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Incels Miss 33736

I like a beta mom-complexed degenerate incel.

What do?

Anonymous 33738

Ask him out, I guess.

Anonymous 33739

You'll have to be the one to make a move or else he might never do. Be open/blunt about your feelings because then he might not get the implications.

Anonymous 33746

Getting fit is gonna make her want them even more, but I think you know that very well anon.

Anonymous 33749

OP don’t date a beta incel.

Anonymous 33763

You know it's probably just fetishism. Going out of your way to like someone who's submissive, specifically "mom-complexed" probably denotes more to a sexual favour than a situational liking. You can't just inject chemicals into someone and expect their psyche to change. In fact, someone who's very well-set is likely to have these tastes from the beginning depending on how they perceive themselves. There's plenty of relationships that are like that, right now: career women and manchildren.

Anonymous 33786

Date him and tell us if you can cure his degenerate incel mindset.

Anonymous 33788

I saw a fat girl trying to get a skinny guy. It failed.

Anonymous 33789

Ask someone to lock you in a room forever. If you have the capability to fall for degenerates like this who see you as subhuman, you shouldn't be allowed outdoors. You're a danger to yourself. Interacting with men like this is self harm.

Anonymous 33801

Learn to respect yourself

Anonymous 33828

Don't be a pussy and ask him out?

Anonymous 33844

Not all incels are like that.
I have a childhood friend who's a virgin at 25 and will probably stay like that.
He's a great friend but he's just so undateable because of anxiety. I even tried setting him up with one of my more plain looking friends so he wouldn't be as intimidated but he got absolutely nowhere.
Some men are just broken, but that doesn't mean they're spiteful.

Anonymous 33846

A legit self-declared inkwell or just some weird lonely virgin dude you think might be one? Big difference

Anonymous 33946

Is incel wordfiltered or is some hot new slurring I've just learned about?

Anonymous 33947


Well yours says incel. Must be autocorrect, my phone just turned it in to "uncle" lol gross

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