

I care about how my man dresses, I don't want him to look bad. We do go shopping together whenever we need some new clothes and we get each other's opinion on how we look.

Anonymous 31907

This. I think I'd go as far as to say street style is probably my type because I'm only ever attracted to someone I see out on the street if they're fashionable.

Anonymous 31911


check out ami

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