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Careers Anonymous 39507

I am in software company and was just promoted to a manager position after being a software engineer for several years.
I don't like being non-technical but it's the only way I can progress up in our company.
The issue is, several people on my team have asked to transfer out already when word hit and one already put his two weeks in.
What do I do?

Anonymous 39509

Abandon the company.

If "progressing in the company" only puts you in places you don't want to be. Go elsewhere.

Anonymous 39511

>The issue is, several people on my team have asked to transfer out already when word hit and one already put his two weeks in.

You must be very popular

Anonymous 39512

I have this fear that it's the same case in other places.
Women get placed into all this middle management and then everyone just hates them.

Anonymous 39514

Pls no bully

Anonymous 39526

You literally called me incompetent

Anonymous 39538

That's not what that word means.

Anonymous 39549

We have almost no information to go off OP, other than everyone else is leaving and you're getting promoted. Is anything else happening at work to make them leave?

Actually, literally literally means literally now. Look it up :)

Anonymous 39555


>Actually, literally literally means literally now. Look it up :)
Well… shit.

I guess when enough people are being dumb it becomes true! Story of humanity in a nutshell.

Anonymous 39557


You probably are incompetent if it makes your entire team leave and people quit their jobs just on the idea that you would be promoted. If you want to earn more as a software engineer you have to switch jobs every 2 years or so or become a freelancer. Staying in a place where a "manager" makes more than an engineer is not a place where you will end up making a lot of money, you'll have to hone your skills through because from the little information you've given it doesn't appear like you're respected by your peers.

Anonymous 39558

people who use the literal definition of the word literally are literally the most autistic people on the planet

Anonymous 39559


Autism. Imagine caring this much about language on an imageboard.

Anonymous 39560

>on an imageboard
It's in the dictionary that "literally" sometimes means "figuratively" now.

Anonymous 39561

Didn't ask

Anonymous 39564

Maybe they are just jealous because you graduated from code monkey rank

Anonymous 39565

yes because words mean words mean whatever people use them for. theyre a construct of human invention, not handed down from god. its not dumb that meanings of words evolve, its natural

Anonymous 39568

There was ambiguity between whether or not you thought that the word "literally" only had it's meaning change on imageboards or in general, it's almost as if imprecise language leads to ambiguity and misunderstandings when communicating with others.
>its natural
Just because it is natural and/or inevitable does not make it a good thing. Furthermore, the main issue isn't that the definition has changed, but rather, it has introduced impreciseness where literally can mean what it normally does and the direct opposite with no discerning factor other than context. If anything abandoning literally altogether and forming a new word would be the appropriate course of action, until that word gets destroyed, and so on.

Anonymous 39582

>Stay old fashioned but you can't force other people to be the same as you. You will just have to accept this and move on
If we were in China, you actually could force people to speak properly. In fact this is part of the founding legend of China's first emperor, and happened again after Mao. On a different note, any study into lingustics shows that adults always rapidly lose touch with the changes in language, because children learn language from their peers more than they do their parents and teachers. It is inevitable you will eventually "fall out of touch", so even as you rapidly try to adapt to the way language starts getting used, you will never catch up, you are simply outnumbered.

Anonymous 39588

except its not bad and its not even remotely ambiguous. its very clear, unless youre literally autistic, whether someones using it literally or ironically, through context

Anonymous 39594

>except its not bad
Never made the assertion it was bad, I made the assertion that it leads to ambiguity and miscommunication.
>and its not even remotely ambiguous. its very clear, unless youre literally autistic, whether someones using it literally or ironically, through context
>about language on an imageboard.
Does this refer to "language" as the concept of communicating between individuals or does it refer to the language used on imageboards? With no quotation marks you have fucked up the "use/mention" case of linguistics.

Anonymous 39657

>says really but won't say literally (LITERALLY synonyms)
>says guess when means suppose
did you know words are not strictly defined static essentialist taxonomies but freeform semantic ranges applied contextually? literally has been well-established as an intensifier for hundreds of years now.

Anonymous 39896


meh, if youre getting "undeserved" promostions you should try to shoehorn your way into a cushy FAGNAMI job

Anonymous 43103

I've got a pretty good former offer that's been sitting there for more than a week, but my 1st choice just scheduled me for a 2nd round of interviews. What should I do? Is it bad if I make them wait too long?

Anonymous 43126

Bump, surely not everyone here is a neet, right?

Anonymous 43214

frog (13).png


Seriously, does no one here have any experience on this whatsoever?

Anonymous 43216

No, it's never bad to make them wait, maybe more than 2 weeks would be too long

Anonymous 43217

Either ask for more time to decide, or accept understanding that you might renege later if your first choice goes well. Of course, dont tell them until you really need to. It may sour your relationship with them, but there are lots of places to work.
Good luck!

Anonymous 43225

thanks anons

Anonymous 43227

I work and I gave you my advice here. >>39509

Anonymous 43228

Make them wait.

Anonymous 43236

>one screen is image editing software
>one is video editing of what looks like a porn clip
>third is 10 lines of script repeated in 2 windows
what did they mean by this?

Anonymous 48119

I'm with this anon. I thought exaggerating the word "literally" died out 12 years ago. It is annoying that people use words incorrectly, you may as well lose a word in the process. We have many other words to convey the new, bastardised meaning of literally: basically, virtually, essentially, fundamentally, etc…

But no, you guys need to literally remove the word literally from the English language. You guys verbatim have just said that you want the word literally removed from the english language because you literally like adding redundancies. Why do I feel like I am living crazy town?

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