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The "cool girl" trope Anonymous 32697

Narcissists are using this trope to bully real women, its connected to that thing where if girls like anything obscure such as cars, (or things that are portrayed as obscure but isn't at all; videogames, anime, comics), there will be a narcissists to bully them because they are jealous of the love they receive for having interesting interests that unite the genders together because they want to divide the genders and cause problems between males and females by making them think females cant like things that are not hyperfeminine.

I will also point out that jpop and anime (or much of japanese culture itself) is actually feminine, narcissists will act like jpop is obscure and that if a female is into it it makes her a faker that is obsessed with male approval.

I was a virgin wife of my husband and i am into programming and jpop/anime/90's-videogames and needlefelting, crochetting, (a bunch of feminine things i would think) out of these subjects my husband is just into videogames and some anime, our shared important interest is being redpilled (in a way that is not anti female, we see other factors are at play manipulating the genders to cause conflict between the genders when we should just be getting along naturally). I eat what i want but i am overweight and trying to lose weight through calorie counting and skipping breakfast so i can eat how much i desire still.

So my interests are not for male approval.

Don't be ashamed of liking things that are obscure (or seem to be portrayed as obscure when they are not), that does not make you a pretender, it makes you actually cool and its okay that people and men like you for this, just don't be a slut because you are not one of the guys).

Anonymous 32698

I was liked by people, girls liked me drawing anime in primary school, but then in highschool it was mostly males who liked me drawing anime and they were respectful.

Its portrayed as a fantasy but its something that unites genders, my husband and me would talk about videogames all the time, though we had different interests in videogames at the beginning, we played new videogames together and it united us even more through our shared interests.

Anonymous 32704

I was bullied really bad in high school for liking anime and Japanese rpgs and also for cosplaying. Used to get called a slut constantly and told that I was just pretending to have those interests and that I only cosplayed to get male attention. It made me abandon my hobbies for a really long time because participating in those things brought up those memories. Ironically though the bulling started from a girl but the guys started to latch on to the idea eventually too.

Anonymous 32708

Are you american?

Anonymous 32713

there are people that perform this trope though and ruin it for genuine people though cuz i know someone that made a gamer girl youtube channel and played videogames but then deleted the channel and stopped playing videogames and said she never even fucking liked videogames and i was like what the fuck.

Anonymous 32715

Yeah I am

Anonymous 32716

OP I know you're being encouraging but you just made me jealous lol
>tfw no qt weeb bf to watch anime and play video games together

Anonymous 32717

Americans are the worst for acting like normal things are obscure.

Anonymous 32743

Actual comic books seem kind of obscure; people know comics through merchandise and other external goods. Comics without those externals, including comics which have had devoted fans and fair sales figures (relative to the low bar set by comics themselves rather than comic-based television shows, cartoons, or movies) can remain largely unknown to the general audience. I would be willing to bet money that far more people know who Aquaman is through various "Aquaman sucks!" jokes that have been in circulation since the Superfriends cartoon than know who Namor the Sub-Mariner is through any source at all.

Anonymous 32752

>trying to lose weight through skipping breakfast

It's great that you want to improve yourself, but I would think this one over once more.
If anything, you should be skipping supper.

Anonymous 32756

Ya know what sucks? Anime/manga is considered cool now lmao, it's insane how much can change in a couple of years.

Anonymous 32762

Not OP but I've heard a lot of talk about breakfast being an important meal for weightloss actually not having a lot of basis.

Anonymous 32763

They're both terrible ideas, temporary diets produce temporary results. You should be trying to change your lifestyle eating habits in a way that you can commit to without making yourself suffer.

Anonymous 32881

I'm laughing at how extreme this reply is.
I agree, dinner is too based to skip.

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