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Anonymous 31888

How do you feel about traditionally chivalrous behavior (i.e. opening doors for you, walking you to your door)? Do you like it when guys act this way or does it make you uncomfortable?

Anonymous 31889


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Anonymous 31890

When I started dating my current bf he would open car doors for me and it was kinda awkward because I wasn't used to it. But I still enjoyed it a lot and felt supper flattered. He never stopped doing it and I love it. He also gives me his jacket when I'm cold even if I have my own. It's so cute when they're chivalrous.

Anonymous 31892


Anonymous 31900

I don't really like it, I'll do stuff like hold doors open for people whatever their gender, and I expect them to do the same. It's just polite

Anonymous 31903

If a guy does it only because someone is a girl then it seems wrong to me. Do it because I'm a human being and it's polite to do for everyone no matter what their gender is.

Anonymous 31921

Anonymous 31934

I like to open doors for people because it makes me feel nice to do something for them. I notice that sometimes it weirds guys out, especially older guys. sometimes old foreign guys will obstinately not pass through the door while I'm holding it, but implore me to go first. I don't really mind that, but it's funny

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