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Anonymous 42174


Anonymous 42177


Same. Can we have another /tfw no bf/ thread? It would be fun to update on our progress. So far I have:
>befriended my male coworker, unfortunately, it turned out his personality and the way he treated others were rlly bad, so I decided to not pursue him
>slid into dms of three guys on discord; one ghosted me, second one apparently had an underage gf he was trying to cheat on, and the third one was a closeted gay guy
That's it so far. I also managed to acquire a huge fetish for femboys (pic rel lol). It sucks that the average guy in my country is bald and very masculine.

Anonymous 42183

Where do you even find guys on discord to DM? I've had really poor success on /soc/

Anonymous 42188

Talk to cute boys then. I'm sure there are some you've encountered already.

Anonymous 42189


Oh, I just messaged guys from discord servers related to my uni/interests. Considering how bad it went for me, I wouldn't recommend it.
>I've had really poor success on /soc/
How come? Details please! Tbh I wouldn't want a 4chan bf, aren't 4chan guys mostly overweight or pedo? (or both…)

Anonymous 42191

/soc/ is terrible and full of cumbrains anon, though i have found some decent people there, they're few and far between

Anonymous 42204

this picture makes me want to kms

Anonymous 42216

All you have to do is talk, anon. It's as simple as asking someone out.

Anonymous 42230

You're not going to get anything out of this site since moids are banned on sight as they should be, someone mentioned creating some service for finding subs in the femdom thread though so maybe someone could do that but for general use BFs here

Anonymous 42243

What is a cute bf in your eyes?
Where might such a person hang out?
If that place is home then unless you want to comb through discord you're fucked lmao

Anonymous 42285

Try /int/

Anonymous 42324

Why do all of the cute femboys have to be mentally ill?

Anonymous 42328

>being a cute femboy
>being sane and straight
Pick one

Anonymous 42340

I wonder if asian femboys are this way too, I find western society as a whole is fucked in the head whether as japanese circles are significantly more calm, relaxed and easy going. Not to say there aren't psychos there too because there are.

Anonymous 42377

They are slowly being corrupted by globo homo into becoming suicidal drag queens.

Anonymous 42608

>i thought that was a male only problem lol
those of us who are femcel are this way because we only get interest from disgusting creeps and lowlifes

Anonymous 42613

I'm sorry but that makes you a volcel. Many women date disgusting guys and lowlifes.

Anonymous 42623

Bar and club culture is creepy. Online dating service culture is creepy. Social media culture is creepy. Looking to meet someone out of particular environments designated by society is frowned on or misunderstood, yet the environments themselves are all creepy. The only time people are authentic is when a relationship is impossible. How are you supposed to find a decent guy in this kind of society?

Anonymous 42642

meet a guy in a relationship and hope they split lol, and hope you don't get labeled a homewrecker

Anonymous 42646

4chan has good boys but 99% suck, try /int/ or /his/ or /lit/, they're good boards for e-bfs.

Anonymous 42649

What about biz?

Anonymous 42650

if you have autism maybe. i've never dated anyone from biz but most of them are autistic /pol/ boys. and it's the bad autism not the cutesy kind.

maybe you could find someone nice im not completely sure.

Anonymous 42651


Anonymous 42653

why on earth would you want to date one of those insufferable soyboys?

Anonymous 42655

/adv/ seems nice in comparison to other boards

Anonymous 42658

you clearly met one of the lefty /his/ spammers.

Anonymous 42659



Some guy is lurking here, he just posted this thread. He's some New Zealand faggot. What a gay fucking country. I'd rather die then be a New Zealander. If I was born in New Zealand I would've just committed suicide. I would never date a New Zealander either, because all of them are gay.

Anonymous 42676

4chan virgins.jpg

Take your pick

Anonymous 42695

You sound like a /his/ browsing dude

Anonymous 42714

I'd like to order 47 and have him shipped to my house, please.

Anonymous 42812

why do you think you deserve a boyfriend tho

Anonymous 42814

Everyone deserves love, anon. It's only their choice to reject it.

Anonymous 44925


Are my standards too high? I checked off dudes I'd date on this pic. For context, I'm semi-fit (I'm not overweight, I exercise regularly but it's mostly cardio), 21 years old, white. Still a khhv.

Anonymous 44926

Any reason you like the sad looking 35 guy so much? You check marked him so much. Is he more relatable?
I guess that can be cute. That's so cute of you if that's the case.

Also your image proves incels wrong in so many ways. That image has various moids they would deem as "chads" or other retarded meme word that women supposedly MUST fall for and even get abused and love being treated like shit by, yadda yadda, etc.

Anonymous 44927

Also no your taste is perfectly fine. Taste is personal so I can't say for you what is ideal, everyone has a different type this is a fact.

Personally I like racoons the most and by a long shot, even in Anime or Otome Games I go for the racoons.

Anonymous 44929


The 35 guy is insanely cute for one (definitely the best looking guy in that compilation), but also yeah, his sad expression makes me want to take care of him. He looks like he needs someone who'd make him three meals a day and brush his hair. He was the first guy I've noticed on this pic lol, it's hard to imagine someone as attractive as him being a virgin.

Basté, they are the hardest species to obtain though. Good luck with your racoon search!

Anonymous 44952

I want bf but not like that gay image lul

Anonymous 44968

inferiority complex (which is why they give up being masculine in any capacity and instead try to emulate femininity), especially regarding their gender and their gender performance.

Anonymous 45016

Do you want to have your boyfriend lay on top of you or something?

Anonymous 45034


I'd take these moids.

Anonymous 45040

I for one, would not want someone who goes on 4chan as my bf.

Anonymous 45044

Yes, I want him to be my personal blanket.

Anonymous 45051

ITT: touch starved anons

Anonymous 45061

Either you're a big girl or he's a small guy.
What would be the next step of your master plan?

Anonymous 45063


>Either you're a big girl or he's a small guy.
S-shouldn't he be extra big so I can cover myself perfectly with his body?
>What would be the next step of your master plan?
My next plan would be to buy him extra sof clothing so I get a super extra soft blanket. Maybe some black velvet for Halloween, i don't know. What do you think of this?

Anonymous 45064

If he's too big he's just going to flatten you.
Though while velvet might be a good idea for when he's dressed, it would be better to put him on a skin routine designed to make his entire body soft as possible.
And his hair.
Though if you just like the whole him putting weight on you, you might want to try forbidding him from sleeping anywhere except on your shoulder or in your lap.
It has enough cushion to not hurt him while forcing a good portion of his body to lay on top of you.

Anonymous 45109


I have never had a pet, but I think it's time to get a cat. I just need a living breathing thing to touch sometimes. Fuck with the way it's going there will be another lockdown this winter, I can't fucking stand this loneliness anymore.

Anonymous 45131


>If he's too big he's just going to flatten you
And that's a good thing.
> it would be better to put him on a skin routine designed to make his entire body soft as possible.
But I don't wan him to have baby skin. Just clean skin.
> it would be better to put him on a skin routine designed to make his entire body soft as possible.
>And his hair.
What can I do? I love body hair. Maybe he needs to never cut his leg-hair.
>Though if you just like the whole him putting weight on you, you might want to try forbidding him from sleeping anywhere except on your shoulder or in your lap.
It has enough cushion to not hurt him while forcing a good portion of his body to lay on top of you.
W-who are you? Can I be initiated in your arts?

Anonymous 45186

>W-who are you? Can I be initiated in your arts?

Anonymous 45193

What is the point of an e-bf? I want to cuddle.

Anonymous 45195

you can weasel their identity and address out of them if you try hard enough.
From there you just need to buy some chloroform, some rope, and a crowbar and you'll be able to occupy your currently empty boyfriend dungeon.

Anonymous 45198



Anonymous 45199

that..sounds very creepy,and illegal

Anonymous 45207


Anonymous 45221

>she doesn't have a boyfriend room
what, are you going to lock him in your bathroom or something?

Anonymous 45269

What would I need the crowbar for? I'd rather not inflict (permanent) injuries to my future e-bf.
Also, what if you can't drive? How would you carry him to your house?

Anonymous 45271

>what would I need the crowbar for?
You have to get into his house somehow dummy.
Preferably through a window so you can catch him when he's either sleeping or just finished a shower (depending on how much resistance you want him to put up).
And I guess you can get a large suitcase with wheels if you honestly can't drive or carry your new boyfriend home (just make sure to tie him up so he doesn't hurt himself).

Anonymous 45301


>Are my standards too high?
Are you kidding me? Some of the guys you approved look like monsters
You basically only skipped women, trannies and blacks

Anonymous 45306

Your standards are too low, there’s only like 4 fuckable guys in that pic.

Anonymous 45313

Most of the girls look like cuties, but I have a strong mistrust towards any girls who post images of their face on 4chan. Past reasons.
Other then that there's like only 7-10 men I would consider, give or take. That's until they open their mouths.

Anonymous 45333

Japanese people literally work themselves to death. It happens so often they have their own word specifically for death-by-overwork (it is called Karōshi). You could not image a less calm, relaxed and easy going society.

Anonymous 45368


Have any of you thought about seeking out someone rich from some tax haven like Luxembourg/Liechtenstein/Monaco/Switzerland or whatever?
I'm poor as shit and just want to get spoiled.

Anonymous 45370

Anyone who has money in a tax haven is probably not the sort of person you want to date

Anonymous 45371

Why? What's wrong with that?

Anonymous 45407


They look comfy.

I think they are REALLY high because I have yet to hold a boy's hand and I'm 21…

Huh?? Which four guys?

Anonymous 45445

Not her but
You have to underatand that rich men constantly get attention from gold diggers. Now theyre either going to be disgusted by them and try to date someone whos as wealthy as they are in which case, yeah good luck or they're gonna be the type who'll just pick the prittiest girl they can find, use her like just another status symbol and treat her like an object. If you don't mind that sure, go ahead amd try, but also keep in mins youll most likely not be able to find someone rich unless youre really pretty.

Anonymous 45456


It used to be a great board before it became a three way battleground between poltards, leftie retards and the oldfags

Anonymous 45457

oops. Replied to the wrong girl
Talking about /his/

Anonymous 45458

Almost as gay as /lgbt/

Anonymous 45459

My suggestion would be /fit/
Sure they act like morons sometimes, but getting one to behave is an art, and you would be getting someone who takes care of his body

Anonymous 45467

Does anyone have pictures of these moids to see how they look? They should upload photos often on that board.

Anonymous 45468


Sounds like what a dude from /fit/ would say, pic rel
They often post pictures of themselves, it's a staple in their arguments to say 'post body' and the one with the better body wins the argument. Sometimes someone won't post their body and it's like backing down from a challenge. It's like watching a dominance dispute with wolves

Anonymous 45470

oh wait did you mean you want someone to go collect their pics for you to see?

Anonymous 45472

Sounds like a lot of fun, owo. And do they post only their body or their face too?
Well, yes, if it's not too much trouble.

Anonymous 45474


They post usually only their body, not their face. I'll do some pic stitching now then, give me a second I'll be back here's a teaser

Anonymous 45475

Some of them are fatties some of them have nice bodies, nothing better than seing yourself

Anonymous 45477

Fit Compilation.pn…

tadaa, but I don't know why the image isn't uploading in it's proper resolution

Anonymous 45479

Thank you very much, anon. I've got an idea now.

Anonymous 45482

Those are some nice pekkies.

Anonymous 45486

1602922127259 (1).…

don´t get your hopes up

Anonymous 45488


They would only date women like pic related.

Anonymous 45491

I'm not that ugly, but I'm not even close to being a Stacy. What a pity, the one on the top right is very handsome…


Anonymous 45492

Not all. Only the coomers which are going to cheat on her eventually anyway. She gonna get cheat on.

Anonymous 45493


Anonymous 45494

>the babyfaced ones
RIP, would have been such nice raccoons.

Anonymous 45495

Moids will never understand one has to build up depending on what suits them. But moids are retarded by nature so…

Anonymous 45499

This isn't a board for gay men.

Anonymous 45519

Even worse and more misogynistic than the ones in Reddit. They all can kill themselves and they probably will.

Anonymous 45523

huh, don't know why my post was deleted but I was saying that they aren't any more misogynistic than CC is misandrist, it's just a vocal minority. You are right about them being pretty depressed though

Anonymous 45525


I asked him out on a hiking date. I mean I didn't call it that, I just called it a hike, but I didn't invite anyone else and nor did he so as far as I'm concerned I'll either get murdered in the forest this weekend or married to him. Either way I am fine with it.

Oh fuck seriously though I hope this works out.

Anonymous 45530

What kind of moid? I hope you made the right decision otherwise yeah you run the risk of getting murdered.

Anonymous 45533

Well I've talked to him four times before and asking him out like this was basically the only way I could think of asking him out without making it obvious that I'm asking him out. I also really like nature so there you go.

If I get murdered at least my suffering ends.

Anonymous 45550

I was lurking around and apparently they were invaded by r9k moids and some pedos. How unfortunate… There were some nice guys.

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