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Anonymous 39705

When did sex positivity turn into shaming women with social issues?

Anonymous 39706

I think it's sad.

Anonymous 39708


Since when do you need to have sex with a lot of guys to be healthy and social?

Anonymous 39709

it never did, one random person on twitter saying something stupid doesnt mean anything

Anonymous 39711


Twitter really isn't a good indication of anything. This post is either bait or this person is just trying to justify their STIs.

Anonymous 39712


It's an incel troll, get over it.

Anonymous 39840

Sex positive was always about shaming women with social issues, wdym?

See above answers for explanations of the post. Can’t wait for post-modern incels who actively reject lusting after a virgin and will proudly lose their virginity to a whore.

Anonymous 39842

It has at least 26 likes annd 215 retweets, therefore it means everything.

Anonymous 39851

I think the account is satire. I know a lot of guys and girls still think lower body counts are better because they show that you're more stable. Conversely, a lot prefer more sexual partners because it apparently means you'll be better in bed because you know more (though after 6 months with my partner, I don't know what more there is to do in the bedroom).
Some people think 0 (virgin) is bad past a certain age, but I was 21 when I lost my virginity just because up until then I never really cared. If anything I only lost it because I felt pressured by society that I had to lose it, and I regretted that choice. Likewise, many people think being a virgin is good because it makes it easier to pair bond. I think you pair bond with the first person you fall in love with, even if you don't have sex. I do wish teachers talked more about psychologically safe sex instead of just telling us to buy condoms.

Anonymous 39856


Based and Redpilled, only women with the highest of scores should be allowed on the earth, the lower scores or even pacifist women shouldn't be allowed stain the earth. If a friend of yours hasn't even done one school schooting, it may be time to question your relationship with them ladies

Anonymous 39858

When girls with 20+ partners realized they played themselves and cope by justifying their poor life choices on twitter.

Anonymous 39859

nvm this post in particular is a troll, but the sentiment is out there.

Anonymous 39861

I can see how some people think that the higher number is better. Especially in a place that's very westernized and high paced. All my friends and colleagues will go off on having multiple partners. And would openly talk about their sex-lives, from affairs to one-night stands. I remember way back in middle school, especially in the last year girls where interested in sex. It does leave a impression that the lower body count means less experience. I don't think that's true. But I know it's a common thought. I remember a awkward moment when I was corner to reveal I was a virgin at 16 to my female cousin and she try to set me up with one of her guy friends. There has always been stigma with being a virgin past a certain age. (Well unmarried, but you get the drift.) It's people thinking that it's a important key-stone to becoming an adult. That if you are a virgin then you're missing out on life. That's not just not true, but each person will have their own way of living.

I agree with >>39851 teach kids to have safer and smarter sex. The complex feelings it causes. And the difference of love and infatuation. That sex can be used as a tool for pleasure, manipulate, empower, control, humiliate or to show affection. Depending on the person and their cause. That there is more then one meaning to it, it's not just black and white. I had a co-worker I had who claimed it should be for procreation only, but is divorced with three children from three different fathers. Doesn'tean that sex for procreation isn't bad, but just getting married to someone you don't love just for sex is bad.
There will be as many meanings to it as there are people and not everyone will agree to one answer.

I kind of find it as disgusting act. But I went from years of thinking I was asexual to ending up
losing my virginity at 20, in a heterosexual relationship that is ongoing for the last 7 years. If we were to separate I doubt I'll have another partner.

Anonymous 39897

>quoting incel pseudoscience

Anonymous 39899

sexual attitudes in the US are retarded (among everything else thats ass backwards), I feel like a foreigner visiting half the time, they want purity and sluttiness at the same time, but they fucking hate actual slutty people and especially women who fuck whoever they want and they simultaneously hate people who dont have sex

Anonymous 39900

humans are a promiscuous species, so much so we still orgasm past reproductive years, average sex partner couples last 5-7 years, likelyhood of cheating basically grows exponentially after that

Anonymous 39903

>different people have different opinions
Damn, that's crazy.

Anonymous 42779

Anonymous 42784

Contrary to incel beliefs, forcing yourself into a marriage with some loser man because you are afraid of being called a slut or desperation to avoid ever being alone, or what you call "pair bonding", is not the healthiest choice for women. Women who remain single are happier in the long-term than women who marry men.

Anonymous 42798


I would literally slap you to the ground and piss in your mouth, incel. Don't talk to me.

Anonymous 42841

>Women who remain single are happier in the long-term than women who marry men.
You posted this bullshit claim in that other thread too then ignored the link that countered it.

Anonymous 42979

You're implying he wouldn't like that

Anonymous 42980

>ignored the link that countered it
Because you didn’t post one :^)

Anonymous 42981

Dignity isn’t a social issue lmao

Anonymous 42988


lol I remember, here it is https://twitter.com/graykimbrough/status/1134842778138173441

>she still believes the word of a moid trying to sell a book than the actual experience of married women

Anonymous 43005

That's it. Any book by an academic that is not peer reviewed is just a fancy form of an appeal to authority and the way most soft sciences or grievance studies work is by coming up with conclusions then looking for vaguely scientific looking research like this to back it up instead of going evidence first then conclusion like a real science.

Anonymous 43070

I actually know that person (stella umbrella) and have spoken to him numerous times. He is just extremely autistic. One time he ate macaroni with his hands.

Anonymous 43080

do the emojis in his name hold a deeper meaning ?
my mind can't come up with anything other than "mushroom nuts in flower"

Anonymous 43173

>Shit on women for fucking too much.
>Shit on women for not fucking enough.
It's all the same. People just really want a reason to shit on women. Same with
>Shit on women for being too traditionally feminine (makeup, clothes, etc)
>Shit on women for not being traditionally feminine enough (traditionally masculine hobbies, "not like other girls", etc)

Anonymous 43190

learn how twitter works, that ratio means like 99% of people seeing that disagreed

Anonymous 43192

do these groups consist of the same people?

Anonymous 43196

Obviously not but she has to blame someone else for her own problems. Nobody will accept sexual liberation has been a failure.

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