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How do make normie female friends? Anonymous 41236

Normie as in: “basic”, probably extroverted, uses lots of social media, not super politically-charged, straight/ maybe bi, not a hardcore weeb or gamer, etc.

If it helps, I’m in uni and looking to join clubs and be social

Anonymous 41244

Small talk.

Anonymous 41247

this. i'm not sure what's after that though. do they gossip? from some little experience they talk about exes or potential bfs and then drink a lot, then talk about exes/bfs more. no joke. i can't find it easy to talk about things like clothes/makeup bc it can easily come off as insulting them?

Anonymous 41263

Do they feel insulted? If so lol that's their problem. Otherwise you shouldn't feel afraid of offending people. One of the biggest steps to socialising with other people is bringing down your walls.

Anonymous 41264

Honestly. You know you don't fit in. They know you are different from them, probably maybe assume as you are that you look down on them. So you just have to be quiet and get along and not cause any trouble. Or feign interest in what they do too, if you are ugly seem like you look up to them and want to learn from them. If you are admirable and magnetic then you can pose as an exotic accessory. Why do people ask these questions? You either know these kinds of things or you don't.

Anonymous 41284

its the same as talking to other girls at highschool- observe them for a while and see what they like to talk about. Good ways to start a conversation would be talking to them about gossip or boys, and from what you have observed try to mimic their behaviors and mannerisms. This way you will easily be able to fit in with them because they will be tricked into thinking that you are just one of them

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