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Dealing with Narc Friend Anonymous 38517

I was friends with someone who had narc tendencies. He treated me poorly and was never been able to give explanation for his actions. He tends to badmouth everyone around him and he badmouthed someone who was a close friend to him.

I asked the narc on his reasons for doing so and he couldn’t give any explanation. He was purely defaming his friend’s character and abilities. I proceeded to warn the said friend as the said friend is also kinda close to me. The said friend confronted the narc and he ended up saying everything he said to me to the friend’s face and they friendship ended right there right then.

Along the way, I ended my friendship with the narc as well as he crossed way too many boundaries and lines, both with his actions and words.
The question is that, I feel guilty although I feel like what I did was right. Was my judgement wrong and I’m just denying it? Or is it because the narc wanted me to feel ashamed and guilty about it and I’m still not free from his chambers?

Anonymous 38518

>he tends to badmouth everyone around him
Good thing you’re so different.

Anonymous 39885

you did the right thing anon, ending the friendship and not being in his mess. Dont contact him ever again and move on. If anything comes from him, record it, have proof and you can later put a restraining order if things go bad.

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