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Femcel Pottery Thread — NO STACIES ALLOWED Anonymous 38908

>every ugly woman is a mirror of cruelty
>a flesh-paned silver screen faulty
>for every man that looks upon her face
>and sees her irredeemable disgrace
>cannot refrain from hurling hate
>at a woman with no chance to ingratiate
>eyes that follow, eyes that taunt,
>eyes that cross, lacrimate, and haunt—
>with those eyes bear witness to
>the common tragedy of the dioecious:
>from the rakes who rent whores
>to the flowering spores of the lepidobotryaceae
>males only want stacy

Anonymous 39107

images (9).jpeg

 you try to cum, but only manage to breathe heavily..

you only pretend to moan in deep pleasure..

i'm your sexual savior!

you shall have your orgasm this very night!

Anonymous 39461


A man tries to understand a lonely, ugly woman. A predating animal stops chasing its prey to examine the insect on its nose.
That doesn't really happen. Most living creatures don't like to waste time when they're hungry.
To the insect, though, it might sort of feel like that's happening when they're tearing its wings off, peeling off its shell or crushing it between their fingers. Slight glint in the eye, a morbid fascination at seeing the little bug's guts spill out. Listening to the noises, if they make any. Faint buzzes, light clicking, little pleas for compassion. Wriggly legs.
All they have for the pitiful thing is a bit of curiosity, then disinterest. If they're bored, they might react with aggression. Training for their real targets. After they're done with it, its carcass might work as prey for something lower, hungrier and more desperate, and the insect won't fight back. After all, the mercy of acknowledgment is a big thing.

Anonymous 40826

My identity is power, it is social mobility
Not these shapes of flesh cut so easily
Carve me Persephone
Rebirth me in your spring, a lift to the air:
–‘I love you, I miss you’ that geist said!
As fate has come and gone so fast
Banishing my desert for emotive senses
Earthen chalices, mother of the moon
Slapped me on the face will you!
forgive that earthly abandon:
that your wind whispered my name and erased
Brainstormings and corporate brainwashings
Ah, to reshape this head to blossoms!
pandora’s beast of burden
But your gust of affection turned to wonders
a hunchbacked dreaming blunder
power is my only identity
not manatee’s cage of flesh
so I shall drown my shell
a siren I resurface

I was not what I wanted to be
My Innocent curiosity abandoned
I grope and fight for experiences
I’m identical to power.

My body a barren fig tree, revived and born afresh
overripe fruits exploding, set free once more

in a dream, in a wish, the dancing oasis in my horizon…

Anonymous 40827

Where is this from? I tryed some google search but only found ''the parable of the barren figm tree''. Are you the anon that posted a poem by Anne Sexton?

Anonymous 40830

i… wrote it myself :3

Anonymous 40832

It's impressive

Anonymous 40836

Thought it was AI generated lol

Anonymous 40838

Very literal

Anonymous 40857

Adrift a sea of crashing waves
Floating web of connections
I am faceless
Lulled in stupor by foreign voices

Crowds and masses
Clouds and clashes
Faces torn without shame
Voices spoken without name

I pick at threads untidy seams
to feed my wanton empty dreams
Scared to voice my one desire
Alone I face my burning ire

Save me, lift me, give me hope
The words never escape my throat
My face tightens, closes shut
my body heart and mind corrupt

Sincerity to which I aspire
The greatest stoke of fears fire
Alone I hope to fade away
Won't someone save me from my way

Anonymous 40859

Aren't you scared about people copying them? owo

Anonymous 40932

Y’all reminded me of when I used to post really personal preteen poetry on a fucking webcomic forum of all places. Lol.

It’s cool reading everyone’s poetry. Serious and not so serious. Please keep sharing!

Anonymous 41021

What would our baby look like? Babies.
Would you love me forever? If you never changed your circumstances.
Am I scared of you? If dreams are believed to be too easily.
My second scheme would be to forget about you entirely
To stop searching your brag-worthy traits on the archive
To stop wondering the nature of that post-natal depression
this self-hatred, that confession
I envision a flailing surrender drenched iny blood-placenta
‘Lead the way!’ I say and let yourself leave me behind.
Green-tanned and kind features
You’re ethereal and scheming, kept down to the earth
and I beg to fly away against the reflection of the lake
Yet I whisper to myself, “you saved me,”
even if you don’t. I’d wish to die. Though I’d find happiness elsewhere
It’d kill me with love if you did too
Your warped perception in a bind.
Your children would be blonde, blue-eyed…
All done before. Listen, you are a modern man
You disagree, but would be dead in any other time.
“We need a good war,” to focus on something other than the inches of your jaw
Or your vertigo. Life itself must push you.
But you’d never let me push you. I like that.
I’ll never leave you behind. For the meantime.
Oh, how we’re stuck in a chemical bind.

Anonymous 41032

Im gonna post this on my twitter tbh, thanks

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