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Anonymous 39533

What is the meaning of life/human existence?

Anonymous 39540

The perpetuation of suffering.

Anonymous 39541

Self improvement

Anonymous 39542

Why does it matter? I do what I want

Anonymous 39543

>What is the meaning of life/human existence?
To justify it, or else face oblivion rather than refining our essence in the next simulation.

Oblivion sounds comfy, but maybe I'm a masochist and like suffering.

Anonymous 39545

agree. this answer pretty much trumps anything you could come up with, even in years of reflection :^)

Anonymous 39548

To live the dream of a god shattered by his it's own boredom. The rules of the game will never be explained in their entirety, should they be, the rules will change. At best you can only hope to continue to play the game hoping to advance changes in the gamestate.

Anonymous 39554

Beating everyone else

Anonymous 39569

Peace Peace.png

Do you really want the meaning of life to be something so absurdly trivial that it can be explained in a crystal cafe post?

While "what you want it to be" sounds dumb, I guess looking at life is like looking at a piece of art. It doesn't matter all that much what the author intended. They're dead. No, it doesn't even matter if they ever existed. The purpose and utility of the world is not for it's creator, but it lies with us. Looking for a singular meaning would only be a massive limitation. The world can and is seen from a multitude of perspectives, all at the same time. And all of them have worth.

Anonymous 39572

>And all of them have worth.
Thank you, now I can finally justify why Hitler's views had worth.

Anonymous 39575

Of course he had worth as a human being, experiencing life just as you are right now, thinking up his retarded thoughts. Don't you find it interesting, what sort of a warped perspective would he have on life? If you managed to attain it, you would be able to justify his actions too. Or at least understand why.

Now, I'm not saying that I can justify his actions. I'm not Hitler. I'm just saying that everybody lives in a different world, and I like that those words exist. Perhaps that's not the healthiest attitude to have.

Anonymous 39578

to love unironically

Anonymous 39583

>Now, I'm not saying that I can justify his actions.
Why not? Every person's life and actions have worth. Hitler's actions have worth, that homeless bum you passed on the street has worth, old fogies losing sense of reality in folk's homes have worth. The world simply wouldn't be where it is today without people like Hitler.

Anonymous 39609


You choose.
It can be “I want to raise the next generation” or “I want to make the world a better place in some small way” or it can even be “fuck bitches, get money”. I’m serious. It’s depressing at first but it’s honestly freeing to know you are in control of what goal you should go for.

Anonymous 39611

Can it be "kill everyone else, I hate them"?

Anonymous 39612


Sounds illegal but who am I to judge?

Anonymous 39613

At least articulate your violence towards some political goal

Anonymous 39615

Why would legality even matter? This is the meaning of life here. If anything goes anything goes.
Why should I? I choose the meaning of my life, and I chose indiscriminate violence.

Anonymous 39618

To ascend, become Gods

Anonymous 39626

Every animal knows this but it seems humans have forgotten.

Anonymous 39672


Not sure if this has been posted here yet but it’s illustrates an interesting concept regarding finding meaning in your live and generally what it takes to feel fulfilled (such as why successful people still feel useless and depressed).

I think it prioritizes work too much (over half of it is about wagecucking) but it’s based off the Japanese.

Anonymous 39677

Those are a lot of words to just say nothing.
That isn't meaning, that is a biological goal. You seem to have been born without the human characteristic of abstract thought and imagination.
By all means, make more of yourself.

Anonymous 39755

to experience. if there are free tickets to the circus, why not take them.

Anonymous 39765

This seems modern and entirely european in terms, values, and purpose.

Anonymous 39908

to live longer than people you hat

Anonymous 39914

>you hat
Rude. OP was only asking a question.

Anonymous 39916

I think it was a typo and she meant to say
>to live longer than people you hate

Anonymous 39918

I know. I'm joking.

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