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I dont feel so goo…

Anonymous 35994

Whats the worst rejection scenario you can think of, or just any from experience?

>confess feelings to a boy you really liked

>he's gay

Anonymous 35995

>confess feelings
>they stifle a laugh before realizing that you're serious
>becomes visibly uncomfortable
>mutters something before excusing them-self, quickly leaves
i think i'd genuinely kill myself if that happened, depending on how much i liked that person

Anonymous 35996

>he's gay
That isn't really that bad at all. Him lying about being gay is far worse

Anonymous 36002

>tell him I'm in love with him
>he moves closer to me, puts his hand on my upper arm
>he's looking very intensely in my eyes
>can feel myself shaking
>he says to me "I'm sorry, but I will never like you in that way"

I can't think about it without wanting to die. It was so shitty and embarrassing. He blocked me on everything after this.

Anonymous 36003

W h a t
Were you friends with him? I can understand the honesty if a bit too harsh, but just blocking you? The hell???

Anonymous 36010

We were friends for 6 years before this happened. It took me a long time to get over.

Anonymous 36015


>the worst rejection scenario you can think of
Alrighty, let's get creative.
>confess my love
>they say they're not sure they feel maybe they could
>we maintain friendship
>they drop flirty hints over a long period of time (years, perhaps)
>even say they love me and can see us dating "some day"
>also tease cruelly at times but I overlook it
>they end up dating someone else and tell me
>when I question this they reveal that they never even liked me as a friend
>tfw they kept me around to screenshot our convos and laugh behind my back to their friends
>they call me an ugly piece of shit who never has a shot with anyone

This is one I am actively afraid of happening to me right now (with some tweaks, like he said he does like me upfront and there are genuine reasons we can't date). Logically it isn't, but I love being miserable so I sometimes brood over it.

I've actually been rejected a lot for my weird ass personality, but never anything extreme. Makes me kind of sad since there are no fun stories. Only disappointment.

I like this one; it feels me with primal rage.

Him ending a LONG friendship so abruptly is honestly a dumb bitch move. I could understand if it was shorter (<a year) since it might be him trying to keep you from hurting or he may believe you were just friends because you like him, but with such a long history it could be overcome.

Anonymous 36017

I can see that being embarrassing, but other than that, wouldn’t this be a good reason to be rejected? It’s not a reflection of his opinion on you personally,.


Holy fuuuck anon that’s an awful hypothetical situation lol.

Anonymous 36046

Well, the worst one would be him hiring a marksman immediately after to shoot you in the back of the neck.
A slightly less whimsical one would be you saying "i love you", obvious contempt appearing on his face and him muttering "jesus christ" while walking away.
Frankly this doesn't sound like the healthiest thread, like some sort of misery porn.
oof, being shot by a marksman might actually be better.
the physical contact and everything, it's like he threw you up in the air just so you'd hit the ground harder.
the "they only hang out with me because they don't like me" cliche only happens in high school, and even there it's nowhere near as common as high school drama movies would have you believe.
If someone hangs out with you than at the very least they like you in a friendly way.

Anonymous 36047

>they only hang out with me because they don't like me
I meant to write "because they make fun of me", why am I crippled in the brain?

Anonymous 36107

>the worst rejection scenario you can think of
This one is a very specific personal disaster scenario
>attempt to pursue qt sub bf
>manage to obtain qt sub bf
>things seem fine and we comfortably live the first six months of a relationship
>the light slowly fades out of his eyes over time
>it eventually comes up in one of those half-hearted ‘yeah sorry about this but’ conversations
>He’s been cheating on me with a man
>He admits that he likes the sub lifestyle, but just not with me because I don’t put out the right vibes and can’t convincingly make him feel a certain way in the way a male can
>he admits that he thinks strap play is basically inferior to the real thing and my skills are lacking
Reading the pegging discourse on /gif/ was a mistake, I'm all up in my head about it now.

Anonymous 36109

He's gay and didn't want to admit it. That's not rejection, that's him refusing to accept who he is. Not your fault anon.

Anonymous 36110

>read a discussion
>now I'm all up in my head
Dude, same thing happened to me. I can be a friend if you need someone to talk to. Just know these dudes were gay to begin with, and they troon out for their fetish alot of the time.

Anonymous 36126

I guess it's just hard to tell what the 'naturally occurring' sub population is really like since it's so underground, so the sudden influx of testimonials from people who are into it only if they can feel ‘authentically dominated’ in a kind of animal-way has me wondering. I’m also absurdly hard on myself from internalising what must be a small fragment of male pride after all these years online; it seems that I, too, have Chad anxiety.

Anonymous 36147

why did he block you?
was he uncomfortable with you liking him?

>only happens in high school
it happens at all? why would anyone ever hang out with someone they don't like?
to make fun of them? but that's an awfully time-intensive way. most people don't actually actively enjoy making others miserably (I hope)
so why would anyone invest that much time?

wow that's cruel
hope that doesn't happen should I ever come across a cute sub bf

>internalising what must be a small fragment of male pride
what do you mean by that?

Anonymous 36156

Media at large but also the internet and particularly non-female oriented messageboards have a way of addressing an assumed male audience. I guess I’ve been kicking around those places for so long with my ego on ‘off’ (you know when it’s super late but you’re still online and you’ve put who you are on the back burner in favor of just feeling melded with whatever you’re reading/watching) that I’ve taken some of that pressure to ‘achieve’ upon myself as well.

Like when an idealized standard of behavior is set for males and it doesn’t seem overtly ridiculous or actively harmful (or just seems cool, honestly, I want to be cool) I can have a hard time not being hard on myself for wherever I am in relation to achieving it. I didn’t expect the pegging discourse to be the thing to do me in, but I guess a hidden sphere where an intimate partner could directly compare my output to a hypothetical bio male and find me lacking set off some weird wiring in my brain.

Anonymous 36158

>you know when it’s super late but you’re still online and you’ve put who you are on the back burner in favor of just feeling melded with whatever you’re reading/watching
oh yeah, I know that feel. when I'm browsing on /int/ at like 4 in the morning and I'm really tired, but my retarded brain tells me to enter yet another stale gigachad thread,
and I shitpost even though I normally don't even particularly enjoy shitposting.

>or just seems cool, honestly, I want to be cool

cute AND cool!

>set off some weird wiring in my brain

I had this years ago when I read some wholesome doujin and some cute boy hugged his love interest with a desperate, red face and I had this burning feeling in my heart.
who knows what exactly set that off, but almost all my thoughts(and I mean, really almost all my thoughts) revolved around that picture for weeks.
though I guess mine was less harmful…

Anonymous 36159

>cute AND cool!
(with that I mean that I found it cute and cool of you to admit to that, not that I necessarily want to be those things myself)

Anonymous 36160

Ah, thank you. I generally try to be honest about my more emotional/vibe based ambitions so I don't fall into the trap of convincing myself that there's some objective reason why I'm pulled towards them.

Anonymous 36460

What's sad is that I wouldn't be bothered by a guy I like being gay because then I know he'll never be with a girl prettier than me. I feel incredibly inadequate to other women and the most painful part of rejection for me would be knowing he'd eventually find a different, "better" woman.

Anonymous 36515

>break up with guy for several reasons
>one of those reasons being I found a better guy
>be happy with new guy for a while but eventually want old guy back
>break up with new guy, go back to old guy
>after a few months old guy starts to act strange
>"I don't love you anymore."
>he IMMEDIATELY cuts off ALL contact with me
>try to send him a message like a year later
>it's left on "sent" not even "read"

Anonymous 36516

>confess my feelings to this guy
>he tells me he was just flirting and it wasn't that serious
>feel really embarrassed
>accept rejection with grace and deference though
>next day I feel really good and free of romantic attachments
Rejection is a part of life. Learn to accept it and get over it.

Anonymous 36537

>I love him. I just want to hold him. I just want to cuddle…
Just wondering why you kept pursuing him and having deep conversations with him after him telling you that he had a long-distance gf? He seems weirdly flakey, unstable, and bad at communicating anyway.

Anonymous 36540

Why'd you delete your first post, which originally stated that "they" were a girl? Was it because it gave away that you were male and you thought nobody would see it?

Anonymous 36544

you sound like an insecure mess

Anonymous 36593


Not sure if bait but you deserve that


The type of rejection I experienced from my ex. The kind where he "nicely" rejects me, and tries to keep everything the same. Wanting to sext is fucked up and makes me feel like trash

Anonymous 36671

What, for wanting something better? Not her but what's wrong with that.

Anonymous 36672

For thinking that she could just go back.

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