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Anonymous 41574

>freshman year of college
>no job prospects
>no romantic prospects
>still live at home
>no friends
it's all down hill from here isn't it

Anonymous 41576

You sound like every college freshman ever.

Anonymous 41577

Also, literally all the reasons you listed are reasons why people go to college. Kek at you lacking the self awareness to realize it

Anonymous 41581

>freshman year of college
Ok nice, you’re starting out
>no job prospects
You’re not supposed to have a job when you’re beginning college. Find an internship during one of your four summers then build a career on top of that. Ofc you can get a student job like at the library or food court but those don’t really count as jobs. They pay terribly and the time investment isn’t worth it IMO
>no romantic prospects
If you didn’t continue a relationship from high school (which is good, that shit is cringe) most people date and come into their own during college. Talk to guys with similar interests, even an average girl can build a harem of orbiters in like a week lmao
>still live at home
Sucks, but so is most of the college world at the moment because of coronavirus. It’ll be better next year, just live on campus or close to campus in an apartment of your own so you can have privacy from your parents
>no friends
Again, unless you’re going to a university where most of your high school friends are also going, you’re supposed to make new friends here. Honestly most adults don’t keep in touch with their high school friends, but they do with their college friends. Talk to people in the first few weeks when everyone’s looking to make new friendships, the awkwardness is expected. Just say hi to the people around you and join clubs, bo ones going to shame you for being outgoing they’re gonna think “damn I wish i were as extroverted as her”

Anonymous 41582

Don't know if this will make you feel better or at least less sad is that im a junior in college and I have no job prospects, haven't had a boyfriend, I still live at home, and I have no friends. Don't be me. Go out and try to make friends if you aren't fat and ugly. Join clubs, go to office hours to get ahead. Don't be like me who just rotted away as time went by. If you are the opposite of me then you'll be fine in college and like most anons said, everyone usually starts like this unless they already know people.

Anonymous 41638

but what if i am fat and ugly?

Anonymous 41643

I've seen plenty of fat and ugly girls have friends in university. My advice is to not let it get to your head like I did. I ruined my self esteem and I come off really standoff-ish. people usually think I have some sort of mental issues. If you are fat and ugly try to lose weight to gain some self esteem back and you need to act positive. What I'm trying to say is get your mental issues fixed so you can enjoy university. I really ruined it for myself by moping around and not putting myself out there , and by not trying to lose weight and put myself together. Never wore makeup, didn't care about my clothes. Especially since you are not dorming, it is harder to make friends since you only meet people in class. So try to make yourself look more approachable. i.e. losing weight and putting thought to your appearance. Because if you did what I did, you just make yourself look so unapproachable that even talking to someone makes them uncomfortable.

Anonymous 41683

Do you think you’re the only fat and ugly person who’s ever gone to college ever? Do you think every fat and ugly person on earth is friendless and unsuccessful? It sucks but you can make friends wherever you try.

Anonymous 41745

hey anon, no offence… but you are doing just fine! first off, you're new so you have time to grow. job prospects will come overtime, a lot of people are in the same position as you. romantic doesnt matter, once again most ppl are the same! living at home is very normal and actually beneficial in a lot of ways and having no friends is okay because i am sure you will meet some too! positive thoughts comin your way anon

Anonymous 41934

Yea, when i first entered college i was in a similar situation like you too. Don't worry anon, we are always looking to find ourselves and sometimes we got lost on the way. The only thing you have now is youth and believe it or not its the best weapon you have got, you saw the problem you have listed and it means that u are at least self-aware. So take some time to gather yourself and work on how to solve these problems. Instead of ''going down hill'' why don't you try to walk up hill? College is a new beginning for a lot of people including me, so use that to your max.

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