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Does anyone else have anger issues? Anonymous 33735

I think if I were a man I'd be abusive. I think that's disgusting behavior and I would never intentionally hit anyone. I haven't ever hit anyone… But sometimes I think that's only because I'm weak. Sometimes I get so angry I want to scream. I see red. I just can't fucking see and everything and everyone is dead to me.

I'm glad I haven't got friends anymore, because I'm tired of hurting people with the things I say. When my boyfriend finally leaves too, I'll be completely free. I'll be alone, but, free. Do you know what I mean? My anger will likely never be fixed, but I won't have to always apologize. Every day I'm groveling. Everyday I feel like shit because I am shit.

Please don't say 'therapy'. I recently tried it. She said she couldn't accept me as a patient. She thought I was too much.

Anonymous 33743

I used to, but I'm strong for a woman so I used to break things and assaulted my friends a few times when I was young. Not as an adult because I (often) had enough self-control to stop myself from getting in serious trouble, possibly with the law. But at my old job it was a regular occurrence for me to go into the freezer and punch boxes of frozen fries until they broke lmao. Also used to cut to take it out on someone.

Some advice:
>look into if trauma caused this. If it did, deal with that emotionally
>find out if you have a hormonal imbalance, srs. Being fat can also cause this, although I guess if you're weak this is not the case
>find a calm down technique that works EVEN SLIGHTLY for you; if you practice over time it will slowly improve

Wish you the best, op. xx

Anonymous 33820

Yes and they stem from feelings of inadequacy. Like you, I'm not strong enough to seriously injure someone, so I just scream into my pillow so my roommates don't get nervous and call the police. I cry a lot and hit objects and take my frustration with myself and apply it to other things instead. No matter what I do, I never feel like it's good enough for anyone. Sometimes it makes me depressed. Other times it makes me really angry.

Anonymous 33841

I have these moments as well. I usually just punch a door or wall as hard as I can until the pain in my knuckles calms me down.

NB : I live in yurop. The walls in my house are made of stone and the doors are made of 5 cm thick wood. This may not work in the US.

Anonymous 33853

I won't say therapy but i will say you just scored a shitty therapist, that's unfortunate but not a valid representation of all therapy. Not that a bunch of talk will help you, therapy primarily only works if you work with yourself and i believe everyone can do that in the comfort of their own home. But I'm not a licenced therapist so…

My dad is like you. Trust me people around you still love you and wish they could help you. First step is accepting something's wrong.

Other than then get a boxing bag OP.

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