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Anonymous 39860

I'm 20 years old and I haven't even had my first kiss. What's my problem? No, I'm not fat or autistic.

Anonymous 39862

I was the same, and then tumbled into my first relationship when I was 21. Looking back, I had chances nut was always too scared to take the first step. Being proactive fixed my problem. Some of us are late bloomers. Maybe you're overthrowing things.

Anonymous 39864

More of relationships and sex is luck of the draw than most people care to admit.

Anonymous 39865

It's not a bad thing, anon. A lot of people would like to be in your position. A fresh start.

Just go out and meet someone. It's not that hard.

Anonymous 39875

lol I'm 28 and still haven't. get on my level.

Anonymous 39883

I’m KHV at 23

Anonymous 39902

What's with the dumb manga pic?

Anonymous 39904

>not autistic
you sure about that? neurological disorders are missed in female children during childhood because of bias, women on average dont get diagnosed with autism and adhd until adulthood

Anonymous 39921

I didn't get my first kiss until I was 16 and then it was only because a drunk friend forced himself on me. My first casual bf, losing virginity, and then first real bf all happened not long after. My first bf wasn't into me that much and barely knew me but we had sex because I wanted to. I didn't have a lot of affection in my life then so I guess I thought it would fulfill something in me. I also didn't have a lot of self value so it was worthless in my eyes. It was painful so didn't really work. He basically ghosted me after that. My first real bf abused me right form the start. It kinda feels like I didn't get any of the special "firsts".

I don't like the cult of the precious virginity and it "making you a woman" or sex spoiling you but I do think it is worth waiting for these things to be from someone that really wants you, even if it is a one night stand. The memories of these "firsts" are going to be stuck in your head forever and general culture will remind you of it from time to time so you can't really forget about it either. They don't have to be with a longterm bf or a special situation but somewhere you feel comfortable and want it for the right reasons.

I guess I'm trying to say that envy you OP and everyone else in this thread. Being older means you have the maturity and self awareness to leave situations where bad "firsts" happen. It doesn't mean it's going to be perfect when it does happen but is more likely to not be shameful or mentally painful. You have time to work on what is missing in your life so that a "first" is just something nice when it happens and not something you are desperately longing for because you feel worthless or desperate for basic affection.

Anonymous 39922


Anonymous 39925


Sorry, but it's retarded. I'm a 20 yo virgin too btw.

Anonymous 39928

unicorns have bigger cocks.
ultimate stonks.

Anonymous 39941

For some context, this happened about 15 years ago. I felt a lot of pressure from the media to date, kiss, and have sex while still in high school. Teen movies about losing your virginity were pretty popular at the time but the internet wasn't developed enough yet to know what people my age were really doing and thinking. The closest you got were teen magazines which also pushed sex.

Nowadays young people are much less likely to drink and more likely to stay home. I don't think our culture has caught up with that. It might feel like everyone is kissing or having sex but there are lots of people that aren't. It's probably going to be even less common after quarantine is finally over.

There is nothing wrong with you if you haven't kissed anyone yet, it's normal.


Don't agree with the wording, but, yes, it's not as big a deal as it seems. I don't advise the bible, but do read a bunch.

Anonymous 39957


shit, there are jews here too?

Anonymous 39960

> it's not as big a deal as it seems.
Of course not, I was just pointing out how lame that image is.
> I don't advise the bible, but do read a bunch.

Anonymous 39981

Do other people know you're single?
Do your hobbies involve meeting and talking to other people irl?
Do you talk to guys on a regular basis?
Do you think your first kiss has to be fairytale perfect?

Anonymous 40349

Here OP. I should add that I don't have any friends either and I'm pretty horny lately.
I'm not completely sure, but I don't think so. Maybe I should go to a psychologist to make sure.
>Do other people know you're single?
My family. I tell other people I've already had bfs.
>Do your hobbies involve meeting and talking to other people irl?
Not really. I spend my time at imageboards.
>Do you talk to guys on a regular basis?
Yeah, but I've only talked to guys I know online.
>Do you think your first kiss has to be fairytale perfect?
No, I just want a boyfriend who won't use me just for sex.

Anonymous 40357

Have you talked to any of the guys you know online in real life?

Anonymous 40372

No, because meeting them irl means having sex with them.


Anonymous 40373

That's all they wanted out of you? That's messed up. You should just talk to real people that don't think face-to-face contact means ass-to-mouth instead. There should be a lot less pressure there.

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