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Any other autist here who feels like everyone hates them Anonymous 35646

Whenever I talk to people I'm paranoid of making a social mistake and I compasate with being kind of a kissass

Was bullied hard at school for being an autist and I'm so afraid of failing like this again

Every time I talk to other I think wow I propable embarrassed myself and they dislike me

Anonymous 35649

I dunno. For every person I meet, I can think of at least one reason they might dislike me/we're incompatible. It's impossible for people to truly like each other because of the differences, even if we put in the effort to get along there's still the awful shit we think and don't say.

Anonymous 35778


I did suffer with that for a while, still do now and then. It would get to a point where I'd feel embarassed and ashamed just being in my own skin alone sometimes. I think what helped me overcome it was realising that worrying about how I come across all the time and trying to analyse everything i'm doing made my personality worse and just left me really unhappy.

Oh, and also picking up new hobbies and goals and making sure I enjoy the time I spend alone as much as I'd enjoy spending it with others like my bf. It's cliche but once you start to like yourself other people will see that and you wont have to convince them to.

Anonymous 35847

I just cried after talking to my landlord cause I was that anxious

Anonymous 35854


innately, yes
At this point ive accepted that I do not deserve to have someone love me.

Anonymous 35866

I was the poor and uncared for kid in class. I was social awkward because my mom abused me and didnt take care of me. I took that baggage everywhere. now I am older and have finally broken the mental chains. first get stable and stop caring what your family thinks. second leave them. third dont have kids cause then you will need help. fouth be your own person. my mother passed 12 years ago and my abusive sister kinda cut ties 3 years ago and I feel like a new person. I see what went wrong now.
dont be afraid to start over. I wish I wouldve broken ties after my mom passed but i was conditioned to care about me older sister. she is a user and she has hurt me.

Anonymous 36061

> I'd feel embarassed and ashamed just being in my own skin alone sometimes.
I thought I was the only one

Anonymous 36088

Goddamn it I feel you, I've started working in a medical residency this year, and I can't help but believe that all my senior residents dislike and think I'm dumb. Thinking rationally, I know it must not be the case, but my mind can't help going to these places. It doesn't help that I'm awkward as fuck, too, and a bit anxious.

But we're all going to become better with this, anon!

Anonymous 36104

day I want to be a nurse too how bad is it?
I hope):

Anonymous 36105

daym I meant

Anonymous 36106

Yeah anon. I think that’s how most women who were socially excluded when they were young act.

As a child I was a fucking weirdo that had very few friends and once I was in high school I LARPed hard as a normal person. Any talents or personality I had when I was young were not pursued further since I was so afraid of standing out.
Since quarantine I’ve started to rediscover my old interests but any interaction with others (even virtually) usually results in me overanalyzing things even more and getting upset. NEET life begets autism which begets more NEETness.

Anonymous 40683


wow this whole thread describes myself to a T.

I was bullied in school my whole life, people made fun of my body and personality. All my “friends” just made fun of me or had me around to laugh at me. I never really had anyone outside of my family.

I still see myself as disgusting, evil, cringy, whatever. I’m scared people online and irl all secretly make fun of me. I can’t get close to friends. I’ll never get close to friends. Seeing Kiwifarms shit scares me so much because I’m afraid people will think I’m cringy and just ruin my life of fun.

I’m trying now to reach out to people online at least since I made friends. I’m now apart of a group for vidja, but I’m afraid I’ll mess up and they’ll hate me. Or they’ll find something problematic I said 6 years ago and ruin my life. I still can’t be close to anyone. People just want to hurt others online.

I’m disgusting. Sorry for the autistic powerlevel

Anonymous 40691

You just have to keep searching until you find someone just like you. Someone that "clicks".
I wouldn't worry about making online friends. The worst can come out of a person when they're anonymous.

Anonymous 40696

Yes. Online communities are a bad place to actually discuss something. This is a fact almost as old as the Internet itself. It's just self-entertaining improv groups, mostly.

Anonymous 40708

If you're ignorored here it's because the place is a little dead. I don't know what other options you've looked into.

Anonymous 40711

What kind of interests?

Anonymous 40751

Do you identify as a woman on the servers? Moids can't help but orbit any woman they meet online.

Anonymous 40755

It's the only way, sadly. Either you tell jokes, or get horny. Nobody actually discusses what they're supposed to on that site. Not worth it compared to talking with people irl.

Anonymous 40766

Then start making jokes and memes. It's all you can do with it in order to get that sweet high.

Anonymous 40800

Then perish.

Anonymous 40803

>complains about being ignored
Do you realise the irony that would take place if I were to ignore your posts?

Anonymous 40806

Then why complain about being ignored online? I was saying that irl interaction matters more than getting people's attention online. There's nothing to be gained from online interaction other than a false sense of inclusion.

Anonymous 40811

In real life, yeah. The Internet is only good for scouring information out. Internet chatting is bad for your mental health. Only have it sparingly.
I'm not on discord. As a matter of fact I don't like it. The only "genuine" connection I can imagine happening online is one that leads to a meetup.

Anonymous 40814

Because I've tried it. Didn't like how communities were either full of orbiters, memes, or both. It was like 4chan without total anonymity. Not my cup of tea.
>I made friends
Good. It'd be awful to just use the Internet for social interaction.

Anonymous 42550

>Seeing Kiwifarms shit scares me so much because I’m afraid people will think I’m cringy and just ruin my life of fun.
kiwifarms only cares about people who try to become internet celebrities in some way, shape or form

if you aren't actively engaging in attention seeking behavior on social media then there is absolutely zero chance anybody on kiwi or lolcow will ever be interested in mocking you

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