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Anonymous 39624

What's it like being an attractive girl? I feel life would be completely different for me if i was at least a 4/10

Anonymous 39628

Attractive girls fart just like ugly girls. Taco Bell and all that…

Anonymous 39629

If that's you, you are probably at least a 5/10. Weird expression in the photo

Anonymous 39633

Reverse search says no. Also she's way higher than that. I'd say a seven.

Anonymous 39634

she's at least an 8/10 lol you seem to be coping

her facial bone structure is that of a Stacey and she's petite, has blue eyes and pale skin. I'd die to look like her

Anonymous 39637

they have everything handed to them basically, a girl I know got a promotion at a company after only being there for 2 months. She said she didn't deserve it and that everyone has been hitting on her since she first got hired

Anonymous 39639

that's marky lol

Anonymous 39645

Yeah if we're going by natural born potential, she is much much higher.

Anonymous 39646

fuck marky and her toxic behavior

Anonymous 39649

You're not covered in tattoos and seem to be in a good state of fitness, don't be down about yourself just because there's prettier people than you out there.

Anonymous 39650

The OP pic is some 4chan egirl. Not OP

Anonymous 39656

Marky is so cute, I wish I had her face.

Anonymous 39688

>everyone thinking this average girl is pretty
lol at least be honest, she looks boring and kind of ugly to me.

Anonymous 39690

Maybe your standards are just too high.

Anonymous 39698

Anyone posting on this thread claiming to be an attractive girl should post their face unironically. I know far too many girls irl who claim to be Stacy level attractiveness but are realistically just 5-6/10 in an environment with less women to begin with. Naturally they get a disproportionate amount of male attention but this doesn’t make them “hot”

Anonymous 39699

>please unironically post your faces on a feminist spinoff of a laotian hot pepper growing forum, fellow females

Anonymous 39700

No one here has claimed to be hot though.

Anonymous 39702

You really like dragging people down. Don't you?

Anonymous 39703

What if I post my face ironically?

Anonymous 39715

Nobody can really stop you.

Anonymous 39719


I relate OP.

Apologies for the normie image, but I seethe when I see pics like this

Anonymous 39721

>doesn't eat ass
Why would a girl even like that? That image sounds like a moid post.

Anonymous 39726

No, I post on obscure image boards for femcels because I’m happy with my life. Wbu?

Anonymous 39731

>no car
>personal trainer
>online coach
>skips leg day
>doesn't eat ass
i would rather be ugly than being a Stacy who gets so spoiled by scrot attention to the point of thinking like that

Anonymous 39736

Happy dragging others down?

Anonymous 39737


Being totally honest with you OP, you are pretty and you have the capacity of becoming even more attractive. Idk where you are from but at least here in latin america you would be actually considered a beautiful girl

Anonymous 39738


assuming that's you in the pic ofc

Anonymous 39739

Pic related is cute but has a bit of noticeable chub on her stomach, combine this with her small breasts and weird facial expression, I definitely wouldn't call her a Stacy

Anonymous 39753

Honestly? Alright, I'm 8-9/10. I had crippling social anxiety when I was a teenager because my parents were abusive, so I never turned into a 'Stacy'. (I fixed my issues now and you can't even tell.) Besides that, I'm extremely introverted, but can be entertaining and charismatic with people. It's a skill you can learn.

A lot of guys get intimidated by me. When we meet for a first date, 50% of guys panic and look visibly afraid of me, they drop spaghetti and act weird. I'm patient with it because I used to be a sperg, but it's annoying and uncomfortable to deal with a guy losing his shit because you're 'out of his league'. Then there are guys who fall in love with me on the first date, which is uncomfortable if I don't feel the same for them, which I almost never do. It's not really flattering since most of the guys just like me for my looks. Some get really, really hostile if I try to turn them down. Guys will blow my phone up with texts for months after the fact, even with just one date that went poorly. they'll try absolutely anything to 'get me to stay with them.' or to 'give them a second chance.' Guys also stop me on the street. I've had a bank teller try to get my number, for example. Guys, especially middle aged guys, stop and compliment me while I'm out walking or at a store or something. I've even had guys I was dating for several months just randomly get flustered when they look at me and restate something like, "wow, you're really pretty." On the other hand, I've had strangers try to harass me, get me into their car, or even follow me home before. Basically, think of it as a visibility problem. when i am outside it's like i can grab everyone's attention, and much of that attention is going to be bad attention. total creeps just perving on me and checking me out. often when i go out (like for groceries or something) i dress like a hobo intentionally to avoid that attention as much as possible. baggy shabby sweatpants and an oversized jacket with the hood up, maybe a hat. i walk like i know where i'm going and have someplace to be, and try to give off hostile vibes, because i learned that keeps a lot of the problems at bay. if you look too nice and leisurely people try to chat you up and they often dont have good intentions with it.

women my age are really mean and catty with me. I've never been able to have female friends (except one girl but she was bi, and tbh probably was hitting on me). and it's hard to have male friends because they all want to have sex with me, which gives them feels and makes things complicated. i intentionally act boyish and extra platonic with male friends but a lot of them just can't deal with it. godbless, though, some guys can.

So it's a mixed bag. I can get any guy I want, but on the other hand, I'm just at high risk of everything–being stalked, murderraped, etc. when i walk down the street guys just LOOK at me, the whole head turn and everything. I get a lot of attention all the time, but it's not always a good kind of attention. anyway I don't care if you believe me or not, I have no reason to come on the internet and lie. i'm not gonna lie and say 'oh woe is me' but it's not all rainbows and sunshine. i've been turned down for jobs because the interviewer was jealous of my looks even when i go in, show up clean and professional, ace the interview with everyone else, and then the final boss is a dumpy HR woman who gets visibly asspained when she sees me.

Anonymous 39759

What makes you think she's larping?

Anonymous 39760

I don't know what my range is, but I have to say, it's always confusing to me when self-proclaimed stacies talk about dates because why would they even need to go on them? You have the pick of the whoever. You can dump whoever you want when they treat you in a way you dislike. I've never gone on dates because I figure it will be an absolute waste of time. I get to pick who I want.

However, I agree with the notion that men are always willing to commit to you, in all 3 of my long-term relationships, the guys in them wanted to marry me early on in the relationship as well. I've gotten stalkers as it is, I'd not want to complicate that by dating. I get the ridiculous stranger trying to get phone number dealie (gas stations, walking across campus, etcetera), the creepy drive-by flirts (it's even weirder when you are driving, too - what the fuck do they expect is going to happen). When I used to walk to places from my house, men who I'd never met would try to walk me home. Dressing in sweatpants and hoodies still gets attention and catcalls. I'm fiercely monogamous, so all this makes me feel like shit. I hate it, however I like letting people know I'm declining them because I wouldn't do so even if I weren't in a relationship (I hate having to "hide" behind being in a relationship).

In terms of friendships, I can only really maintain a semblance of them with men if they're my boyfriend's friends, otherwise, forget it. I have one female friend. I'm not great with girl friends, I want more. Some can be quite mean, but some pre-friendship possibility candidates have been nice.

I have to say - I can't comment much on the job part because I'm in STEM and I think it'd be a plus. My current job interview was run directly by my supervisor. She definitely types me a certain way, but she still hired me, though it was the type of job where the interview questions are "scored", giving it an edge of objectivity. Another person was also present at said interview. I often feel like people underestimate my abilities, but they are probably right.

Again, idk what range I'm in. I always assumed this is just what it's like to be a girl. I have BDD among other things I'm recovering from, so I'm not too reliable on judging myself.

Anonymous 39768

Because if he was a woman, he'd know that stalkers and harassers pick on ugly fat girls. Dressing like an ugly fat girl to "avoid attention" is a fake strategy.

Anonymous 39771

ask anyone who has lost a bunch of weight and they will tell you that male attention skyrockets
being ugly + fat or old makes you invisible to most men, not immune to fucked up ones like stalkers but making yourself uglier on purpose to avoid it is a thing, i do it currently and it works.

Anonymous 39775

>implying the average moid cares about the problems faced by beautiful women

Anonymous 39776

>I'm fiercely monogamous, so all this makes me feel like shit
>sluts want to be harassed
okay moid

Anonymous 39821

Nope. This is untrue. I was sexually harassed all the time, stalked, threatened with rape, murder and I was obese. I changed my attitude in my twenties and became invisible to the types of guys that think like that. I realized they harass girls who are too timid to fight back or say no. If they can get it, they'll fuck anything, ugly, fat, old, even girls they hate.

You probably come off as someone that's too much trouble for the average aspiring PUA. I was really timid as a teenager and it hurt me.

Anonymous 39835

girl i cant even say good morning to people. i am shy and insecure, and people pick up on it and comment about it a lot. people aay even the way i walk gives off shy vibes.

and yeah it doesnt completely stop but in my experience its worth it because the majority will not give the time of the day to a truly ugly woman. even other women treat you better when you look good. you get compliments, stares, honking while in the street, guys flocking to you at class, people being more gentle, the list goes on.

looking like a greasy goblin made life a bit harder because people judge me as lazy or dirty now but its worth it to be somewhat invisible to men.

Anonymous 39836

just adding, all the times i was assaulted or harassed were when i was dressing up. while in goblin mode when i was a pre-teen and now that i decided to stop caring about my appearance, it stopped.

Anonymous 39839

>What’s it like being an attractive girl
Well, I’m far from 9.5/10 Stacy mode but I’ve been places where I’ve been considered attractive (or at least have gotten special treatment that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise) and unattractive (invisible) based on my outfit and whether I’ve done my hair/makeup or not. Generally people are nicer to you (especially women interestingly enough) and you get more people coming up to you for stuff. Also a lot of stares, especially if you’re “exotic” for where you are. My limited experience with the same environment in different outfits would be going to local stores when I’m wearing a modest dress and ballet flats with my hair down verses just coming from jogging. I’ve never had any worker speak to me in jogging mode but about 50% will ask me if I need help when I’m in full normie dress-up.
As far as street harassment, I don’t get it often but it’s actually pretty even whether I’m wearing makeup and stylish clothes or not. This is not shocking to me. Men in cars mostly look for long hair and a fat ass. I’ve even seen them holla at men lmao. A stare from a boy without him coming up to you is more telling if he actually finds you attractive than that boy randomly yelling from his car at a thicc stranger.

Anonymous 39852

Maybe in highschool, but the staceys at my school all hated each other because they were all competing to be head stacey (in reality, everyone knew who the prettiest girl was, and she was also smart which I admittedly hated).

I accepted I was ugly from a young age and decided that this meant I needed to study hard and learn instruments. Turns out I just had ugly duckling syndrome and I started looking half decent a couple of years ago. I'm glad I grew up ugly because most of the people I went to highschool with are boring and stupid. Attractive people can be smart too, but it's less common because they can get away with being dumb and boring (hence the common trope: "people only like me for my looks". What else is there to like?).

Anonymous 39954


why dont i look like her (pic related) REEEEEEE FUCK MARKY

Anonymous 39956

She looks better in the OP pic.

Anonymous 39958

but whe is not even white

Anonymous 39974

We're not r9k, gtfo.

Anonymous 39975

I should be saying that to you, what a cringe taste with bugs.

Anonymous 39980

Wth do bugs have anything to do with this?

Anonymous 39985


Why? It seems to be used as a derogatory term but bugs are pretty cute.

Anonymous 40279

>dress like 12yo con girl from early 2000s
>unable to smile
>godawful haircut
>no makeup skills
christ you could add +3 points by trying even a little

Anonymous 40280

I assumed it was due to the eyes

Anonymous 40305

Girl, you're incredibly hot. Get a stylist, because lord knows you can't do that shit yourself. Same with a hairdresser. Boom, hot guys all over that pussy.

Anonymous 40350

um, honey. it's great that you're bragging about being sexually harassed even though you were fat. but just because moids sexually harass fatties doesn't mean they don't sexually harass normal weight girls even harder.
and you're just deligitimizing me because you're a salty fat bitch, okay
well if we're talking about our personal experience, fat bitches always have the worst personality. i've been turned down for jobs by the final boss HR because she was fat and was jealous as fuck of me, hated me the moment i walked in despite everyone on the team loving me. so fuck you. this is my last post, i have nothing to prove to you people. believe me or don't, i dont give a fuck. enjoy your head trauma?

Anonymous 40356

She was literally groomed and statutory raped by an eceleb when she was a teenager and is still stalked and harassed by men who have threatened to kill her. But keep being rude and judging people, ugly-chan, maybe if your heart wasn't so poisoned you'd get more male attention irl and your face wouldn't show the ugliness inside of you

Anonymous 40367

I'm 7/10 but so mentally ill and socially inept I just now at 23 am learning how to make friendships that aren't abusive, also haven't had a long term relationship in years because I'm crazy. I know plenty of girls who are less conventionally attractive but have everything I want.

Anonymous 40376

I lost weight and that's not true. Creepy guys harass ugly women more and are also rude to them (because she's ugly and owes them sex).

Anonymous 40394

>creepy men harass ugly women more
>other anons say attractive women get constant attention
What does that mean if I never get harassed? Are average women in that sweet spot where no one either wants you OR feels as if they deserve you?

Personally I also wasn't harassed when fat, but I may have looked like a man (short hair and only men's clothes).

Anonymous 40401

You might have resting bitch face or act in a more confident manner?

Anonymous 40402

Maybe you live in a country or area where hitting on women / street harassment is just less common.

Anonymous 40415

Just because she was mean to her former friends doesn't make you any less of a bad person with a rotten heart. You're no better than her and I hope your boyfriend, if he really exists, dumps you when he realises how disgusting you are on the inside. The fact that she was mean to her friends doesn't mean she wasn't raped or groomed, so keep victim blaming you brainless cunt.

Anonymous 42716

poor marky was groomed, used and abused by sam hyde when she was 15-16 (he filmed her and made her have 3somes w/ him and older girls). He basically ruined her relationship with her mom, got her kicked out and then stalked her and her friend for years. He cried to her when she went off to college asking to marry her after she told him to stop stalking her.

Marky is like 24 now with no job no degree and is a neet. Her life spiraled out of control mostly because of sam and 4chan :/

Anonymous 42717


forgot to add the most recent pic of her, apparently she barely showers and doesn't leave her bed anymore :/

Anonymous 42719



that's a pic of a bug

Anonymous 42720

Why would anyone take a picture of herself like this?

Anonymous 42732

>being realistic = dragging people down
Cease your tomfoolery

Anonymous 42735

Anonymous 42985

Free video games, free money, free access in general to the world. The only thing you have to endure is the lame compliments that inevitably get old.

Anonymous 43515

being an attractive girl seems stressful tbh. i mean horny men can be evil, women can be insanely jealous and petty, and i can't imagine being wary of rape/brutalization attempts every day.
i'm literally an uggo but i get cat-called all the time by weird old men for example. and i've heard so many horror stories from my mom (who was a 10/10 stacy in her youth). plus there's this one girl in my state who got acid thrown on her face because she was "too pretty and stuck up"
world's a fuck

Anonymous 43523

Being able to date & marry extremely hot, successful and rich men is the biggest advantage of being a Stacy.

Anonymous 43524

That does not mean those men are caring or really loving though…

Anonymous 43530

Having low sex appeal doesn't mean you're ugly. They're probably just too intimidated or afraid to approach you. Are you very tall/short by any chance?

Anonymous 43533

Do you walk around in a good mood? If people see a frown, they'll never feel welcome.

Anonymous 43548

>Having low sex appeal doesn't mean you're ugly.
It does in men's eyes.

Anonymous 43550

I don't, either. I occasionally get privileges and stuff (like getting to skip lines and free upsized coffee) and have been hit on so I don't think I'm hideous. Though I've also been rejected so I think my looks are just very polarizing. Having an ethnically ambiguous babyface and wearing overly dressy clothes everywhere has that effect, I guess.

Perhaps you just live in a reserved area or your presentation is polarizing/you look like you'd kill them if they did.

Anonymous 43553

Nothing. You just attract a different kid of guy. The one that would rather get to know you before making a move, rather than immediately hit you up based on appearance alone.

It's a blessing not a curse, but if you really want to change it, start dressing like a slut, I guess.

Anonymous 43554

Yeah. I'd recommend walking around happily to make them feel a bit more welcome. Try to find something that cheers you up.
Not if you're "out of their league".

Anonymous 43555


Who in their right mind would call snail a bug?

Anonymous 43556

She just has messy hair and a pimple, looks beautiful anyway

Anonymous 43559

Sluts are not attractive to the right guys. It's always better to look modest unless you go out clubbing with the right guy already.
Dressing like a slut is a huge redflag that implies you are a gold digger, you are just going to get played like that.

Anonymous 43571

This is actually really good advice
Guys wanting to fuck, will fuck anything
Guys looking for "love" will only go for more modest girls

Dressing sweet and innocent will essentially mean every guy will want you to some degree

Anonymous 43573

Don't fall for this dumb meme. The only guys who would be unhappy to see you dress sexy would be extremely religious men.
Guys who find you attractive and are looking for a serious relationship are not going to pass on you for wearing a skirt and heels. Please realize how dumb this sounds. And if you don't want them to judge you based on looks, then simply prove them wrong. If they try to play you like a whore, stop them right there.
Dress however you want.

>every guy will want you to some degree
No it doesn't. It guarantees nothing. People don't have universal tastes, not all men might like what you consider to be "sweet and innocent".

Anonymous 43578

Then don't. You should wear what you want, not what you think other people will like.

Anonymous 43582

Yeah and?
It's better to be a slut at heart and dress moderately
Than to dress like a slut and show everyone your sluttyness

Besides I've found on life hiding your sluttyness will get you further than showing it off

Anonymous 43639

You can't hope that someone will come to see you anon. Even if you're approached by someone, your "nature" will draw them away from you. If you ever want to meet someone you have to go out of your way to meet them.

Anonymous 43646

Not all attention is good attention. It depends on what you want. Do you just want dick? Go slutty. But when men give attention to a woman they perceive as "easy" they're not thinking of her as a potential partner for a committed long-term relationship.
>I'm constantly getting cheated on
I don't know how far degeneracy has gotten in the States but I don't think anyone getting "constantly cheated on" by anyone is normal. Maybe you need to rethink the kind of men you're going out with if this is a recurring thing that happens.

Anonymous 43651

Have you ever posted about this before, anon? I recall vaguely an anon who said she constantly had partners leave her for extroverted girls with glasses.

I feel you, though. I think my quiet nature definitely plays a part in my lack of relationship success. People may think I'm cute but I have no interest in being an entertainer.

Anonymous 43657

IMO men always go for easy targets since there’s so much pressure on them to be the ones initiating, it’s a mathematically advantageous gamble to hit on girls who are surer bets.

Anonymous 43660

It sucks that this has been a recurring theme in your dating life, I couldn't imagine what it must feel like for this to happen on numerous occasions. It's interesting that you blame the other girls for your being cheated on rather than the men you date, or even the types of relationships you get yourself into. Is it because you don't want to blame your exes because you still want to love them? Or maybe because you don't want to think that maybe you made a mistake in choosing that person, which is a tough pill to swallow but ultimately good medicine. It's not your fault that you got cheated on at all, but it's your responsibility to try prevent it, either by thinking about the role you've played in these relationships and how it may have lead to being cheated on, or by thinking about the types of people you went after, and maybe why they're more prone to cheating. I'm not trying to blame you because I think all cheaters should be burnt at the stake, but if you don't reflect and change, then the same thing will just keep happening ad infinitum, and I hope that you eventually find someone that will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Also, just a neurotic, rhetorical point I'm compelled to bring up, but do you have sex with the men that cheat on you? If that's the case, then I find it somewhat hypocritical that you call out "promiscuous" women, when promiscuity has the meaning of being indiscriminate in sexual relations, that is, lacking a rational process for choosing sexual partners.

Anonymous 43670

How old are you that only now you realized this?
Looks matter a lot, yes, it's not just for relationships.
People treat good looking people much better than they treat ugly people.

Anonymous 43672

Have you tried it before?

Anonymous 43684

Sounds like you don't want to do it, then. Do you ever wish someone would just hug you?

Anonymous 43696


It's going to be okay anon. <3

Anonymous 43700

I was 20 too once and I felt the same as you for the same reasons.
Looking back 8 years later I just laugh at how stupid I was back then.
Like, I'm going to off myself because people are mean to me?
Like fuck people, lol.
I'm not going to take myself out because of some assholes.
I'm going to enjoy life as best as I can, I will do what I want and abide by none of society's imposed standards for what one is supposed to do.

You can still have fun and still kick ass and society in general can go fuck itself. I hope you will feel better soon. <3

Anonymous 43707

I really wish I could agree with this but relationships are what makes life worth living. We are social animals and will literally go crazy if kept in isolation.

Anonymous 43758

Since men treat us all like garbage (although in different ways) I'll say that one of the worst parts of being an attractive woman is definitely the alienation that can come from other women. Being an introverted girl is hard but when you're attractive on top of it, people think you're looking down on them or that you're just 'intimidating' and therefore not someone that they want to get to know.

I especially hate when women say that you have no right to hate men because men apparently just fall to your feet as an attractive woman. Just let us hate men with you ffs, there's strength in numbers.

That being said, I'm not going to say that my life has been ~so hard~ because of how hot and gorgeous and beautiful (kek pls don't sperg out, I'm joking) I am. It's definitely probably more of an advantage than I realize. But at the end of the day attractive women are still women. We all get sexualized and held to a higher standard than men do. Attractive women aren't exempt from men's hatred and scrutiny which is why women have to stop seeing men as some prize and sizing other women up bc of that.

Anonymous 43783

This af

Anonymous 44628

>A lot of girls see people in relationships, and consciously try to homewreck/steal a person away just for validation reasons

This is surprising to me, but maybe I've just never interacted with such people. I do know one girl who accidentally helped a guy cheat on his gf, she didn't know at the time otherwise she wouldn't have had sex with him.

>They cheat on me before I can even get to that point, sometimes, I think that's why they cheat, because I don't "put out" fast enough

I respect this and I respect you. Sorry for the baseless accusation.

Anonymous 45332

People don't care about ugly people period, but you're still correct.

Anonymous 45772

I had a really gorgeous friend growing up, she was on the introverted side and had one bad experience after another because of that combination.

Completely fucked her up and people of any gender have no sympathy. She is beautiful, yes, but I don't like the idea that being a bombshell would utterly change one's life for the better. It's whatever you make of it. Some people would thrive in being beautiful and others will be nothing but hurt for it. And others, well their lives don't noticeably change.

Anonymous 45805

Stop reading stupid bullshit and ask yourself that question instead.

Why the hell would I find a person in a relationship more attractive. If this was the case kpop boys would be freely in relationships with kpop girls but they get told not to, its forbidden by their contractors because that experiment has already been done once those idols enter relationships they lose popularity quickly. For either shipping otp reasons or because the fans have a crush on them they want to keep going on.

I hope you are not a FUCKING moid.


Of course not that argument is stupid. Period. Nobody does.

Anonymous 45809

Can you disprove each argument in the article, though? Just because it might apply to the average woman, doesn't mean it applies to everyone.
I also don't find taken men more attractive. In fact, it feels wrong and immoral to me to even find another woman's husband or boyfriend nice or handsome.

Anonymous 54676

she is so beautiful, how do you know all this about her though, can i follow her somewhere

Anonymous 54703

Holy fuck I hate Sam Hyde now

Anonymous 56183

you should have always hated him

Anonymous 56190

learn to greentext, nobody is reading all of that

Anonymous 56191

i would say im fairly attractive. i just get more stares from moids when i go out and they go out of their way to help me sometimes.

Anonymous 56212


Anonymous 56230


I just thought he was funny meme man who gets accused of various atrocities but damn…

Anonymous 56248

I never dated one, what's wrong with DJ's?

Anonymous 56256

They have a reputation for being scummy and cheating on you from what my hot friends tell me. Being a DJ is one of those things that moids do to get bitches without actually having to work towards a traditional talent that will get them girls (piano/guitar/athletics/etc)

Anonymous 56296


I've been both "ugly" and "attractive" thanks to huge changes to my fitness and fashion.

Being ugly meant people tended to treat me as if I was a burden, but I got left alone a lot more in public. I could go in and out of any store without being stopped. Men either ignored me or acted as if my presence somehow blighted them, and women either seemed to pity me or use me to make themselves feel better. People on the internet generally don't give a shit about you when you're ugly, no matter how interesting you are.

Being attractive, men will act like I am the most interesting person in the world until I reject them, and then they seem to either hate me or not believe that I truly don't want them. Women are either very friendly towards me or hate me (older women are the worst about treating me like shit).

When I was ugly, the way I felt about myself was more consistent. I was ugly, that was that. Being attractive, how I perceive myself changes a lot. I either get a bunch of positive, friendly attention and feel good, or some butthurt moid or old woman makes me feel worthless and like a whore, or I feel like an object for men to ogle at and it makes me feel disgusting and unsafe. Sometimes it also feels like nobody takes me seriously because since I'm feminine and attractive, I must also be stupid and talentless with no personality or hobbies outside of working out and makeup.

Being ugly or attractive is challenging in very different ways. Overall being ugly is challenging because we live in a culture where women are heavily pressured to be attractive. Being attractive is challenging because attractive women are treated like meat and are apparently supposed to be like toys that sit there and do nothing.

Anonymous 56297

also wanted to add, now that I'm "attractive" I get harassed in public constantly. It ranges from "are you single" and then them shuffling away to me being followed to my car or even followed home. It isn't even flattering, it's just scary.

Anonymous 56304

Never turned into a Stacy due to severe mental illness but I’m probably a 7/10 judging from experience. Guys are into girls that are mixed white/asian though so take it with a great grain of salt.
A noticeable chunk of girls treat me as a threat and with jealousy around their boyfriends. This sucks majorly because I was never really good at making friends with normie girls, and always hung around the guys. The 2 female friends I have though are basically ride or dies since childhood and they don’t give a fuck if I’m friends with their boyfriends because they’re not insecure and trust me.
It started getting bad emotionally when I was growing up and school and realised my friends saw me differently now, as a girl, and not only as a friend. Then I didn’t have friends for a long while, but I’d still go out occasionally and I guess male attention made me feel like someone cares about me for the night. Never slept with anybody though. I was always emotionally detached and distant, and to this day I never had a relationship. I don’t get catcalled and sexually harassed too often since I moved to my current country of residence, but it used to be bad in my home city.
I don’t want to date, but when guys are into me I pick their brain about it a little to see what’s up and it’s always the same thing: “you’re pretty” “you’re cute”. It feels like nobody ever sees me for who I actually am. For some reason people have a tendency to write off any eccentricity as part of my mental illnesses. This seems like annoying whining, but it’s genuinely disappointing. To me that’s very painful.
People are generally nicer to you though, and seem more willing to help. It helps that I’m short too since I think that sets off a weird protective thing in both men and women, so people are pretty willing to help me out generally.
I’m not sure if its any favours for me thus far, but after my gap year(s?) I’m going to uni into a male-dominated STEM field, so it’ll probably show prominently there.
When I go out and I’m in a company full of guys, you can tell that most go out of their way to make sure I don’t feel left out and talk to me pretty actively.
I have a past of not really noteworthy sexual abuse (it was kinda only harassment? I don’t know what it was) too and I don’t know if my looks played a part in that.
I’m not really sure what to write on this subject, it would be easier if there were a specific list of questions. I don’t know if any of this is even helpful.

Anonymous 56312

>Never turned into a Stacy due to severe mental illness

Same. I'm physically attractive, but definitely not a Stacy. I spent all of my teen years with my heavily narcissistic mother who isolated me from all outside contact, including going to school, so all I had were these types of forums. It doesn't help that I have a personality disorder, PTSD, and a slew of other mental health issues. I can make small talk with normies and Stacies, but I was isolated for way too long and have been through too much to ever be one of them.

Anonymous 56313

Anonymous 57116

No one on this board is above a 7/10, that's a fact. You're confusing simply being a women with being attractive.

Anonymous 59769

I’ve been rated 8/10 by some men but I honestly think I am an objective 2-3

Anonymous 59774


Not trying to victim blame, but how do you look at this face and go "yeah, he's probably not a total creep, even though he's trying to date an underage girl (me), and nothing bad will happen if I enter a relationship with him".

The greeks were right, outer ugliness is just a reflection of inner ugliness.

Anonymous 59790

I'm a 10/10 to me (only opinion that matters).

Anonymous 59818

unfathomably based

Anonymous 59831

Anonymous 59832

I cannot wait for him to stroke out

Anonymous 59918

I am told I look really nice, even I don't do make up and such stuff, I only like to wear nice clothes but somethimes I only wear basic things.
The truth is many people are nicer to you, however I must say and agree with >>39753 that they do it just because they want me or I attract them. It is really hard sometimes because simply everybody who talks with me (and I prefer male friends over women) wants to have sex with me or date me.
I am not going to lie, I really liked such attention when I was like 16 and I was quite stupid about all of this. Sometimes I really thought we are going to be friends (because I could not find friends in my age category and tended to be looking for older people) and had no idea they just want to "use" me, because they were nice and friendly. I wish somebody told me about this things that time, I really needed advice.

When I turned 18 I awoke a bit and my hormones calmed down, but still…my close friends openly tell me they would fuck me. My best friend told me he thought we are going to have a relationship after some time and felt really bad when I told him I have a new boyfriend.
Sometimes I read stories on internet about women who had hell in work because they did not want to sleep with their boss. It is horrible.
What's more sometimes I feel attracted by girls. It is only like 1 in 1000000. But I am afraid of making female friends. Firstly I don't know how plus I am scared I may try to kiss her or something and ruin the friendship. I used to have "close" female friend(s) but they are gone and we basically don't talk anymore.
I don't know what do to. I am sad when I see all the groups of female friends having fun in the city. When I go somewhere with a male friends nobody even talks to me, because they think he is my boyfriend etc.

The good side is, I have never met anybody who would be stalking me and doing such shits, at least yet.

Anonymous 59919

I just want to add I even had to change my profile picture on facebook because I was receiving messages and friend requestes from strangers every single day. And sometimes I still do even now, when I have a drawing there, where I look 30 kg fatter xD

Anonymous 59923

>It is really hard sometimes because simply everybody who talks with me (and I prefer male friends over women) wants to have sex with me or date me.
Then gain weight or shave your head. If being pretty is so hard… then just stop.

Anonymous 60235

>I prefer male friends over women
That's why everyone wants to have sex with you. It's because moids want to fuck anything in their vicinity

Anonymous 60622

So it finally happened to me, a random guy simply came (I was waiting on the street for somebody) and shaked my hand saying his name, however that poor boy found out he has nothing to speak about so after few nervous moments I walked away.

Anonymous 60625

Recently I've become really self-aware about people looking at me and checking me out, I'm almost paranoid. I'm paranoid because I'm pretty sure they are just looking for cars and bikes on the street, but I like to believe that at least some guy think I look okay.

Anonymous 60638

I doubt.
Attractive people don’t stop being pretty after they turn 30. Also you’d be surprised how much low standard coomers a lot of older men are.

Anonymous 60639

>Attractive people don’t stop being pretty after they turn 30.
Plenty do.
>Also you’d be surprised how much low standard coomers a lot of older men are.
Older men by definition are men older than you, this demographic shrinks as you get older(obviously).

Anonymous 60652

Trust your gut, personally I don't believe in the wall but everyone is different. If you feel that way then it's reasonable to want to change your life. Do you want a man? Do you want good looks? Do you have any skills you could improve on? Do you want lots of hobbies that will keep you active, attractive and well? Whatever your gut is suggesting you should work on, try that. It's age old advice you will hear from most every woman. Life isn't about going to venues and chasing men. Once you're happier and more skilled and more well-rounded, you're more likely to feel comfortable at any age and that is attractive to men/women (sorry you never stated which)
I'm sure you may already know all this anon but maybe you just needed to hear it. Not everyone is a psycho, focus on whatever hobbies and skills you might want in your old age and by the time you get there (kek quite some decades) then you will be very well versed and attractive based on merit. If you want a partner, that's what's important. If you just want to get laid then disregard my whole post and do some squats because faces are so prehistoric these days

Anonymous 60655

>believing in male fairytales like "the wall"

Anonymous 60659

gay men, anon. gay men

Anonymous 61016


I'm not exactly ugly but I always wondered how it feels like to look like picrel

Anonymous 61022

Is that supposed to be an example of an ugly girl or a pretty girl?

Anonymous 61025

I wouldnt say its a fairytale. Just misused. Both sexes hit the wall. Older men are on average physically much uglier than younger men. Its just that women appreciate competence and "know" that it comes with age so are more attracted to guys that are older than them. Men have a hard time looking at women as whole people, not just bodies.

Anonymous 61026


Men age much worse than women and usually earlier on. I personally can't wait for my 30s or whatever if it's really going to filter out a portion of men approaching me for shallow reasons but I'm not sure that's going to happen, my mother is in her 50s and fat and still gets approached by men on the regular

Anonymous 61212

I was wondering the same haha. "Skinny and blonde" do go a long way though!

Anonymous 61229

no, i think the prettiest women are middle aged. disagree on hitting the wall.

Anonymous 61234

>no, i think the prettiest women are middle aged
Well sorry but most of the world disagrees.

Anonymous 61235

>men age much worse than women
Some do some dont
>my mother is in her 50s and fat and still gets approached by men on the regular
Just because men think that younger women are more attractive doesnt mean that they arent still all just coomers. They would all still prefer a younger woman to your mom, if they thought that they had a chance.

Anonymous 61264

Does it matter what they would prefer? I'd prefer a teen prince to the best moid available to me but what I'd prefer neither matters nor affects anything, even more so in the case of moids since they NEED sex and NEED someone to feed and clothe them.

Anonymous 61385

Yeah, moids are hebephiles and ephebophiles. So their opinions do not count.

Anonymous 61386

I don't know. Is she ugly or pretty to you and anyone else?

Anonymous 61392

Whats the point then? If we really didnt care about what moids consider pretty this thread wouldnt exist. Weather you are or arent pretty to girls doesnt mean much unless you're gay.

Anonymous 61393

Then the standard of beauty is purely defined by lesbians?

Anonymous 61404

This may be shocking, but you can develop your own preferences for your appearance and be happy with it all by yourself.

Your tastes will never be 100% in a vacuum since we've all been raised to care about mainstream standards, but you can definitely strive to solely impress yourself. Disclaimer that I am a gayanon, but I do not dress or present myself to be attractive to men or women. I just live healthily and wear goofy frilly clothes and have a good time. It's doable.

You can call it cope but if I feel 100% better than trying to impress men or women then I'm doing it. Why voluntarily suffer for no reason lmao?

Anonymous 61410

>What's the point of discussing what's attractive in a woman or what isn't if it doesn't evolve men, since physical attractiveness exists purely for men and by excluding them you might as well not talk about looks at all?

Anonymous 61411

Physical attractiveness pretty much only gives you the advantage in the choice of a partner. Other things are just not as importnant. So yeah.

Anonymous 63556

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit, and I think it’s an advantage that definitely helps set off my crippling social incompetence.
When my friend posts pictures of us together on her story or whatever, guys (sometimes girls) sometimes ask who I am and that keeps me interacting with people to some extent. I usually never talk to anybody first because I’m scared.

Anonymous 63580

This is the saddest thread I read on here.

Anonymous 64017

But if an attractive woman admits to having advantages, she might be perceived as arrogant and shallow by other people. I think that's why some of them downplay it.

Anonymous 64037

Sorry, but you sound a bit jealous. Imagine having to deal with jealousy from every other girls and not be able to have friends. I'm ugly as well, but I can see both sides.

Anonymous 64040

They can be friends with their own kind

Anonymous 64712

I've lived in isolation my entire life. But I'm mentally ill so there's that.

Anonymous 64765

I don't get it. There wouldn't be anyone left. Are they being ironic or something or do some people actually think this way?

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