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Anonymous 36478

What do i tell people when they ask me what i do on my free time when all i do is watch youtube and do other random stuff on the internet? I mean, i do sometimes make music, draw or read, but im never able to stick to anything for long enough. And even if i am, i know ill lose interest soon enough since thats how its always been. It just feels wrong each time i claim something (besides browsing the internet) to be my hobby.

Anonymous 36488


You aren't meant to be amusement for people, anon. In reality, people are boring.

Anonymous 36489

>sometimes make music, draw or read
There’s your answer. No one is going pry into it that much to know you don’t do it that often. Once someone gets a normie answer they will move on. Don’t complicate things.

Anonymous 36494

Unless the person asking shares the same hobbies in which case they will likely ask more questions

Anonymous 36496

And just tell them what you do. If they pry more just change the subject or say you don't have as much time to work on it these days. Reading can take up a lot of time so just list some books you've read and pretend they were all recent.

Anonymous 36497

It can also be an opportunity to ask the other party about it and learn from them.

Anonymous 36501

this, i'd honestly probably just tell the truth. i've actually become ok friends with someone after i mentioned that lately i had a lack of hobbies and spent most of my free time browsing the web. we bonded over browsing similar websites and sharing similar niche-y internet culture.

Anonymous 36573

Say you're an anthropologist who studies human nature in the internet age

Anonymous 36608

I've learned to be a little disagreeable here and I just tell them "nothing in particular" when they ask me what I did over the weekend. Sometimes I can say that I cleaned the apartment.

One time someone was really insistent and said "come on, you must have some kind of hobby!" but I just avoided answering. I think I just said "maybe" and then there was an awkward silence.

The thing is that they are not entitled to knowing, and you don't have to feel ashamed about not having a real hobby. None of my friends have hobbies either, I think it's a generation difference.

Anonymous 36609

Fun tip: people aren't really caring what you do in your free time, they want to socialize with you. They're asking for what you know so they can say something you'll find interesting. And even though they don't know it, they're looking far more for the emotional content of your response than the answer. That will be how they evaluate whether you're interested and likewise be more interested if you are. So just exaggerate things, like how hard it was to do something, or how exasperated you were, or something funny

Anonymous 36677

stacy:so whatd you do this weekend?
lydia mcboring: worked on some drawings, watched youtube
stacy: oh, you ever watch tryguys?

Anonymous 36678


I understand how you feel too well. Whenever I get excited someone is talking to me and but it just ends so quickly because I have nothing to say. I want to be more interesting so bad.

I feel like I should do something illegal. Like, trespass into a property or deface a website. Illegal is interesting, right?

Anonymous 36679

I illegally download anime instead of paying for it

Anonymous 36680

I'm hooked, tell me more.

Anonymous 36681

you could just ask them what theyre doing

Anonymous 36685

That's just doing a U turn down the same driveway for me.
>So you like X?
>ask some basic questions about X
>they reply
>quickly exhaust all reasonably close questions regarding X

Its just really one sided for me. I know a few things, but finding the things people want to talk about is like a needle in a haystack
>person says she likes fantasy novels like LoTR
>I think of some reasonable lines of conversation like talking about characters, Tolkein's distaste for allegory despite the many allegories readers drew between it and war, the neat sounding food etc
>decide to pick the last one
>conversation quickly fizzles as she says elvish bread does sound tasty

If I'm being a little bit more bitter I resent how people don't know how to write their thoughts, especially on places like discord where one liners are the norm. But more practically I think I need to work on sounding excited or something. From other people's chats I see there's very little content, the emotional delivery (I think?) is what carries the conversation.


Well anon, there's what you like to do for fun, but remember that there's hobbies that benefit you and hobbies that don't. Mention the hobbies that build a skill when talking to others and try to make the time you spend on them more valuable. It was benefit your future.

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