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E-girls/Onlyfans Anonymous 36640

I don't wanna sound /r/NotLikeTheOtherGirls, and maybe I'll have some SJWs yell at me for "internalized misogyny", but does any other girl HATE e-girl/OnlyFans/titty streamer culture?

I think I mostly hate it due to how it affects me. When you tell people you play games nowadays, people create an image in their head of some cosplaying girl selling her nudes, playing a game mediocrely in a bikini on Twitch.

It embarrasses me to say I like games anymore.
People say, "what is the issue with it?" but there are no girls in pro gaming scenes… and the only popular female gamers are girls that are sexualizing themselves for creepy guys, and it makes women look like a joke, in my opinion.
Like, it confirms stupid sexist incel logic who think all girls just want male attention if they like male-dominated interests.

If you saw a poster for brilliant STEM-lords/scientists, and all of the men on the poster were respectable looking scholars in ties, but the only girl on the poster was completely naked, wearing a labcoat and nothing else, sucking on an Erlenmeyer flask or some degenerate shit, do you not understand why that makes me feel uncomfortable?

We have such an issue with men objectifying ourselves to begin with, and I feel like it's just encouraging it.

It makes me feel gross being seen as a human fleshlight for creepy incels… not to mention, it comes off as lazy to use your sexuality to get by instead of working to be good at games/be a good streamer/etc.

Why do so many women get validation in attention from nasty incels that look like a fucking wart?

I don't think it would annoy me so much if it wasn't in such large abundance

Anonymous 36641

I agree, I know there are a lot of girls who say about them "well more power to her she gets neetbux for doing nothing in particular, those men are stupid to give her money anyway" but I think they are being very irresponsible. It just encourages men to be disgusting and develop nasty views and expect this behavior from other women. We should be fighting against this idea that women exist only to provide sexual gratification to men, not taking the easy route out and playing into it.
I remember when some scrote came here to write about how inconcievable it is to him that women, these creatures that enjoy being dominated just walk around so casually everyday. Disgusting, as if a woman doesn't exist as a person outside of her sexuality. The only way we can prevent people from adopting such views is to change the way we are represented in media, and streaming is part of that. Maybe it would be best to not even have a camera stream, just stream what you're playing and your voice, but I don't watch streams so I don't know if seeing the streamer's face is integral, it doesn't seem too important to me tbh

Anonymous 36642


Streaming is weird. It's like thousands of incels got placed under a spell where they believe paying a lady to mention their name will eventually lead to a relationship.

Anonymous 36643

>We have such an issue with men objectifying ourselves to begin with, and I feel like it's just encouraging it.

>The only way we can prevent people from adopting such views is to change the way we are represented in media, and streaming is part of that.

What you are saying here is essentially "Men would act differently if only women would stop doing that". In effect, it is blaming men's behavior on women.
I see many right-wing men do the same in reverse and blame women's behavior on men, i.e. "Women would stop using sex for money if men stopped rewarding them for it".
Are women to blame for men's behavior? Are men to blame for women's behavior?

Anonymous 36646


>establish patriarchy
>establish the notion of "gender"
>teach boys to idolize masculinity and shun femininity, except as a romantic and sexual interest
>teach girls that desiring male attention is inherent to being a girl, and not doing so makes you less of a girl
>assign arbitrary uncorrelated physical/personal traits as "masculine" or "feminine", make some girls inherently less "feminine"
>subsequently cause girls who don't adhere to the idea of "femininity" to be treated less like girls
>those girls are expected to garner male attention but can't do so according to the same standards that demand they do so
>raise girls in a society with sexist values while forcing them to be "girls"
>([start]: NOT_LIKE_OTHER_GIRLS.complex)
>girls vent their anger about their unjust separation to "feminine" women as if the existence of sexist values is feminine women's fault
>blame feminine women for their societal struggles in the exact same way that men blame all women for their struggles

Coming from someone who vehemently believed she "wasn't like other girls" up until she was about 14 and began reading social and political commentary, the only one to blame in this situation is our patriarchal society, which created the performative construct that is "gender" in the first place. This issue will never be abolished until "gender" is abolished.

Anonymous 36647

>It makes me feel gross being seen as a human fleshlight for creepy incels
It would happen anyway.
Women in sexually conservative societies aren't automatically seen as more human, if you hadn't noticed.

All 3 sides are at fault, in my irrelevant opinion.
Simps, thots, and the dumbasses who decide to judge individuals based on the behaviour of complete strangers.

What's funny is it's not even a case of danger, such as when women are cautious around men, or even men wanting prenups (I personally think everyone should be cautious of everyone and should all get prenups but these are typical examples of judgement based on actual threats). A woman having an onlyfans alone doesn't result in male death or injury.

Anonymous 36648

I agree OP. The problem is that in a male oriented society, the only way women can get ahead (make money easily, get noticed) is by playing into what men want. I hate the women that do this for not caring that other women suffer from their actions, but I agree with the poster that said men are to blame for this and not necessary women.

>Obviously you know how much you like me
Why do men put themselves in the friendzone by acting like a friend and then complain about it?

Anonymous 38164

I actually don’t have a problem with women who charge for nudes and videos. They are providing a service to coomers and I think they have every right to charge for that service. The fact that men seethe so hard of it just makes me support it more. Girls who upload nudes to reddit and such PURELY for attention are more pathetic imo. I get needing to pay bills, but putting your pussy on the internet for free? Being a non profit whoreganization, really?

Amouranth has a good body and her face looks attractive in pictures, but I suspect she photoshops and works angles, because she is kinda ugly in motion, and has a hooked nose and sevenhead. Pokimane is another example of a girl who looks terrible in candid pictures from the side and such, she is built like a brick but talks about being thicc. Even Belle Delphine is starting to look a bit flabby and skinnyfat now, and her makeup is still shitty, still has herpes too. With all these girls it’s mostly just makeup, lighting, filters and photoshop.

Anonymous 38171

>It makes me feel gross being seen as a human fleshlight for creepy incels…

Lol I don't think you have to be concerned about anyone fantasising about you, very few women are able to even earn anything that way

Anonymous 38173

Gender as it is currently understood didn't exist until the 1950s.

Anonymous 38176

Cope, have you seen some of those girls with 30K followers on onlyfans? 5/10 at best.

Anonymous 38179

I've never used that site but I know for sure that very few of them make decent money out of it, the ones who do usually have a network of graphic artists and editors etc. who are up to date with the latest trends

Even a naturally attractive person would find it hard to compete with that

Women who seriously go into this usually have some modeling experience, age is also an important factor

I have to admire Belle delphine, she made a killing solely off of her youthful looks, cashed out before her looks started to fade and she's probably set for life

Anonymous 38219

Meh, I don't know if it sounds like I'm trying to assert some sort of moral superiority by saying this, but I get a lot of weird offers on Reddit from random dudes offering me money from anything from being a sugar baby, to straight on just asking me if I have an Onlyfans

They're not always rude/inappropriate, and are sometimes, polite in how they ask…? But it still feels strange to me how normalized it is to ask those type of questions, and the idea that someone thinks I would engage in something like that almost offends me that tbh, but they only ask because it's so common… and I'm probably a high tier Becky if I'm being objective as possible

If I'm being really honest, I wish I could detach from how objectifying and gross it feels, so I could make a quick buck but I can't compartmentalize

Anonymous 38220

Okay but how do these guys find you in the first place? Do you upload nudes and selfies or something?

Anonymous 38222

PMs on Reddit, they are not NSFW subreddits either, but I post pics of my face from the neck up

Anonymous 38223

>Girls who upload nudes to reddit and such PURELY for attention are more pathetic imo. I get needing to pay bills, but putting your pussy on the internet for free? Being a non profit whoreganization, really?

This. And it just enables the shitty attitude men have that women owe them something for nothing. I cant help but think girls who upload nudes to free forums like reddit are ultra retarded, but at the same time half of them are probably uploaded by jilted boyfriends or stalkers.

Anonymous 38224

Yeah, I agree with this. Who the fuck relies on their self worth/validation of attractiveness from what creepy coomers think of you, at least take their cash lmao

Anonymous 38227

I don’t get it either. Why are these women with 10/10 bodies showing their bodies to betas for free for validation? It’s gross. Their opinions are worthless too since they are coomers and losers.

Anonymous 38229

Ugly people problems lol

Anonymous 38252

It's disgusting. The entire sex industry needs to be abolished. Think, you're an eighteen year old and you have no money. Then this opportunity presents itself to you. of course you're going to do it, but you don't think far ahead enough so you don't know how much it will affect you in the future.

Anonymous 38258


> the american military complex

Anonymous 38284

Men really need to keep their simps and fuckboys in check, this "problem" wouldn't exist otherwise. Sure thots continue the cycle but if there wasn't such a market for it there wouldn't be anyone doing it.

Anonymous 38374

Just imagine believing this, lmao

Anonymous 38382

Anon, men would still treat you like shit for being in a "male" space even if there weren't any egirls/onlyfans/tittystreamers there. No point on blaming it on them. And even if they was on them, who's financing their shit? whos paying for them to do all this and therefore keep this shit going on? That's right: MEN, as always. So if you want to hate someone, at least be rational and hate men. They are not only pathetic enough to finance these girls, but they are also pathetic, contradictory and dishonest enough to cry about them afterwards and blame it on women

Anonymous 38384

no point on blaming it on these girls. even if it was their "fault"*

Anonymous 38385


>calling women whores

we are never ending this as long as women like you exist

Anonymous 38386

Other women are not above criticism when they behave like men.

Anonymous 38388


The demand is high and we live in a capitalist world. I don't think that what these women do is good but I understand them. Just fuck off with your moral judgments on them by calling them "whores" or anything like that. This is the utmost handmaiden thing you can say. There are only manwhores in this world: depraved people who actually gain sexual gratification/pleasure from being promiscuous and disgusting. Those women are doing it all for money/resources. How can you blame Belle Dephine for getting tons of money through selling her fucking bathwater? The retards who pay for it are a cancer and the only ones to blame. They cry about being lonely and not having gfs but reality is that they don't want one, they specifically only want girls who are belle dephine-tier in looks and act as retardedly as she purposely does on social media. I used to hate it but I now understand why she does it and I admire her and the fact she is using pathetic moids cause they deserve worse than this. Still anti prostitution and porn though

Anonymous 38390

Anon…she’s not even misusing the term. These women are selling sex for money. They’re LITERAL whores. If you don’t take issue with that, or if you do, that’s personal. But it’s hypocritical of you telling her not to make moral judgments when you’re doing the same thing.

Anonymous 38402

How is having sex for free better than having sex for money? Because men told you so? Lmao. Yes of course men are going to uphold a system where they benefit for free and women are exploited and ripped off.

Funny how you never heard a peep from men about the evils of the porn industry until onlyfans started taking off, until women working in the sex industry started having some autonomy and properly profiting from it.

Anonymous 38403

>having sex for money makes you a whore!
>you should be having it with me for free instead :^)
Jfc, why do women still buy into this crap? Sex in exchange for resources is literally natural, even female penguins and shit wont mate with a male unless he has enough rocks as an offering lol, marriage is was always basically an exchange of fertility and sex for money and security too. Nothing wrong with acknowledging this.

Anonymous 38496

>can't criticize other women

Anonymous 38559

these women fill an important economic and psychological niche. men live to simp. they wish to simp so much that they'll pay for the privilege. these women offer simping acceptance services.

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