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I should be happy.…

Becoming Stacy Anonymous 32802

I feel like the only path left for me is to become a Stacy. This is a last-ditch effort before I take my revenge.
How do I do this? I want to get as close to aesthetic and physical perfection as I can, but I know it's impossible for me to truly be a Stacy, as the mindset and lifestyle is foreign to me. I just want to look the part, basically.
I'm so sick of feeling inferior, disgusting, and worthless. Everywhere I look, all I see are women being valued on youth and beauty only. My window is closing soon. I don't want to live my life never knowing what it's like to be beautiful.
Have any of you become Stacy, or achieved Stacy looks? What does it entail? I don't even know where to start beyond weight loss. Is it hair, fashion, and makeup? Will this make me happy? Or at least make me feel like I'm worth something?

Anonymous 32803

Staceys are born not made.

Anonymous 32804

Which is why I say it's impossible for me to truly become one, and am rather pursuing the look in a weak attempt at an approximation of the real thing.

Anonymous 32805

what exactly is innate in a stacey that a normal girl can't have or acvhieve?

Anonymous 32806

A perfect face, pretty bright eyes, an ideal skeleton shape that lends itself to a perfect natural hourglass figure, natural medium to large boobs.

If you're extremely desperate you can augment a few of these things with expensive plastic surgery, but not all of them. And even the ones you can augment will never be quite as nice as girls who were just born perfect.

Anonymous 32809

An extroverted personality and natural confidence.

It doesn't matter how much you work out or do your makeup if you still have no self-esteem.

Anonymous 32811


>I don't want to live my life never knowing what it's like to be beautiful.
Isn't this the answer to your question? How should strangers know if a make-over will make you truly happy or not? You should at least give it a try and then you'll know for sure.

Naturally attractive women still work out, pluck their eyebrows, learn how to use make-up and do their hair. They just have a better base/canvas to work with.

Anonymous 32813

Physically, I am a Stacy, but on the inside I'm an autist. It means nothing if you don't have the outgoing personality to match it. Attractive guys always ignored me thinking I was a stuck up bitch. I didn't go to clubs or parties so no hot guys could ever approach me. Girls on average never made an effort to befriend me.

My looks never made me particularly happy, it definitely never made me feel like I was worth something. I would much rather have wealth or brains than beauty. That said, I still think everybody should try to look like the best version of themselves. You should be fit and healthy, and you shouldn't dress like a slob. But you should do it for yourself and not expect it to change your life.

Anonymous 32818

>not expect it to change your life
I hate to sound like a sjw but you're blind to your own privilege.

Anonymous 32825

Lmao ok. Please do list all the privileges you think I have.

Anonymous 32832

how hot are you?

Anonymous 32842


the privilege of being treated well, it's called the halo effect

you'll probably get to see the other side when you're older though

Anonymous 32843

Don't listen to the replies. I'm in the same boat as you. I know I'm not disgusting looking. In highschool, boys would always talk about wanting to fuck me based on my looks alone. But of course no one would ever approach me because I'm a massive autist.

Anonymous 32845

Are there any Stacies here that can tell me how it feels like when men are constantly vying for your attention and groveling at your feet?
I know I will never get to experience that but I'm desperate to know what it feels like to be visible and appreciated.

Anonymous 32848

idk if I'm a stacy because I have severe BDD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and BPD.

But basically, men are always either kind to you or they creep on you. Model-tier men are interested in having relationships with you and getting to know you as a person. I've never been ghosted in my life. You get compliments on your physical appearance from strangers regularly and during mundane shit, like filling up gas or just doing the groceries. People, particularly women can be mean to you and your friends will always say it's jealousy (but idk if that is true or not), but overall, people are nice to you more often than not if you put up a front of being at the very least polite. Actually, scratch that, people are nice to you even if you're a bitch, they want your attention. You also get stuff for free when you go out (like if you are ordering food, the cashier will just let you have it for free).

That's been my experience. I don't use tinder or dating apps, I have no idea what it'd be like if I tried doing that. All my partners have been mined from me just living my normal life, of which I hardly ever go out except for school and work. I think the dumbest part is when people say shit like "aaaa people will only care about your looks", that's not true at all. People will act like they want to ~ get to know the real you ~ to prove to you that they want who you are in spite of your looks.

Anonymous 32852

Okay so it's actually as perfect and dreamlike as I presumed
>she has never been ghosted in her life
I don't know what to say. I don't know what I expected. I knew life wasn't fair, why do I even bother

Anonymous 32862


Sorry but if you're a social retard you don't get treated particularly well, just normally. The preferential treatment I receive from men basically boils down to middle-aged strangers and professionals saying inappropriate comments that make me uncomfortable. Because I'm an autist, I didn't put myself in situations where I could receive significant positive preferential treatment. Instead I received the opposite: mockery and low expectations.
What you're saying is true and does happen, but only if you're a Stacy in body and personality.

Based on this chart I would say 8-9/10.

Anonymous 32864

This chart made me realize how harshly I rate people. Good find.

Anonymous 32870

God fuck this chart is extremely boring

All the 8-9s have decent neoteny and seem to fit into anime girl proportions proving this chart was made by some porn sick, anime obsessed autistic scrote. I noticed these people larp like only women with round heart shape faces and medium round cheekbones with medium sized to small noses of Caucasian and sometimes East Asian ancestry can be attractive, and these people usually come from imageboards or other places online. If you see the beautiful women (or most popular sexually) women of this decade and before they always have completely different proportions than what the incel crowd says is "ideal". The supermodels, actresses, singers, ect will almost always have more oval faces, more prominent cheekbones, perhaps smaller fatpads, different racial diversity (even if a preference for Caucasian or Caucasian mixed multiracials is present). I dont know why people who believe this shit do, and why when I bring this up they can never seem to offer an actual counter to what I said about how society really views women.

Anonymous 32873

Why are you upset that men and mentally ill people like yourself have different tastes?

Anonymous 32875

Agreed. Cc should have a poll/thread to make our own female attractiveness chart.

Anonymous 32876

why is it your scrotes think your imageboard tier taste is representative of all men? I cant stand men and dislike them but I know many of them and shocker, many will also disagree with your list and dislike it. Quit projecting and trying to make yourself "normal".

Anonymous 32877

NTA but which part of this chart do you think the men you know would disagree with?

Anonymous 32878

if I think about the girls I went to school with, my fairly average friends and random women I see every day when I'm out, the average female would be around 6.5 according to the chart

the women at 4 look atrocious even though they're supposed to be just slightly below avg, what the hell?

Anonymous 32879

Go to the gym in a regular basis, eat small but get all your micro nutrients, learn some basic fashion and pull it of(the slutier the better), bath everyday, allways give seductive looks to moids, use an expensive perfume and stick next to the most atractive fuckboi You see.

Anonymous 32906

I like tossing around language like ‘chad’ and ‘stacy’ for fun because of how convenient it is to have a cynical ‘stereotypical mainstream hot guy/girl’ shorthand, but I think it’s important to remember that these are categories that a subculture made up to classify a certain brand of normie with a broad brush. There’s no concrete rules for achieving stacy-dom because Stacy isn’t a concrete, fixed concept.

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself or live a better life for your own happiness. I recommend 20 minutes of gentle exercise each day and going out for short walks- fresh air and sunlight are underrated both for health and mood. If you just want to improve your aesthetic, youtube is a goldmine for what to wear for your particular face shape and body type. Try to not fall for the makeup meme 100%, but the professional makeup artists do give good advice for how to make the most of what you have.

Lastly, I give you full permission to listen to good speakers/podcasts and analyze what gives them presence/charisma like you’re a space alien. When I stopped expecting myself to be a mind reader like I thought the world expected of me and started really picking apart what made conversations work, I was able to integrate the information into my instincts and have consequently become a much better conversationalist.

Anonymous 32979

>good speakers/podcasts
Any recs to start with and analyze? I haven't listened to podcasts in a while.

Anonymous 33000

This is where I start to sound significantly sillier because the people I wound up comfort watching in my isolation years / accidentally picking up on their communication skills were primarily the game grumps. I admired Arin's nerve when it came to giving voice to authentic but not-often-talked-about feelings and voicing them with a measure of faith that they would/could be understood, helped me a lot with my own self-expression. They're not public speakers or 'professional' talkers or anything, but I got an impression of what it was to banter from them that I'm sure I'm still supported by to this day. Not recommending them as a must-watch since it's not their primary function, but that was my honest experience.

I would like to open the floor to other anons who were helped along by observing other people as well, since I know my answer is kind of silly.

Anonymous 33408

The truth is, the 1 and 2 category photos should only be in category number 1, the 3rd and 4th should be in number 2. and the number 5 is actually for category 3 and 4, which is slightly below average. then it makes sense.

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