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Anonymous 34280

>Tfw no yandere stalker bf
How do you go about finding one?

Anonymous 34282

Go to /r9k/ and find the guy who owns a scorpion jacket

Anonymous 34284

What's this supposed to mean?

Anonymous 34286


He drives

Anonymous 34288

Hello hello. Answer my question pls.

Anonymous 34291

>Just be normal bro lol
Easier said than done. Appreciate the response anyways thank you.

Anonymous 34295

Yeah you're right but to each their own personally I don't feel so.



Anonymous 34297

Okay then.

Anonymous 34298

What's going on here?

Anonymous 34299

>Oh no, it's another moid giving out half-assed, scripted advice that no one wants
Piss off

Anonymous 34301

Unfortunately there's no way to actively get one? They like the chase but prefer to not be chased. The reality of it is not to be desired.
I have a co-worker who married her stalker. This dude would follow her on the bus and wait at her bus stops for her. I love yandere audios but hearing stuff like that in real life unnerves me. You can never know or be too trusting.

If you care about horoscopes then date a Scorpio, they're passionate. From what I've been told.

Anonymous 34302

Report the males please

Anonymous 34304

I find that very endearing. I get what you mean yeah I figured, just kinda hoped for a solution I may of overlooked. Thanks though.

Anonymous 34305

You can always be the stalker

Anonymous 34306

Depends what you really mean by "yandere" and "stalker." Do you mean, like, someone who's so infatuated with you that they're driven to learn everything about you? Or do you mean the creepy voyeur who trails your every move? There's also a pretty stark difference between a yandere and a stalker; a stalker passively watches, a yandere would push you down in an alley and y'know…

Anonymous 34307

Lol I don't know about that.

Oh I'm dumb, thought they'd be interchangable. I'm not sure. What do you mean by push you down an alley and?

Anonymous 34310

They could just like you, you know.

Anonymous 34312

I think she is talking about them raping you

Anonymous 34330

A yandere is a Japanese fiction trope. It's somebody who loves someone so much they'd kill people they see as competition or even the person themselves so that nobody else could have them.
Why would you ever want somebody like that in real life. Even in fiction it's terrible.

Anonymous 34372


What would happen if both the bf and gf were yandere for each other?

Anonymous 34374

Murderous duo. A Bonnie and Clyde.

Anonymous 34895

ive had many of them in my time. it's very easy, just exist on any site like 4chan, obscure facebook groups filled with weirdos, male-dominated online games and make it clear that you're a female/show your picture. I've had no less than 4 internet stalkers and im only 22 and not that attractive

Anonymous 34897

but i should add that you really REALLY do not want one, i have legitimately never been more stressed out and guilty than the times i had to deal with those insane men who regularly threatened myself and the ones i loved with violence because i wouldn't reciprocate their 'love' or do whatever weird things they wanted from me. If it was just me i wouldn't care but the idea that my family could be hurt and it would be all my fault is too much

Anonymous 34947

Perfectly balanced co-dependence, sounds pretty good tbh

Anonymous 34971

Op, funny guys from r9k want "yandere" gfs. Ya'll are something. Won't it emotionally damage you unless you're already damaged, still.

Anonymous 35199

You can have mine.

Anonymous 35202


I think the appeal comes from wanting a bf/gf that will actually "do anything" for you. Everyone wants a loyal SO who will not leave, so why not crank it up to 11 and get one who won't allow you to leave?

Anonymous 35403

I think I understand the appeal of yandere. It's the thought of someone thinking your perfect and loving you unconditionally. Willing to do everything and anything to get you.
But they have what I call the idol complex. They idolize the thought of the person then the actual person. Once the realized the person they're so infatuated with is less then perfect. They get hostile and ugly real quick. Often becoming abusive. They're often seeking something missing in themselves.

Anonymous 35427

Want a Stalker?
I'm sure you could just post randomly a contact here and one of the men lurking here would contact you.
Already happened to me before.

Anonymous 35428

Did he stalk you?

Anonymous 35430

Not really but you post in a thread for female friends, you can sometimes have random guys contacting you.
Maybe they're even here, reading us. Being observed is kinda unnerving.

Anonymous 35431

I wouldn't recommend those kind of guys. Theyre the reason why I stop using discord. Ever get those guys pretending to be a girl just to talk to you? Personally I find those to be very disturbing.

Anonymous 35442

same here, I want a guy like Toma from Amnesia he's almost perfect to me. Wish someone would obsess over me as much as he did. :(

Anonymous 35456

Maybe you're even replying to one.

Anonymous 35584


That doesn't look healthy at all.

Anonymous 35670

I felt weird reading this post but I can't say why

Anonymous 35674

Is it really that big of a surprise though? I always assumed the ratio of lurkers to posters is quite large.

Anonymous 35790

Yeah, it's quite unnerving.
I know why. Imagining being observed is eerie, right?
Well, seeing the frequency of the posts here, sure the number of posters is really low.

It made me think of this TF2 scene:
"It could be anyone of us".
"It could be you!"
"It could be me!"
*Banhammer on the face.

Anonymous 35850

>>34280 they will find you first heheheh

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