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Feels about pets Anonymous 3379

This thread goes out the anon in the vent thread that lost her cat and recently adopted a different one. I know there's already an animal general thread in /b/ but I think this thread would be more suited for feels inducing stories and vents. I have many stories about cats and kittens to tell and I know there are anons that must have things to share about other animals too.

Anonymous 3380

I'm OP and I'm going to post a story for the anon who recently adopted her new cat. It's similar to how she feels about her current cat. I hated the cat I had mentioned in my reply to her when I first got him, A LOT. Buckle down for a long one.

There was once a very pregnant feral. We let her have her kittens with us and about the time the kittens were five days old, she so sick she couldn't even feed them. The vet that deals with ferals was closed for renovations so we had to take care of her ourselves and the babies. One had already had his eyes open and had this horrid screech. One was fat and pudgy, and the other two were normal but there was this runt. This tiny runt. He was fighting hard like everyone else. As the weeks went by they all got stronger as the mom got better as well. One day however, one seemingly healthy kitten died randomly and it hit hard. Not long after, the runt, who we had saved from death at least twice before got sick. He wasn't growing like everyone else. He was the same size he was at about one or two weeks old and he was about 5 weeks. At one point he was rejecting all food and then got incredibly cold then just passed. He crawled into a corner of their little box, settled, and died after sitting with his siblings and a "babysitter" cat(a couple cats had helped foster them when the mom was sick and kind of took on a babysitting role after she was better).

I had sat up all night with that runt. He was fighting so hard like the rest of the litter and I didn't want to give up but it just happened. I kept hoping he would pull through but given he was a runt and then what happened with the sibling who died before him, I knew it was coming but denied it so hard. When I got to hold his little body I just lost it because it looked like a small innocent creature that just went to sleep. A couple days later we brought in some kittens we found in a tipped over trash can with their mom and those two blended in with the surviving litter so we took the moms to get spayed as we had formula and the help of foster cats.

While most of the litter was going strong, one kitten got sick like the runt did. I fought hard with him too and he just barely made it through and the one with his eyes opened at five days also got sick and had problems and made it through. While everyone else would go on to be adopted, I kept those two because after fighting so hard I couldn't give them up. We had aquired three new ferals as well. Not young enough to be kittens anymore but not adults.

This is where the cat I mentioned I hated at first came in. He is one of those three. I know what I shared just now all seems irrelevant but it is. While the other two ferals were ok, I couldn't stand this boy. He had a very "fuck you" attitude. He was standoffish and didn't really respond to anything but food. I hated him. He's here eating food while the two kittens from that sickly litter, especially the runt, weren't. I didn't get much time to bond with the first one that pissed but that runt was my life for a good while. He'd give the tiniest purrs and curl up in my hand and sleep. He was precious and then I'm looking at this dickhead cat I didn't even want while the runt is dead. I wanted him to be the runt.

As time passed I came to grow attached to the dickhead feral. I started to realize that because he was abandoned he probably lost trust in humans and that's why he was so standoffish. He started to blend in and bond with other ferals and snuggle with the two fragile kittens I kept as well. I actually got to hold him once and he let me baby cradle him and he gave me quiet, soft purrs. I realized my family is probably the most conistent unit of humans he's had in a long time and after that he just grew on me. He's still very standoffish but those rare moments when he lets me pet him make up for it. He's just being himself and he can't be the runt but I still love him. His dickhead attitude has actually gotten cute.

If he's domesticated enough someday(unlikely but I can hope), I might let him live in the main house with the rest of our normal cats. He would make a wonderful house cat if he could just learn to be in a house.

Sorry for the long story. I have more sad stories but I also have a lot of happy ones dealing mostly with ferals and domesticated cats being as that's primarily what I work with. I'm happy to share if anyone needs an anon who knows how they feel about pets or they want to hear something uplifting.

Anonymous 3385

I miss having a pet. I love animals, but one of my family members is extremely allergic, and that's their excuse to never get a cat or dog. I remember when I was younger and we had a really loyal dog who stayed with me from the day he was born (we owned his mom) to the day when he passed away. I don't remember how many years he lived because I was pretty young, but he left such a good impression of animals on me that I desperately want to have one again, and give it the same kind of love. I'm a sucker for cats though, so I'll probably get one. I feed strays whenever possible and one of my neighbors has an adorable cat who comes to visit me every now and then. I can't wait to get my place and adopt one.

Anonymous 3386

Can we have a funny/silly/cute pet and animal stories thread too?
I just lost a cat as well, she was more of a mother to me than my own mother is, and it feels like I'm dying inside when I read sad cat stories, but I have like ten funny stories I could contribute to a funny thread. I'll even start the funny one if you'd like me to?

I'm sorry about your cats, and everyone else's cats too. Hearts for everyone <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 3387

Ok! I'll make one right now! I created this thread to help people share their grief and so we can all help each other through it but a happy thread is a good idea too!

Anonymous 49670

My dog, Blackie, will soon be 12 years old. Ive been away from home almost 3 years now and from the pictures i can see how old she has become. Her snout is white and she doesnt have so much energy.
My mom brought her home after finding her wandering around the train station, trying to avoid getting hit by a bus. She wrapped Blackie in a towel and put her in her purse, praying that our then-puppy wouldnt make a sound. Blackie was 4 months or so old when we found her, and she grew up alongside my sister, who was about 7 months old.
I understand and accept it logically that her time is coming to an end, but im just not fucking ready. And i cant start the process of emotionally accepting the fact that she is old now. Im in denial, and i cant even give my dog one goddamn hug.
I miss my doggo, anons ;-;

Anonymous 49672



Aw, anon, that is really tough. I know 'rona makes it hard right now, but could you make it home this summer to see Blackie? It will hurt a lot when Blackie goes, but you will always carry your love for/from her and good memories with you. When my sweet old childhood cat started to get to the end, I wrote down EVERYTHING I could remember about our life together - weird nicknames I gave her, songs I'd sing to her, funny habits she had, etc. Blackie will always be with you.

Anonymous 49941

nose cat.jpg

There's some outdoor cats that my family feeds, and one of the litters had a kitten with a bad nose, you could hear her very loud breathing. We just called her "Nose Cat". She was born at the start of winter, and someone commented that she probably wouldn't make it through, so I got to take care of her in the house. She was doing fine in Spring. She was intelligent, confident, etc. enough that the family cat hater even admitted he liked her, and her name got upgraded to "Super Cat".
She got pretty sick, and kept crawling and hiding under my bed. I didn't understand why. She got really still and was struggling and her nose had so much snot; we tried to care for her at home. I went with my mom to go get some more stuff from the store to help, and when I came back, she was dead. She died while we were gone. I feel so bad that I wasn't there when she passed. All I did was tuck in her blankets and pet her until she was a little better, and then I let, and then she left.

It's been a year since my stupid little cat died, not too long after I was told she was going to, and I'm still crying. My nose is snotty and I'm choking up, right now, quietly. It's hard, to think that this is basically how she died alone. I cry hard like this every time I think about it for more than a moment, so I try not to.

Anyways, it's stupid, but the moon was very big and close to the horizon one night right after she died, and I thought that maybe my cat had jumped onto it; I didn't see her buried. Maybe she was breathing easy, because there's less air on the moon. And in fact. There is no fucking air on the moon. At all.

Anonymous 49942

i just like to forget about my dead pets. thinking about them throws me into a deeper despair than i normally feel.
so far, theyve only died of old age (or having them put down when they are so infirm that keeping them alive is practically more cruel). even that sucks, though. they were probably confused by why playing like they used to hurts too much to do and maybe that brings them even more stress.
my first dog, i spent every day of her last several months laying next to her and petting her for a couple hours. i nuzzled her dead body at the vet for half an hour like a selfish asshole, after i had her put down because she totally lost her ability to walk. i still keep her ashes with her old collar wrapped around the urn to sometimes hug and smell what residual scent of hers is left.
the other pets i just made coffins and graves for because i probably look insane enough holding onto one urn full of dog ash already. maybe thats insane, too.

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