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What do you do to cope? Narrator 3515

In a world of stress and sorrow, with only glimmers of Hope and joy, what is it that drives you? What makes you feel right, and whole? Me personally, I've been pouring my soul into D&D and podcasts for it. Other than that, I spend a lot of time laying around thinking.

Anonymous 3516

Am i kawaii uguu_0…

My husband and family, I don't really have any friends outside of family so they are everything to me. I am really thankful that I have them as support.

Also, beautiful anime girls and booze. I like slice of life series and imagining that the anime girls are my gal pals.

Anonymous 3517


Solving equations makes me feel relaxed. The more difficult the best. Helps redirecting thoughts a lot and when I manage to solve them makes me feel fine. It’s kinda like meditation, I guess.

Playing with my pets helps too. Watching them doing their stuff brings me joy. I talk to them a lot about what I have on my mind, sometimes I feel like a crazy lady lol.

Going for a run is another way to cleanse my head. I used to go out running with my dog, but she’s a couch potato and hate running lol. So now I run alone (at the beginning made feel awkward since I have a lil bit of anxiety). Working on better my times!

Is the same for me when watching comfy slice of life series, anon lol

Anonymous 3519

I used to run a lot more, but I haven't as of late. It's getting colder here so I'm thinking about getting back into it. I would take one of my dogs but they wouldn't be able to keep up long with their stamina

Anonymous 21404


Pick my scabs and eat them. I have a very scabious body, but when I feel bad about it, I just pick them off again and I feel better.

Anonymous 21405

To unwind in my free time I like to draw cute guys and masturbate. I also like going through guys' social medias, checking certain subreddits, and looking through model blogs and such for pics to save. My goal, and the only thing I'm putting myself through uni for, is to get married and spoil my partner with gifts and love.

…I guess I live for cute boys. That's sort of pathetic now that I've typed it out.

Anonymous 21410


I do some online volunteering, help around the house (laundry, ironing, deep cleaning), and listen to YouTube videos. Repetitive tasks and things I don’t really need much concentration with (ironing & wiping counters) I find really relaxing. I really want to get back into painting though.

Anonymous 21416

How do they taste? Salty?

Anonymous 21417

What kind of cause do you volunteer for online?

Anonymous 21419

I help a local charity by putting their pages into WordPress. The website’s topic has a really specific location though, so I can’t get into much detail. :( I found it through a volunteering website, where you enter your skills and whether or not you want to do it from home and it comes up with a bunch of potential matches.

Anonymous 21427

Post cute guy drawings plox

Anonymous 21429


i'm falling back into anime since 4chan + other image boards are bad, and uselessly slow, in that order. kpop also helps.
almost feel bad about it since i told myself i'd do normie stuff in uni & leave weeb things behind but! got tired of it during my first year. also had some bad misunderstandings which made me think it'd be better to go solo.
i think i'm just the type to die alone lmao

Anonymous 21431

Why does being a weeb mean you have to die alone? People are more open than ever with their tastes these days, especially when taking foreign stuff into account. Don't think you can't find someone to be horrible with together. Please don't be anyone but yourself.

Anonymous 21432


Yes, a bit salty. Do you eat yours too?

Anonymous 21434

No, but I eat the flesh from inside my lips. It's chewy.

Anonymous 21436

>Please don't be anyone but yourself.
that's what i'm doing now..but alas, 'myself' is boring. this also makes it fairly difficult to speak with people, but like you said i don't want to adopt a sense of humor or suitably ~cool~ or ~exotic~ interests i haven't got just to make friends.

Anonymous 21440

You can make friends who like what you like. You can even get a bf who likes what you like. Don't act like you have to appreciate what the LCD prefers just to have a higher percent chance of befriending people. You just need to get out there and start talking. It's easy!

Anonymous 21443


Sleep, read, and shitpost. My PC can't even handle vidya anymore. I occasionally watch anime, but I generally lack motivation to watch it continuously and regularly unless I really like the show. I also lack money and transportation to do much outside, even though I try to hop onto any opportunity I get to get the hell out of this house. However, those cases are extremely rare and generally lackluster.
In all other cases, just sleep through it all, read if in an environment where I have to stay awake.
Can't say that it's an effective cope, though. It feels like my life is just work/studying and nothing else.

Anonymous 21474


Shit I do that too. I make little cheek cell balls and squish them around until they dry. I heard that it increases the risk of skin cancer but I don't care enough to stop.

Anonymous 21475

>squish them around until they dry
Hmm? I've never done that before. Usually, I just chew on them for a bit before swallowing them. You'd think it'd be hard to dry something in your mouth. Might try that now. Doubt it's any more risky than standing around in the sun. Thanks, anon!

Anonymous 21486

I look up articles on psychology and basically use myself as a guinea pig.

I read a lot of philosophy and it pretty much cured a third of my depression. It's a good exercise that turns depressing thoughts into thought exercises (ex. Why or why not should I commit suicide?, for example) Being religious helps a lot too.

Having designated crying times and places help; I made it a rule for myself to only cry when I'm in my bedroom or in the bathroom, and even then I give myself a time limit of around two minutes for a cry. It's a good exercise in emotional regulation and compartmentalizing.
After a cry I give myself a head massage (scalp, cheeks, nose, and eyes especially) as well as a hot shower. Both of those help with the blood flow so my eyes don't look so swollen and it is not so obvious I was crying.

When I need a second opinion or just someone to talk to I talk to my boyfriend, my two best friends, or (rarely) I talk to my teachers/staff that I'm close to at school. Or if I can't, I go on message boards like this one.

Forcing myself to do mindless chores and tasks is pretty meditative.

I like children a lot so I babysit my siblings or do some small volunteer tasks at school.

I 'try' to exercise, eat healthy, sleep, hydrate, etc.

As for the unhealthy coping methods, I procrastinate and watch Youtube videos and look at gossip sites. I also just sleep and jack off instead of doing the stuff I'm supposed to do.

Anonymous 21487


The vision of one day having a cozy home and a cat.

In the mean time I just work on taking care of my corporeal shell (eating, sleeping, exercising). Working to do less wasteful things with my time and money.
Remembering that not being happy is not forever and that just being is fine for now.

Anonymous 21488

D&D with my family, oddly enough.
Warhammer figures.

Anonymous 21489

>with family
Like…with your mom? Or siblings?

Anonymous 21498

>restricting my caloric intake and seeing that I am, in fact, losing weight - this ties me to the physical world
>drinking/doing drugs - both bring me back down to earth in the same way, and remind me that I am just a vessel for chemical reactions
>being ultra-productive at work - makes me feel like I'm worth something, and distracts me

Anonymous 21513


I endlessly shit post to distract myself, I just cant stand this anymore.
I have been a hikikomori for 5 years and my only world is online and its just a struggle.

I cant masturbate for fun or watch anime or play video games and I just love chatting to my friend but I am afraid I cause drama by association and I am trying hard to change.

Anonymous 21515

>drama by association

What do you mean?

Anonymous 21516

Try opening a window, and looking outside. This is the first step of going outside.

Anonymous 21517

foil 2.jpg

>>drama by association
I am known for being bad person and not caring for people but I really care about my friend and I realized my bad actions like scamming people or hurting people for fun hurts them..as people think badly of them for talking to me.

>Try opening a window, and looking outside.
>This is the first step of going outside.

I am getting disability processed, I do not want to nor can I return to society.
just thinking about it makes me anxious.
also I cant even open my bedroom as its foiled and dark 24/7.

thanks for the advice though.

Anonymous 21519

I have so many questions now.
Please share:

Anonymous 21520

the hope of being able to be on my own and not live around my family

the hope of a substance soothing me whether it's familiar or new

Anonymous 21521

This isn't helping anything, anon. You need to open the window. You're hurting yourself. :( Don't let this happen to you. You can change it.

Anonymous 21522

1547348925562 - Ko…

I make memes and get banned from forums

Anonymous 21532

I think you meant walls of Jericho, not Babylon. Even then, according to the story, it was Yahweh who brought the walls down, not necessarily the screams. Also, the grammar is a little off in the last sentence. Personally, I'd change it to "Years of torment and terror in biblical proportions await humanity, yet little changes in his life of daily suffering." Other than that, it's a very nice meme.

Anonymous 21533

here I made a reply

I have agoraphobia and prefer the dark.
I have tried help and I will be disability.
I just worry about becoming a better person now

Anonymous 21535


yeah english is not my first language. I am aware that the walls of jericho were brought down by jewish trumpets and thats why I used babylon instead. Thanks for your input :3

Anonymous 21536


Art is currently what's pushing me since my love for technology is currently weaning…I'm not as motivated to learn about the topic outside of class anymore since all my classes revolve around programming.
Oh and obviously my family, I would die for my mother I love her so much, I don't tell her I love her a lot since my family isn't really use to displaying that type of affection. I'll try to buy her a gold necklace for mothers day, preferably in a traditional design from my culture and some sweets from the local bakery. When everyone gave up on me she didn't :') I love her so much, we have our verbal fights but I would have killed myself if she wasn't by my side. My mother and father recently got into an accident yesterday, and thinking about the possibility that she wouldn't be here anymore made me realize how much I had taken advantage of her presence in my life.

Don't change who you are, I did that and I regret it. I dropped anime/manga and tried to get more into normie shit, I didn't realize how stupid that was till years later when I watched an episode of a show my brother recommended and remembered why I loved the medium so much. Nothing wrong with liking anime/manga, it's mainstream now and not as stigmatized.
I joined the anime club on campus along with the philosophy and art club, made tons of friends who accept me as I am.

Anonymous 21538

I like podcasts because they simulate the experience of having friends

Anonymous 21539

special cat.jpg

>Thanks for your input :3
No problem, friend. Thanks for the meme. Have this picture of a cat in exchange.

Anonymous 21541

You can only become a better person by challenging your weaknesses. Don't let what holds you back keep you there. You need to push against it. Please don't give in.

Anonymous 21549

what podcasts do you guys listen to

Anonymous 21568

mom, dad, my 4 brothers. Dad has been playing since '77 so we all grew up playing. Every other Sunday we go back to see mom and dad, Dad makes pancakes, bacon, and more, we have brunch, then play for hours, then mom serves dinner (something from crockpot and delicious) and we play late, then head home.
A slice of childhood twice a month. We all just enjoy the day and each other.

Anonymous 21573

Richard Lewis if you are into eSports and can handle banter

Anonymous 21583

I like
>Last Podcast on the Left
>You Must Remember This
>Hardcore History
>My Brother, My Brother, and Me
>Stuff You Should Know
>This Podcast Will Kill You
>all the stuff from the Belfry Network
I used to like listening to Hidden Brain and This American Life but they got really political after the 2016 election so I dropped them

Anonymous 21613


I have me a couple of new ones but posting more than 1 would probably get me b&

Anonymous 26304

usually just straighten my wig until its "perfect"
do my makeup until i passout
exercise until i cant anymore
sometimes if it is bad i will cut

Anonymous 26352

Working on polishing my ui/ux skills, reading manga, podcasts and occasionally drawing. I really wish I was into books, but I haven't read anything in years.

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