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Prematurely ageing Anonymous 42289

The stuff that my dermatologist gave me for my acne gave me noticeable premature wrinkles, and I STILL have acne, woohoo. I kept making sure with her, and she just brushed it off as normal, no big deal, your skin will become normal once the treatment is over. F-ing liar. I hate this. I look like 7 years older. I don't have the best looking face and this made me even more depressed. Whenever I try to improve it just blows up in my face, either by bad luck or people treating me shitty because of obvious autistic body language, thinking that they can get away with it.

Anonymous 42290

Was it something that left your skin too dry? If so you these wrinkles could be just lack of moisture

You could try retinoids and dermarolling too, but i know what it feels like when your efforts only make things worse. I gave up a bit too.

Anonymous 42291

download (1).jpg

Yes, it was azelic acid or something. I tried to rehydrate and it worked some, but not all the way, they're permanent. I have a dermaroller but too scared to use it, what if I get hyper pigmentation?
It just feels safest to not do anything anymore. I'm tired of being on this hamster wheel of beauty.

Anonymous 42292

don't dermaroll your face, it leaves track marks. consider the geometry involved. there's an educational gif around somewhere of it. use a stamp pen instead. how old are you? i'm 29 and getting fine lines around my mouth now, just ordered new products to attack that and i hope it isn't permanent.

just keep in mind we might get wrinkles, but men get wrinkles AND go bald.

Anonymous 42308

yeah im going through this at 22, i wasnt ever attractive and now i look worse lmao i want to an hero

Anonymous 42309

Maybe check out skincare by hyram's youtube. I always see videos of people with awful acne who get all better just by following his advice.

Anonymous 42322

do not try retinoids or derma rolling or any of that bullshit. Long term use of retinoids has bad side effects look it up. Theres a study. Same look it up for derma too. Try going easy on your face, its gentle. Try natural methods and most importantly take care of yourself. Eat well, rest well, workout! Also apply sunscreen and wear a hat outside! Makeup helps for confidence too, there are now tinted sunscreens and you can wear light BB cream.

Anonymous 42370


Thanks for the warning… seems like the beauty industry is just liars and scammers.

Anonymous 42383

Yup. Just like the news and educational districts!

Anonymous 42391

I forget the exact quote but I read somewhere that the beauty industry makes something like more money than the music industry, movie industry, cruise ship industry, and casinos… combined.

Anonymous 42394

>“Retinol will not decrease the skin barrier if used in the correct dosage,'' agrees Dr. Icecreamwala. In fact, she says it can actually do the opposite: “Because retinol is collagen and elastin-boosting, it can actually help thicken the skin over time if used appropriately.”

you made me panic but it turns out you are incorrect. it only has side effects long term if you are using too high of a dose, which you need to be retarded to do.

Anonymous 42413

This is what scares me about skincare. How do you know how much is okay? How often should you use something? Where is the list of medically approved amounts and dosages?

Anonymous 42435

Usually it comes with guidelines, you can ask or see posts by the hundreds other people that used X product or even just see a derm. But usually you only use a few drops, just enough to lightly cover your face if it's not a topical product.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 42565

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