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wanting a bf to ask me out in a "traditional" way.. Anonymous 34950

hello this is my first time posting here! so first off, the relationship between me and my dad is very good, he loves me very much and is a very reasonable individual and we are both religous as well. One thing my dad wants for me to do when a guy asks me out, is for my dad to talk to him first so he can know whats up with him. I am personally very ok with this, and in fact, encourage this. The only issue is that even though I want this to happen i dont want a dude to be ask me out and then i have to say "oh you have to ask my dad" when i am like 23 or something… I dont mind doing that it just comes across as still being dependent on my father when i am not? does that makes sense? how the heck do i commence with this?

Anonymous 34953

If the guy you're asking out is weirded by you wanting yur dads approval first, then something here is wrong. Either you need Independance, or Independance and ask out a difference guy.

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