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Anonymous 32764

>Be on 4chan
>Too much misogyny or just ignorance about women
>If I reply to someone about it I get called a roastie/tranny/white knight

>Be on c.c

>Too much misandry or just ignorance about men
>If I reply to someone about it I get called a moid

Anonymous 32766


I mean that's pretty predictable thing.

Anonymous 32767

I agree that it's frustrating Anon.
C.c is way less hurtful and spiteful than 4chins though.

Anonymous 32774

I don't know why, but I'm fine with the casual misogyny here. I guess it's because I'm not a man

Anonymous 32775


Anonymous 32778

There are plenty of women with sympathy

Anonymous 32779

If you like men so much, maybe this is the wrong site for you

Anonymous 32780

I hardly see any casual misandry on this website actually. Most posters are positive or simply indifferent to men, or they're extremist man hating radfems.

Anonymous 32781

>extremist man hating radfems.
Is that not misandry?

Show me the rule that says you can't like men on this site

Anonymous 32782

>Is that not misandry?
Yes? I never said it wasn't.

It's not CASUAL misandry if that's what you're confused by. It's an all or nothing thing here. Not like on 4chan or other male dominated parts of the internet where there's little bits of misogyny all over the place all the time, to the point where the native posters don't even mentally register it.

Anonymous 32787

It's really annoying, when I first found this site I thought it might be a fun place to talk about fictional crushes or other cute men with other girls.
But the reality is a bunch of lesbians and traumatized chicks who just hate all males and don't understand escapism and self-inserting.

Anonymous 32788


You just need a hug

Anonymous 32789

Did you mean:
1. lesbians , as well as and traumatized chicks who just hate all males
2. lesbians who just hate all males and and traumatized chicks who just hate all males?

Anonymous 32797

Honestly, if you manage to make yourself sound like a moid on here you probably have a lot of unhealthy internalized misogyny that you need to deal with, be it in mindset or morals. It's okay to understand how men think but you don't have to support it when they're being ignorant, mentally ill, or foolish.

I double dip and never get called buzzwords, but I also recognize what battles are worth picking and what aren't. I don't feel obliged to play devil's advocate when I see someone expressing an opinion I don't agree with in a vent.

Anonymous 32798

This honestly.

I don't hate men, I love cute boys, I love yaoi, I love fantasy and escapism. But I'm not going to make myself upset when I see someone say mean things about penises on the internet.

Anonymous 32799

Do you begrudge men who feel the same way about misogyny?

Anonymous 32800

The first, can't sperg about cute boys with lesbians in general.
But maybe it's not even man haters, it's just people who would rather piss and moan about how shitty real life is instead of trying to take their mind off of it.

Anonymous 32835

To be fair, not op btw, I got called moid a couple of times for completely random posts that had absolutely nothing to do with gender issues. Some people are just really paranoid.

Anonymous 32837

Shut up you roastie wurstie femoid moid

Anonymous 32856

meanwhile the real world gets along and is happy

Anonymous 32866

kek do you think so?

Anonymous 32942


If you like men so much why don't you marry one.

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