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Internet Romance Anonymous 385

Story time! Have you ever fallen in love online, sisters?
Bonus points if it happened back before webcams and smartphones were ubiquitous.

Anonymous 394


Oh yeah, I have. I also have a couple friends who met each other online, didn't see each other face to face for a couple years, and finally met up and got married. That was maybe in 2012 iirc.

I'm in a LDR with someone I met online 6 years ago. We dated for maybe 3 years in the past.
Hopefully we're going to get our shit together until the end of this year/first months of the next, and finally move in together. He was born in the same country as me, but has lived abroad for a decade. I'm not completely sure about how I feel about everything at the moment, mostly because we got back super recently​, but I am trying to be positive that things will work out this time because we really care about each other and missed each other during our time apart. Fingers crossed.

I remember that during our relationship I had really awful internet. Good lord… Dating again in 2017 has been awesome with all these new apps and great wifi lol.
I remember that in the very beginning of our relationship my bf would call me internationally​ from a payphone… Tough times. It was winter and I worried about him being there in the snow, but he didn't want to hang up. sob.

I think people can fall in love online. I hate when people say that's not possible because you are not with the person IRL, so you don't know how they do this, or that… Yeah, a RL relationship is very different, and a LDR that started online can be really fucking challenging. But the thing is that no one knows how deep/real an online relationship can get, but the couple experiencing it.
So who are you to say they don't really love each other, or that their feelings aren't real? That's BS.

It's important to mention you need to see the person IRL before making any type of important decision, and spend time with them to see if you guys "click" and all, but that's it.
Couples should meet up asap otherwise things can get depressing and hopeless in no time because you won't feel like there's any real progress happening. Even if it's going to take long until you can see each other, start to make plans. The hopelessness of feeling that our plans would never happen is what killed our relationship in the past. We wanted to be together, but we were broke as fuck and I was still young (he's 4 years older) so things had to end.
We will see what happens this time, but my heart is open to fall in love with him again.

Anonymous 397

I used to think internet romances were stupid and untrustworthy but I think I'm more open to it now since I've been secretly wishing I had one and have a harder time opening up to people in real life anyway.

I do agree with what anon said, it's best to meet up irl first before making drastic decisions because you could have great chemistry online but real life is bound to be different in one way or another whether it's the person or the connection. It also helps if you and your partner are at least in the same country. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult global romantic relationships are.

Anonymous 398


Yes, and I don't recommend it for most people. Or LDRs in general that turn into something serious.

I was in a LDR with my boyfriend for about a year, seeing each other pretty frequently. We met online. Most of our relationship was through Skype, the phone, and Kik. I now live with him. My best advice is that you try to visit with that person for a SUPER extended time, and I mean at least a MONTH, not just a few weeks, to really get a feel for how they live their life.

I also find that LDRs are like relationships on training wheels. You can sort of live your life while having a relationship in the background. I was pretty guilty of this, I admit. Problems arise such as not dealing well with each other in actual times of stress, not knowing how to deal with each other when you need space, unsure of what becomes of your financials, do your cleaning habits mesh well, etc. Ideally, you talk about this beforehand, but in practice, it's much different. Also, you can really idealize the person from far away. Maybe he/she seems dreamy because you have five states separating you.

Honestly, I miss the person that my boyfriend was (or that I perceived him to be) when we were in a LDR. That's probably really immature of me to admit. I'm sure he thinks the same of me, haha.

Anonymous 403

>Yes, and I don't recommend it for most people. Or LDRs in general that turn into something serious.
I wont tell my story but I will say what I regret the most: because my "boyfriend" was in another country, I missed so many opportunities of having fun with friends in my country and meeting good guys. All for an asshole that wasnt worth it.
And yes this happened before smartphones and webcams werent as popular as now.

Anonymous 675

I've been in an LDR for a year and a half and i haven't seen him in person yet because we live across the country, so our relationship is mostly online chat and lenghty videocalls when we both have time.

Honestly, even though i love him like i've never loved anyone before, it's really exausting. I'm really mentally unstable and sometimes not being able to see the person that i love makes me go on bouts of anger and sadness and if i'm not careful i end up taking it out on him. Our situation is also particularly bad because we're both flat broke, so the only thing keeping me with him is unwavering optimism. I don't know if i'll be able to take it much longer, because it's just too emotionally draining, and we have so many obstacles in our way that i'm constantly questioning if it's even worth it.

Anonymous 1032

I fell in love with a guy I met on an MMO like 8 years ago. I was worried we wouldn't "click" when we met in person, but we had instant chemistry. It didn't feel like we were meeting for the first time, at all. It was like seeing an old friend. We got married and live together now. I was always sure to be myself online and not to embellish things. I type like I talk. Apparently he did the same, because he wasn't any different in person than he was online. We only sent a few pics of ourselves and never cammed.

It can work out if everyone involved is completely honest and has good intentions. Not saying it will for sure, but it can.

Anonymous 1034

Obviously with every type of relationship there are different cases and mixed pros and cons.

IMO most LDRs/e-relationships don't really work out. People act very differently online than they do irl and even if you skype or talk a lot on the phone and stuff, you won't be exactly the same in person.

So if/when you do meet up it can either go really well but more often than not (from what I've seen) one of the party is disappointed or realized they don't like the person irl.

In my opinion internet relationships are a lot more like 2dbfs, while you interact with them and have fun you don't REALLY know them. You put in a lot of ideals and project stuff onto that person because they're just on a screen and speakers. You can't touch this person, you can't see them interact in a social or real life setting.

Anonymous 1038

Anyone have internet access at a very young age? My childhood friend and I would spend hours on online communities and acquire different "boyfriends" every few months. We were only 10 years old!

I find it kind of strange that my first exposure to romance was over the internet.

Anonymous 10355

I’ve never had an online relationship except for this one time and it wasn’t really a relationship it was more of a short fling
>met a guy on discord after an invitation was posted on a thread (not saying which board)
>turned out to be an actually cool guy
>found out he was also pretty cute after we sent pics of each other
>starting sending nudes to each other
>started calling each other and soon it turned into phone sex
>started making plans to meet up sometime (we lived in different countries)
>eventually it sorta fizzled out, we started talking to each other less and less until we just stopped
It was fun while it lasted but I realized that long term relationships don’t really work for me. He had one of the nicest dicks I’ve seen though lol.

Anonymous 10359

Lol forgot to mention a board from 4chan

Anonymous 10362

Omg Neopets e-boyfriends were the thrill of my elementary-middle school transition. I even told my mom that this guy was going to come see me from a whole continent over to hang out. Turned out I was wrong and he was way older, but luckily my preteen ass was too scared to send naughty pics.

Didn't really feel like romance to me, the Internet seemed so fantasy-like back then. Now you gotta upload a new selfie every day…

Anonymous 10368

>sending nudes
>phone sex
McFucked up. Remember to get straight to direct contact, next time. Do the mating dance, or sky daddy gets mad.

Anonymous 10381

You’re right but thinking it through, the lack of physical contact would have killed the relationship eventually. At least for me. Sometimes I wish I would have tried harder though since he was genuinely a cool dude.

Anonymous 10387

I don't believe in love, but I have managed to keep 1 online friend for 7 years. We have a pact to get married if we're both still single in 20 years.

Anonymous 10395

>and let me listen to him sleep.
Awww, this is so cute.

Anonymous 10397

This stuff's never gonna work out, you know. It breaks like biscuits, unless you meet them IRL.
Meeting in person would actually draw you closer to each other, until one of you inevitably wants to make it permanent. You have to keep the tease game going, until you've got them locked up.

Anonymous 10398

Can you stop shitting up all threads with the same opinion? It's become easy to identify you in every thread here and as an anon board this is upsetting. Please stop.

Anonymous 10402

Please stop following me.

Anonymous 10403

I don't have to, you're everywhere telling people not to do X and Y and being condesceding as fuck. I'm not the person who called you out for the tfw no bf yesterday, so I'm definitely not the only who've noticed you.

Anonymous 10405


Anonymous 10406

You stop.

Anonymous 10408

You're not going to make me.

Anonymous 10409


We will see.

Anonymous 10410


Anonymous 10414


I'm giving you time to apologize first.

Anonymous 10416

Jesus guys, just kiss already.

Anonymous 10417

I regret nothing.

Anonymous 10419

Sorry, these lips were made to kiss lesbians and I'm sure our buddy here is male.

Anonymous 10420


Then kiss me instead.

Anonymous 10421


Just get in here already.

Anonymous 10423

Okay buddy, show labia or gtfo.

Anonymous 10424


A-anon chan, but we just met.
Only a peck for now, o-okay?

Anonymous 10425


Sure, anon-chan. Don't worry, I'll be patient and wait for love to connect us together somehow someday. Ganbatte and dream of me until the day we run into each other again.

Anonymous 10427

giphy (1).gif

I will, my anonymous love.

Anonymous 10429

No. Go back to 4chan.

Anonymous 10430

wtf why this is so hot and nice to read, i need to calm my ovaries now, thx anons

Anonymous 10432

64 smug.jpg

Oh how wrong you are. Just confess that you're a larper. Do you have a bf? GO TALK TO A BOY

You're welcome.

Anonymous 10433


You are welcome anon, please think about us kissing, a lot.

Anonymous 10434


stop being gay right now

Anonymous 10435

giphy (2).gif

Make me.

Anonymous 10437


Stop resisting, anon-chan

Anonymous 10441


NNO NO dont do that please, that's rape!

where are you taking me wtf… let go right now!!

Anonymous 10442


Just taking you to chill with me. Relax~

Anonymous 10443


Aw come on, just a peck to relieve the tension.
It's not non-consensual, you are obviously into it and enjoying it,m your lips don't lie.

Anonymous 10444

I'm offering advice on the venting and advice board. Quit accusing everyone you hate of being a boy.

Anonymous 10445


okay.. that sounds fine and comfy i guess

please don't, these lips are only made for kissing boys with

Anonymous 10447


Anon, just stop resisting and join the lesbo side. You know you want it.

Anonymous 10448

Go away, male. We're about to have a lesbian orgy here.

Anonymous 10450


That's what you say, but your lips obviously like the soft touch of my feminine lips.
Don't you like kissing me, anon-chan?

Anonymous 10452


no… i like boys and that's that!

Anonymous 10453


But i can be so gentle, you won't get this with a boy, my darling.

Anonymous 10454

Not being a lesbian doesn't make you male, anon.

Anonymous 10456


well what do you know, maybe i just like it rough..

Anonymous 10457


It's okay, anon. I will grow one for you. That's how much I love you!

Anonymous 10458

Go away, male. Go talk to a boy.

Anonymous 10460


I can give it to you however you want, my anonymous darling.

Anonymous 10461


grow a boy for me?
that's pretty weird… unless you mean growing a dick like a futa

yeah but can you give it to me like a boy would, there's no way i'd get pleased by another girl

Anonymous 10462

That is exactly what I meant. We don't need males here, we can grow our own penises if we ever crave dicc.

Anonymous 10463

How do I know you're not one of those yuri types? You're role-playing awfully hard right now.
Not a male.

Anonymous 10464


I'm very talented, no boy will compare to me once you try it.
Stop resisting and admit you like my kisses, i can see it on your non-face.

Anonymous 10465


Sorry, male. I already have a bf. I come here to shitpost.

Anonymous 10466

I uploaded the wrong GIF, welp.

Anonymous 10467

I'm one of the anons flirting here and i'm:

1. a girl who likes girls (and boys)
2. not that anon

Go away, smeg, your damage control is embarassing.

Anonymous 10468


yeah but can you make it work and make it shoot out white goo too?

>no boy will compare to me once you try it
i dunno about that, you should give me some irl kisses before i can decide on that

Anonymous 10471

Now you think I'm not only a boy, but a boy that wants to be your bf? Are you just shitposting?
Not smeg. Quit it.

Anonymous 10472


Futas are known for shooting inhumane amounts of cum as far as I know.

Anonymous 10474

Did you read I said I come here to shitpost?

Anonymous 10475

only the ones with balls tho, there are futas with and without testicles

Anonymous 10476

No. I'm too busy being mad.

Anonymous 10477


I'm glad you are slowly accepting your lust for me, my anonymous darling.
I can give you as many kisses as you want, and i guarantee you will love every single one of them.
I'm sure your decision will be very easy.

Anonymous 10478

Typical boy.

Anonymous 10479

Okay, okay.

Maybe I won't be able to shoot milk out of my futa dicc but what about tiddie milk?

Anonymous 10480


Anonymous 10481


Why are you so loud?

Anonymous 10482


Anonymous 10483

kekked irl, anon. Thanks, that will make me live longer.

Anonymous 10484


come over then ;)
it's already 7pm here, gotten start getting darker soon enough and i was already in bed anyway, just ended up falling into a short 20 minutes nap for a bit as well, come prove me wrong loser

Anonymous 10485

Sorry. I was just getting upset.
I'm frowning at this.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 10486


I will, wait for me.
Calling me a loser will only make me kiss you and love you more, loser.
I will be everything you ever wished on a boy and more, darling, you will regret every time you rejected my kisses and ask for more, i assure you.

Anonymous 10487


It's okay. We can be friends. Just follow my instructions.

Anonymous 10488


you sure seem to be really confident about that, that's cute

Anonymous 10489


Anonymous 10490

UHm no, that is a drink

Anonymous 10492

Nta, but those are his ~male tears~

Anonymous 10493


As confident as you'll be of them once we are together, cutie.

Anonymous 10494


oooh, that makes more sense then

Anonymous 10495

Anon, I know you're dying to get that puss, but stop double posting kek

Anonymous 10496

Shhh, don't tell them, i saw a typo, i'm not as thirsty as she is.

Anonymous 10497

O-ohhhh! Sory.

Anonymous 10498


hey what the hell. frick you im not thirsty after stupid girls like you, i just said that maybe i'll take you up on the offer, i still like boys

Anonymous 10499


I think he left.

Anonymous 10500


Ah, still denying you are lusting after my lips and love after inviting me over?
Tsk tsk, how cute.

Anonymous 10501


yeah, there's nothing wrong with having a sleepover, okay?..

Anonymous 10502

Touch her tiddie.

Anonymous 10503


Of course, just as there is nothing wrong with kissing during that sleep over.
After all, you don't like girls, right? so it should be okay if we kiss.

Anonymous 10504

You. You should touch her tiddie.

Anonymous 10505

Mhmm, of course, as long as she allows me to.
We can touch each other tiddies for fun, it's just having fun among girls and nothing more, right?

Anonymous 10506


>After all, you don't like girls, right? so it should be okay if we kiss.
no that's not.. don't try to play around with my head like that, i know what you're trying to pull

fondling is bad BAD!!! unless it's done for warming up reasons

Anonymous 10507


You're cold anon, let her warm you up.

Anonymous 10508

im not cold, im just single..

Anonymous 10509


I'm not trying to play around with your head, but if you want to, i can.
Just stop denying it and kiss me back already, silly.
Want me to warm yo up?

Anonymous 10510


Anon, your body temperature is awfully low! OH NO.

Anonymous 10511

tenor (1).gif

Oh no, good thing she's already in bed!
I'll warm her right up.

Anonymous 10512


i rlly hate you stupid slutty girls..

just come warm me up already then, im dying

Anonymous 10513


I'm just slutty for you, you silly anon, just because i know how much you like it.

I'm so glad you are finally accepting your feelings for me. How do you want me to warm you up? Want me to hug you? Or maybe kiss you a bit? What would help more?

Anonymous 10514


I am rooting for you girls.

Anonymous 10515


s-shut up and just give me a hug please..

pretty sure the one of the left is a boy

Anonymous 10516


Is it? Hey, talking about boys – where is >>10485 -kun?

Anonymous 10517

Yes, I fell so hard for him, he has been my first and only love, I think and day dream about him and us all the time. I even pretend I talk to him sometimes.

We both used to go to /r9k/ and that's kind of how we met.
He's really kind, intelligent, sweet, understanding, patient and pretty much perfect for me in every way.
We share the same values and opinions on lots of things, we're so compatible I don't think I'll ever find someone I'd get on well with as much as we did.

I was very depressed when we met though, due to certain events happening in my life at that time, my anxiety issues got worse, I started isolating myself, lost all my friends, changed therapists a bunch of times, and took different antidepressants for nearly a year.

In the meantime I would stop talking to him out of the blue many times (I think he got used to it eventually), tell him I wanted to break up, then wanted to be together again because I genuinely liked this guy and could still see us being together in the future once I'd get better. I had very low self esteem during that time and thought he didn't really like me and he was settling with me until he'd find someone better.

So yeah we aren't together anymore because I used to think he deserved someone better than me.
Now I'm doing way better emotionally and psychologically, and I can say I'm not depressed anymore, but it saddens me a bit that he only got to know the depressed, unstable, moody me and still liked me, now I still love him obviously but don't want to bother him anymore ;_;
I miss his voice so much.

I think I might have idealized him too much though and I have a feeling he might be different than the person he is in my head.
That would be one of the many problems about LDRs in my opinion, you never really know what they're really like if you've never met irl, you only know what they decide to let you know.

Anonymous 10518

I can relate to much of your experience, anon. Is it impossible to try to connect with him again? Can you try to do that at some point in the future?

Anonymous 10519

You fucked up the poor guy, he's probably posting about how women are obnoxious and insufferable now and he's settling for traps, homos and gays.

Anonymous 10520

Oh please, fuck right off.

Anonymous 10521

Would you really not end up getting even more fucked if some guy you really loved kept breaking up with you and then later asking you to get back together again and just repeating that over and over again and making you feel like it's somehow your fault for it all?

Anonymous 10523


Okay, my darling anon, i will hug you for as long as you want, until you are all warm.
Don't be shy.

Anonymous 10524

I'm not OP. She is opening her heart and saying she loved him, and you're giving her shit for it.

Anonymous 10525


okay… thanks!! <3

Anonymous 10546


We met through /r9k/ 5 years ago, we were both really troubled teens and still are pretty troubled now.
But I can genuinely say we helped each other grow as people and outgrow /r9k/ and all that toxicity, he's my best friend and the only man I've ever loved, I never met someone like him and during a long period of time where we were broken up I tried my damn hardest to fill that void by looking for people who were exactly like him.
We've lived together irl for a little bit and I'm not sure if we'll end up together in the end but I can only hope so!

Anonymous 10551

Only thing that happened for me when dating someone from /r9k/ for about 3 years was him constantly breaking up with me after a few months just to date someone else online before they dumped him and then he'd come back begging and saying how he fucked up and shit.

I'm really glad it's working out for you though, hopefully you'll get to love together irl as well soon enough.

Anonymous 10576


Why don't you try contacting him again?

Anonymous 10601

This made me smile. I hope things work out for you two!

Anonymous 10616

theres too many anime girls ITT

Anonymous 10619

Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

Anonymous 10621

No it is quite cute

Anonymous 10647


I fell in love online. We met on a small-ish imageboard around 2 and a half years ago, started talking about a project we were both interested in collaborating on, and added each other on Skype. We quickly started talking about personal things too, but it always stayed pretty distant. He was reluctant to reveal any personal information like his name or location, so there wasn't much of a feeling of closeness at the beginning and I felt wary too.

A few months later, things had changed and he was opening up to me more and we were even flirting a little at times. He'd always talk to me from work and I was looking forward to it every day. But he lives on a different continent, so I wasn't really thinking anything could happen.

Eventually, we exchanged first names after months of talking, and something changed. A few weeks later, he spontaneously confessed that he liked me, and I told him I reciprocated. From that day, we started talking about the possibility of meeting up, but since we were both painfully shy, it was difficult because we agreed that we should at least talk over webcam once. Note, at this time I hadn't seen a picture of him, and he'd seen a few selfies of me.

We kept chickening out on the webcam sessions and only managed to talk on the phone once. It was just really awkward to sit down in front of the camera. I had a picture of him by then and he wasn't my type but I really liked him. So one drunken night we just decided that we'd meet each other, webcam or not. He booked a flight and a month later he was at my airport. Before that, we had talked about what would happen if we didn't like each other in real life, because how would be we be able to tell if we were on the same page? So in the cab on the way to my apartment, he took my hand, and that was it. His personality was exactly the same as expected and we became a couple the same day. We've been together for 18 months now and he visits me as much as he can, usually about every 6-8 weeks for a few weeks at a time. I'm really happy

Anonymous 10664

This one is so cute! <3 I'm glad you guys are happy.

Anonymous 10684


You are cuter, though.

Anonymous 10687

Get her discord.

Anonymous 10724

Thanks Anon, it's hard sometimes because he doesn't really have relationship experience and we're so far apart and I can be difficult, but he always makes an effort to understand and be there for me and we've made great process so far. I really hope that one day we'll live closer together or even share a home.

Anonymous 10733

Most /r9k/ dudes are trash, I feel I really lucked out here.

Thank you anon!! glad to bring a smile to your face, I love talking about him and how much I love him!

Anonymous 10744



Can someone please tell me I'm cute too? Thanks

Anonymous 10767


You are absolutely adorable, anon, you cutiepie.

Anonymous 10793


Thank you~

Anonymous 10812


No, thank you for being so cute.

Anonymous 11787

well yeah, my current love. we used to live in the same town, he was in my hs biology class. well, he moved to florida and I still love him and all but he's depressing to talk to sometimes and we both try really hard to make it work but school takes up a lot of our time.

Anonymous 13587

>makoto kikuchi
>a boy

Anonymous 13670

I dated someone for 3 months but he lost interest in me and that was okay, what killed me is how for 2 of those months I knew he'd lost interest and I was constantly trying to prompt if he still liked me and he always said yes and acted all cute.

When he finally told me he no longer saw me in a romantic way it crushed me, and he told me I was right in my suspicion that he lost interest. I got really mad at him for not telling me, I told him it's very sad he stopped loving me but I can't hold that against him, I was just mad he didn't tell me.

It was a pretty angry message and he blocked off any contact with me some time after I sent it. When we were dating, he didn't want to add me on any social media (which I saw as reasonable because it was all online), but when I searched his name the morning after I sent the message, I saw that he'd blocked me, and he deleted the chat thing we were using. It honestly broke my heart because I was just really sad that night I sent the message, and wasn't actually angry, and I cried so much knowing that this boy I loved absolutely hated me and there was no way I could ever talk to him again. I'm better now though, I've moved on. Even though I think he's an asshole for not talking things out with me and giving me the closure I wanted, I still love him a little, he was my first love.

Anonymous 13765


yeap, quite a few anon. first was from Iowa, such a cutie. i was obsessed w/ him, ended up with me leaving abruptly. we still talk on snapchat though, so that's cool. second was a scalie from england. ugh. most recent was a guy who used to go to my school but moved. we were in the same biology class. did a few labs together. we said we were each other's best friend and swore we'd never leave each other. didn't quite work. he has a seizure disorder and he had a bad one and he hasn't been the same since. he decided that long distance was not for him and broke it off. i wanted him back because i loved the fag but i guess it's better that i just cut him out of my life. is irl dating the way to go?

Anonymous 13785

>is irl dating the way to go?
it's easier in many ways, so yes.

sorry about what happened to you!

Anonymous 13799

girl i just roasted him. i love being alive.

Anonymous 56913

If you’re still there, any updates?

Anonymous 56917

I liked a girl
In the weeks leading up to our last conversation she was talking to me about shotacon and kind of testing the waters about whether I was interested in it or not
Then one day she just never logged on again, at the time I thought she was vanned and the idea scared me, I was 15 so I was dumb, but looking back she was probably just embarrassed and ghosted me.

Anonymous 56950

Yes, he lived in an entirely different country so it never worked because we were both way too young to actually meet up and make things work. We're still friends after quite a few years. I think that if we had actually lived close by it could have worked out well, but I'd never pursue that again.

Anonymous 58607

I’m getting tired of my current e-bf. I want a new one but not sure where to start. Most guys push quickly to meet up and I’m not comfortable taking it further at this point. 4chan dudes are the only guys who are as hesitant or anxious to meet up it seems, but they’re trash in so many ways so idk.

Anonymous 58947

Your best bet would probably be to go for someone who lives on another continent, and doesn't have the means to travel for the foreseen future. Hell, as a bonus, it's always interesting to interact with people from different cultures, and who speak different languages.

Anonymous 58967

I love to do that, the only problem is that if you end up liking the guy, it's hard to meet him. In my opinion, it's better if you look in the same continent. For people in Europe I guess it's easier because you have a decent number of countries to chose from. In America it's a bit harder unless you like spics

Anonymous 58972

boy i was really fond of disappeared two days ago. i hope hes okay. maybe he just wanted to use me.

Anonymous 58977

Luckier than me.
Everything is going well, then one day I get a call
>I'm stressed, my life is shit, I'm depressed, etc.
It has been 3 years since then, no news.

Anonymous 59002

You mean he ghosted or has actually dropped off the face of the earth?

Anonymous 59014

try interpals

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