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Anonymous 38481

Does his heart belong to the pussy, or to your whole person?
How can you know?

Anonymous 38505


Anonymous 38506

It's related to the nature of your first offering.

Anonymous 38507

>How can you know?
You can't, no matter how many reasons or explanations you recieve, you must always make a leap of faith. Intimacy can not be established without revealing vulnerability.

Anonymous 38511

why cant it be both? im sure he wouldnt be happy with the relationship if you were just a floating fleshlight either

Anonymous 38515

Even my own romantic interest in men or women involves them sexually as well. Only aces are pure.

Anonymous 38584

You cant

Anonymous 40468

If you present yourself as a sex object (hot looking pictures, skimpy clothing etc) then men will only ever think that you're that person at heart

If you act like a good person and haven't fucked more than 2-3 guys they'll love you for your whole self

Men value purity in the women that they want to love, even if they'll fuck random sluts

Anonymous 40469

The purity worship thing is mostly from incel types in my experience.Virginal male, especially ones with anxiety surrounding sex or romance can't really see themselves as confident or mature or having a relationship of mutual respect except with a woman who's also a virgin. I sympathize with the feeling myself since I'm a spergy virgin but it's also a delusion, an inaccurate understanding of how the world works that you buy into because you're mentally ill enough that you latch onto anything depressing

Anonymous 40470

virginal males*

Anonymous 40471

you are naive if you think only virginal men worship purity and not absolute manwhores who spend their twenties fucking around but want to settle with a virgin. they don't practice what they preach and take pride in something that they shame women for.

Anonymous 40473

keys and locks, anon.

Anonymous 40474

This. I am a virgin and I assure you that most men do not value virginity in a woman, some even see it as a problem.

Anonymous 40475

Better a manwhore than a coomer. At least manwhores know how to talk to women.

Anonymous 40476

I don't understand what the moids want. If you don't show an interest in sex, you're a prude. If you show an interest in sex, you're a whore.

Anonymous 40477


shut you whore mouth kevin

Anonymous 40481

There are no simple answers because not all men are the same. Not all women are the same. Your best bet is to date people from backgrounds consistent with your ideal partner, be it church, academia, or online websites for committed people.

Anonymous 40486

A key that opens every lock should not be used by anyone.

Anonymous 40490


Anonymous 40493

dongs of mass destruction.

Anonymous 40496

Imagine getting shot at with cock missiles, imagine a rocket propelled and flaccid uncircumcised dick flying at you faster than the speed of sound

Anonymous 42745

they want you to show interest in sex, but only with them personally
basically they want exclusivity and loyalty because they fear getting cucked more than anything else

but today the culture is so hyper sexualized and random hookups between strangers are so normmalized, it makes them think we are all turbo sluts who bang a new guy every week, so they become resentful and jaded and basically they decide "shes a whore anyway so might as well treat her like one" and thats why they are so afraid of committment and try to get one night stands instead all the time

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