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How do i get a gf? Anonymous 39953

ive always liked girls but ive never had a gf before. i dont know any girls that aren’t straight, i dont leave the house and i just have no idea how to meet girls. how do i meet girls that like girls?

Anonymous 39955

Dyke bars.

Anonymous 39964

Don't les girls telegraph their orientation really hard? Like they have pride pins on their bags, dyed hair, and pixie cuts. That's at least my experience in College. I imagine it's even easier at an all female College

Anonymous 39965


dyke bars havent existed for 5 years
you have to go to lesbian events at gay bars and coffee shops
also, you basically have to aggressively flirt/sexually harass (for lack of a better term) women unless youre interested dressing up in dumb ways to signal youre gay, "subtle hints" dont really work

Anonymous 39969

thats cause they never make any moves on anyone and expect the other girl to do all the courting

Anonymous 39970


you have to make the first move anon, someone has to, even if u aren't sure if she' into girls or if she even likes you back.

Anonymous 39971

but my only chance is meeting girls online bc i dont go anywhere

Anonymous 39972

Shiogami is a pretty cool guy.

Anonymous 39987

Screen Shot 2020-0…

all the benefits of not being with a scrote while inheriting the drawbacks of being one

Anonymous 39990

>does that mean it is really difficult for lesbians?
Not if you're up for a LDR.
Had a friend who had several e-gfs from various places online, but she was lowkey the Chad in >>39965 (and joked about being one). For the less charismatic and more timid of us it may pose a challenge.

Not sure about apps though (aside from the usual unicorn hunter complaints), also have never tried either myself.

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