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Indian Guys Anonymous 33831

Would foreign girls even consider dating Indian guys (even if they're well mannered)? Most of my Indian friends that are girls would jump at foreign guys (mainly white).

Anonymous 33836



Anonymous 33837

>foreign girls
Huh? Foreign to where I'm from or to foreign to the Indian guys?
I'm really into a Bengali guy at the moment; he's very cute and we have a lot in common. Being a good match matters a lot and is def possible even across cultures.

Anonymous 33838

What's going on in this clip? Also isn't there already a thread on this topic?

Honestly ever since I learned about the 2012 Delhi gang rape, and particularly the response to it, I don't get why anyone would risk dating a guy from India. I know we all meme about how moids don't see women as people, but I think men in India legitimately do not think women are people.

Anonymous 33840

Indians are the most disgusting looking race to me, and their lack of hygiene is enough for me to never want to step foot in their country or any place with 1st generation immigrants.
They are really weird and kind of autistic too.

Anonymous 33842

They aren't too different from other non-oriental Asians. I went to a club a while ago, and it was swimming with these men who were 40-60 years old, it was disgusting.

Anonymous 33851

This, also cows got more rights than women

Anonymous 33862

i lied im actually bangladeshii but almost same thing, we kinda have more a little more asian genees but generally the same.

Anonymous 33864

I went on a date with an Indian from okcupid once. He was really weird though and told me he loved me on the first date even though we had only talked for like a few days before that and he also kept making constant comments about how he was glad I was skinny and how much he hated fat girls and how he is disappointed that his little sister is starting to get fat. So I ended up breaking things off after that

Anonymous 33869

Are you op? And a man?
Farewell if so, but for what it's worth Bangladeshi guys always steal my heart and I hate it. The future is never clear because most of you are Muslim and I'm not.
Even now I'm >>33837

God damn you Bangladeshi boys
Do it to me every time

Anonymous 33876

Let's see

Anonymous 33891

I had a crush on a e-pal in highschool. We would FaceTime and play games. He was Indian but born an raised in UK and had a British accent. He was actually very handsome and smart. He thought he was hot stuff and was a ladies man which ruined the crush. He was the only Indian I found attractive.

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