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Fuck Tinder Anonymous 43008

You know, I want to get out, meet people, hopefully get a nice boyfriend, but I feel like Tinder is just for easy hookups and one night stands.

I feel that 99% of the guys that go on Tinder don't care about having a long term relationship.

Am I wrong?
Disclaimer: I haven't used it yet.

Anonymous 43010

Dating apps and sites are created for promiscuous normies to meet other promiscuous normies.
You can still meet people the old-fashioned way by going outside and doing stuff.

Anonymous 43011

I forget the source but IIRC the highest probability of a meeting happening is if a man is looking for an ONS and the woman is looking for a LTR.

so even if you get as far as a meeting, you won't get what you want.

online dating dating's a shit.

Anonymous 43013

tinder is for slags and fuckboys, don't bother with it

Anonymous 43021

Go out and find people through your hobbies instead.

Anonymous 43022

Tinder is for meeting people to fuck, that's it. All dating site really are

If you want to find love, go out and meet people
If you want to find a dick, use tinder

Anonymous 43034

You won't meet anyone valuable also actually decent men will put you in their mental slut zone if they ever find out you had one and rightly so. Don't use it.

Anonymous 43061

i've gotten long term bfs on it but the problem is that 90% of men are trash on it. they think it's a joke so they don't treat it seriously…but there no longer IS any way to meet people except on tinder. i hate this climate where people spend their entire 20s and early 30s fucking around. the result is that NO ONE can get married and we all die alone. i hate it. bring back courtship to marriage avenues and matchmakers. guys just want to fuck, they dont want to marry, i hate it so much

Anonymous 43062

>If you want to find love, go out and meet people



you diss diss diss but fail to ever, ever offer one single viable fuckign alternative. "lmao just go outside and meet people" WHERE AND HOW DO YOU PROPOSE THAT HAPPEN

Anonymous 43063


>Just meet people in real life sis

Anonymous 43064

they tell me i'm crazy, and then build a clown society and tell me i have to live in it

Anonymous 43065


if i hear "just go outside lul" one more time i'll lose it

Anonymous 43071

To add on to this the data stops at 2017 so the online dating % is no doubt even higher now I would guess it’s easily more than 50%
Also, I think this data includes people of all age groups and I would guess that the online dating % is even higher for young people in their 20s (I’m assuming most miners are in their twenties or late teens)
Meeting people in real life becomes very difficult after school
If you’ve already graduated from college then it’s pretty much online dating or nothing

Anonymous 43073

Couples are not married couples. All the people who haven't found a partner or don't currently have one won't factor into this at all. Also it says 'categories are not mutually exclusive' which means people could be meeting online through friends. And notice how bar or restaurant is also climbing.

Anonymous 43078

Coronavirus is temporary, anon. Clubs are meeting online and have been slowly moving back to in-person sessions. Are you sure you're not interested in one-night stands? You don't seem capable of thinking in time frames longer than that, anyway.

Anonymous 43079

Just go outside lol

The lockdown is tempory, only happened a few months ago and doesn't apply everywhere

You won't find a guy just teleport into your room, you have to go out and meet them, dating I've found is super random and very much a right place right time situation

Plus of you ever find a guy you want just hit on him, I've found that 90% of the time guys don't reject girls

Anonymous 43081

you're a bit smarmy, eh?
just bee urself
just go outside
just give the manager a firm handshake
just start a business
just clean your room

any other wisdom, oh great boomer of the internet?

Anonymous 43085

It's funny how often I get called a boomer despite only recently hitting 20

Also short of starting a business, that idea is stupid in the current time, everything else is actually a smart idea.
Like I said, no guy is just going to teleport into your room, you won't just be given a job because you spent all night playing games.

If you do nothing, nothing will change, unsurprisingly

Anonymous 43096

Quit making up excuses for your shyness. Stop thinking pedestrians can't initiate in social contact with each other. Stop being so awkward and break the ice.

Anonymous 43104

I had the most luck with eharmony, found my bf on there. Expensive, sure, but all the other sites (even match) are full of human garbage honestly. eharmony isn't just for christians or anything, but I think that's the image people have of it.

Anonymous 43111

>despite only recently hitting 20
nta but thanks for finally confirming you aren't qualified to give life advice.
What you're giving is just vague, generalized bullshit that we've all heard a million times by now. if you have actual detailed specifics drawing from your own experiences feel free to contribute, else please find another thread to convince us that it's all our own fault or we just aren't trying hard enough.

Anonymous 43115

I'm 20, you're probably double my age
But I can guarantee that I've lived more of a life than you

Anonymous 43125

>/feels/ - Advice & Venting
Since you're obviously not here to vent, if you don't have any solid advice to give please stop shitting up this thread with your inane posts. Thanks.

Anonymous 43127

I gave advice, not my fault that it got thrown in my face and ignored

Anonymous 43128

And we've told you why your advice is useless. Can you fucking leave already?

Anonymous 43129

Simple advice is usually correct advice
Or is "go outside and talk to someone" too hard for your retarded brain to comprehend

Go out, talk a walk, see a cute guy, talk and flirt with him
WOW fucking difficult

Okay here's my vent, why is nearly everyone here here just a pathetic loser

Anonymous 43130

Nobody wants you here just stfu already ya dumb cunt.


Anonymous 43131

That is true
I'm not a pathetic loser that spends every waking hour locked inside, I'm not so stupid to not being able to talk to someone

I'm actually successful
So yeah I don't belong here

Anonymous 43132

Different anon. I met the boyfriends I've had at local gaming groups. I didn't start dating until I was 30 because of serious anxiety problems.

Anonymous 43136

There's a MILLION dating apps, is none of those really aimed more at finding long term relationships?

Anonymous 43137

Because you'd ideally want to find a guy with the same interests you have.

Chances are, some random guy on the street is not going to have those that match the people in this place.

Anonymous 43138

What are people here interested in?

Anonymous 43144

If you don’t want casual relationships, don’t use tinder. That should be obvious, and yet…

Anonymous 43150

So where do I go if I want a more serious relationship?

Anonymous 43175

You're not going to find a magic bullet here, otherwise this place would be empty.

Anonymous 43179

Experience matters. Not age. Are you experienced? Or have you wasted your life?

Anonymous 43195

this just makes me really sad, why do we have to depend on profit driven industries just to find love ?

Anonymous 43199

>Experience matters. Not age.
Wait till you get out of college and realize how difficult it is to find a place to meet decent people, then we'll talk.

Anonymous 43201

It's easy to meet decent people when you're decent yourself, anon.

Anonymous 43204

What places have you already looked?

Anonymous 43211

They don't. It's possible one in a hundred actually does care about relationships but he won't commit hardcore to it. Just look at the design of the app for fucks sake, it's a flame not a heart. It is for horny people interested in quickies.

Anonymous 43213

This kind of response just proves you can't name any places so fuck off already.

Anonymous 43215

Tinder should be used more effectively for what it is.
Instead of giving your body for free to strangers that won't give a fuck about you the next day it should be used as a "rent a girlfriend/boyfriend app" like the Japanese do with their host clubs.

It should only be used by people who are in the end escorts. Everyone else in there is just being played.

Anonymous 43235

I would use sites that specifically advertise themselves as dating sites (ex. eHarmony, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish). I don’t know much about the demographics of these sites though and have never used them, but they don’t have the same “hookup” connotation that apps like Tinder and Bumble do.

Anonymous 43252

Ballroom dancing lessons, foreign language schools, sports clubs, gyms, live gaming sessions at cafes and comic shops, bicycle maintenance workshops, special events at parks (highly recommended: foraging and camping basics), block parties, dog training, political activist groups.

You problem is that you're a boring person. Be more interesting.

Anonymous 43264









Anonymous 43272

Hm, I feel people don't know how to wait, it's fine to meet via tinder match, but you have to show your value and not just being an easy meal, if a man cant really know you before and vice versa.

Anonymous 43275

You're the one arguing, anon. Stop being a 21st Century Schizoid Woman, and go talk to the next pedestrian you meet.

Anonymous 43301

you don't you can still meet people the old fashion way
people are just switching to a more convenient lifestyle

Anonymous 43302

meetup.com > tinder
there you go

Anonymous 43304


So now you're just point-blank admitting that you have no interests in life and no desire to improve at any skills. Why, exactly, would anyone want to be your friend let alone your boyfriend?

Anonymous 43314

>Anon provides help

God you're needy and lonely and pathetic, no wonder you browse this website.

Anonymous 43316

Have you tried being alone forever instead?

Anonymous 43331

Switch your Looking For to women, and you will see that's all tinder has to offer; a bunch of used up people worth nothing.
Use hinge or something else

Anonymous 43332

So Tinder seems to be primarily for finding people to fuck. What are some better dating apps / services?

Anonymous 43333

You have to wade through A LOT of trash to find anyone that even seems genuine. And then you have to hope that they are willing to wade through all the trash and hope that you are genuine too. Because the app doesn't tell you a specific person likes you, unless you're pro.
It's like the app is specifically designed to blackpill you

Anonymous 43343


Anonymous 43375

Unfortunately it does come down to this.

If your hobbies are all degenerate, and you don't want to meet a guy with those same hobbies, what are you expecting to happen?

Anonymous 43376


This is what tinder is about straight up. I'm glad some people are not even trying to hide it anymore.
It's always to get something out of the other person. It's a business. It's not for dating. It's either for people who are horndogs & just wanna let the nut out or smarter people that use it as a vehicle to make money.

Anonymous 43382


Anonymous 43385

Is there really no app that puts personality and hobbies first and foremost for filtering?

This sounds like such a huge market, I don't get why no one's capitalizing on it.

Anonymous 43387

All the other sites mentioned in this thread so far. Eharmony and Match, specifically.

Anonymous 43616

I just added some thot-tier body pics to my previously only-face-pic profile. i feel like a whore but apparently guys assume if you don't have any body pics that you must be obese.


>moid messages me, says i'm cute
>he replies, hey i have a secret
>say 'what?' with a sinking feeling
>he unmatches me
>went and took body shots and put them up that evening
i'm not even fat or ugly or anything. i dont understand moids. he was average not even a model or anything.

Anonymous 43620

They don't have to be thot tier. Just make sure they go down at least to your waist if your concerned about them thinking you're fat. Smile, etc.

Anonymous 43647

>I would guess that the online dating % is even higher for young people in their 20s
I would guess the opposite. At least if we're talking about couples like the picture says. Young people go out to clubs, they have a lot more parties and group gatherings, college activities, team sports etc. Young people meet other young people in real life all the time.

When I think online dating I think divorced people in their 50s who feel like they have no other way of meeting people other than through the internet.

Anonymous 43658

probably underaged

Anonymous 43659

>guys assume if you don't have any body pics that you must be obese

They're right. Myspace Angle didn't die out with Myspace.

Anonymous 43679

update: after putting up the body pics I'm getting matches and messages like crazy. i put them up YESTERDAY. this is insane. win at tinder with this one simple trick… show leg and tiddy. all moids care about is what makes their dick happy. i'm just so disgusted i can't even be happy about this.
ravioli ravioli give me cute husband so i can quit this godforsaken app-ioli.
it must be the case. that must have been the sole reason, the difference is night and day. have thot-pics or moids will automatically assume you are a hamplanet.

Anonymous 43683

It's a coomer app. Tried and true. You should really consider using something else.

Anonymous 43686

everyone gets loads of matches, men are built to want to fuck anything that moves

Anonymous 43694

All you need is a normal body pic. Like what the fuck do you expect? People to figure out if they like you from your tinder profile? You're on a goddamn dating app where the point is to only talk to people who you find physically attractive. If this bothers you why are you even using it?

Anonymous 43737

Then you're clearly not going to get what you want from that app.

Anonymous 43738

This. Many guys swipe right on almost any girl and then pick the ones they're genuinely attracted to later.
This is why the average woman has more matches than the average guy which guys complain about… but they have themselves to blame.

Anonymous 43741

Because for moids, the chances of getting a match is really low, (even if they are objectively handsome).
So they find it quite pointless to invest time investigating a profile when you have like 0.001% probability of getting matched.

Anonymous 43750

because they are retarded. instead of swiping on who they like, they swipe EVERYTHING and ruin the point of the app (which is for two people with mutual attraction to meet.) moids immediately try to gamify and "hack" it and call it a numbers game, so they'll do things like delete and recreate their profile every few weeks to game the system, swipe yes on EVERY girl so that when you do get a match you have no idea if he even likes you or was just numbers-gaming, they'll put a bunch of cringy one-liners in their profile or leave it blank because they're afraid of criticism, leaving us with nothing to go on about who they are and what they want. or they'll do shit like a blank photo and go "just looking to see what is out there."

tinder makes me hate moids. they overthink what should be simple, they destroy their own chances by trying to be niggers about it, their intentions are disgusting at best. you now have 5/10 moids who get absolutely CHEEKY about how they think they're hot shit and don't want to settle down and would rather fuck around in their 20s, and in their 30s they go on there and say pathetic shit like, "please wife me so i don't die alone." i wonder if they actually bothered to not be a manwhoring skank with an aversion to commitment when they were still young and had hair, maybe they would have found a fucking longterm and gotten married. tinder is where men go to ruin themselves and all of society because moids are ruled by their own penis. it's the penis that is in charge of its thoughts and actions–the rest of the moid is vestigal.

Anonymous 43757

HOW DO THEY NOT GET BANNED WTF. I had a fake (girl) Tinder profile that got banned after I had swiped right on every dude, yet their algorithm is fine with men doing the same thing?

Anonymous 43765

you know i get banned from 4chan every other week and even i can't fathom how someone can get banned from tinder. yet i hear so many stories of moids complaining they get banned. probably for negging and harassment, i guess? imagine using your real name, location, and photo, and then shitposting so hard against women you're trying to lure into screwing that you need to get banned off the platform. yet somehow men manage to do just that.

i've had to report at least 3 moids on it myself. these people are insane. if that's how they act while namefagging imagine if they could be anonymous. an anonymized tinder… it would be hell.

Anonymous 43796

>I had a fake (girl) Tinder profile that got banned after I had swiped right on every dude, yet their algorithm is fine with men doing the same thing?
No doubt because their system thinks a female profile that swipes right on every male profile is actually a bot, probably programmed to try and send people malware or something. They can safely assume this because they can see most of their actual female users are much pickier than that and would never actually swipe right on every man.
It doesn't think the same thing is suspicious when a male profile does it because no doubt they can see that's what men actually do, and they do it because of the aforementioned pickiness of the female users.

Anonymous 43846

a boy that only swipes on girls they like is a boy that's probably getting no hits, from what i understand about dating site statistics

Anonymous 43850

From my experience most guys would die for replies. What is happening to you is probably that you're talking to a guy with lots of matches already. Because he can talk to a limited amount amount of girls, he just talks to the ten or so most attractive.

Anonymous 43883

They do this because the response rates for men are so low that the new non-fuckboys on the app who use it properly just get no activity at all and leave. For the rest, who just want to fuck, the best way to get what they want is swipe right on everyone, copypaste a one-liner to every match, and fuck the only one with low enough self confidence to cave in and reply.

Anonymous 43929

Everything has been said in the OP. Tinder is not for relationships.

Anonymous 44421


How did we get to a point where dating apps are the most common method for meeting people and yet everyone fucking hates them?

Anonymous 44422

Because they're not for relationships. Just cheap sex, and that's what the majority wants, so the minority suffers.

Anonymous 44423

Because dating apps are easy and there is a lot of people that use them so the chances of interacting with somebody there are higher but at the same time you realize what % of the moids in this world are jum cumbrain coomer sociopaths and it's a fuck ton of them. That's the true "black-pill". Being disappointed with humanity.

Anonymous 44425

No one on the app wants romance that just want to get to the fucking.
But its the most convenient way to meet someone.

Anonymous 44427


based brs fan

Anonymous 44428

People are lazy and just go with whatever is most convenient.
Dating apps are shit for relationships but they're also very easy. You can just sit in your room, look at a few pictures, maybe read their bio if you feel like it, and then decide if you like them based on that. It's quick and easy taking very little thought and effort.

Anonymous 44429

Afraid of meeting and having a conversation irl?

Anonymous 44463

>had date with moid off tinder
>day before, serious medical issue happens
>message him that i can't meet right now
>he unmatches me
holy fuck moids are so fragile

Anonymous 44464

Anonymous 44468

Or he's just cutting his losses rather than getting roped in to your medical issues (and eventually related costs).

Anonymous 44470

Tbh, I would do the same.
Whatever the reason you cancelled the date.
That's enough reason to unmatch.
You are still strangers and he has no reason to spend more emotion and time on you when he has other stranger on Tinder that want to meet him.

Anonymous 44558

>th-t-tht-th–th-t-th-hth-those dumb women just want to steal all my money and make me pay their bills!
>t. moid who works at a gas station for $10.50/hr
meh. i already have a date with another one anyway. moids have more to lose than I do. maybe they shouldn't act like emotional bitches with the few matches they get.

Anonymous 44566

jfc sounds like he made the right decision

Anonymous 44704

why do moids feel the need to comment on things they clearly don't understand?

Anonymous 44706

well if you just cancelled instead of rescheduling how do you think you came off?

Anonymous 44762

>multiple posters explain why he did nothing unreasonable
>REEE you're all moids!
Golly. How'd a catch like you wind up needing to use tinder to find dates in the first place?

Anonymous 45091

It is impossible to chat in these applications. Moids fill you up with messages.

Anonymous 45096

How is it mathematically possible that the average swipe rate for each gender is not equal

Anonymous 45104

I got my last boyfriend over tinder. We dated for half a year before he broke up with me.
We actually talked a bout marrying one day and such.
He totally ruined that app for me.

Anonymous 45105

Because it takes two mutual swipes for a match to occur. A moid can spam swipes to every women hoping one responds, but a woman can swipe on whoever they like.

Anonymous 45108

>You can still meet people the old-fashioned way by going outside and doing stuff.
Corona-chan disagrees.

Anonymous 45127

Even non-christian males will view female partners that are virgins, or at the very minimum, have less sex partners overall as better marriage material. Why do you think younger the generation the less likely they are to marry? There's no need to marry a woman when you can just fuck around.

Anonymous 45129

No comply.

Anonymous 45132

You're the ones coming off as insecure and defensive. It's just common sense, if given the choice between two otherwise equal women just about any man would take the one with the lower partner count.

Anonymous 45139

I've never really known a man who looks at his partner's virginity. I'm a virgin and I don't think I have any extra points. Maybe things change when it comes to finding a wife… but I don't think I can stay a virgin that long, lol.

Anonymous 45140

ITT: /r9k/

Anonymous 45143


Holy shit this is so cringe and I'm sure we got a moid or tranny moid around.

Anonymous 45147

What exactly are you even saying? Are you claiming that men actually prefer sluttt women that have fucked lots of other guys before and that anyone claiming otherwise is a man?

Anonymous 45150

Where did I said that. Why its gotta go to the extremes? Why you think like such an incel or autist?

Anonymous 45151

It's not really clear what you're saying to begin with.

Anonymous 45213

Actually, they do prefer them. I don't know what world you live in, but moids just want sex and with that kind of women it's easier to get it. They also probably think that sex with those women will be more satisfying.

Anonymous 45331

If they just want a fuck they prefer them, if they're looking for a relationship they don't.

Anonymous 45334

Is there a good way to use tinder without it getting linked back to you?

Like I want to use it but I'm afraid of guys I know finding me on there and telling my family
I have a reputation of being the good innocent girl and I don't want to ruin that.

Anonymous 45335

Use an alias and obscure your face, not much more you can do than that.

Anonymous 45337

>I've never really known a man who looks at his partner's virginity
>I'm a virgin

Is this some kind of a joke?

Anonymous 45339

If you aren't in super-conservative yee-haw country then there would be no one who would tell your family you were on tinder.

Unless you are already in a relationship.

Anonymous 45340

Yes and no?
Australia isn't really conservative, but family is.
I'm not dating anyone currently but the guy I'm planning on marrying is more upper class and wouldnt want to marry a slut. So don't want to ruin my future for some casual dick.

That's what I'm thinking, either that or use a fake name and just grab profile pictures off facebook
Maybe make it look like I'm a catfish to people that know me?

Anonymous 45345

I meant that they don't care about virginity or anything else they say they care about. I'm a virgin, I'm tender, I wear women's clothes, I'm not even ugly and I've never had a bf. Instead, whores have had an average of 20 or more bfs, plus all the orbiters they have.
And when do they want a relationship? I haven't met young men who value virginity.

Anonymous 45346


Having sex and not being a virgin doesn't make you a slut.

Anonymous 45721

The text would read a million times better in white.

Anonymous 45928

There's not much you can do about moid herd behavior, since it's predicated on biology.

Tinder could change the user experience for moids, though, by limiting the number of likes they get down to like a few likes per day, thus evening the number of matches men and women would get, but they would never do that since it's not in their economic interest to do so.

Since women get a disproportionately large number of matches moids are more inclined to pay for Tinder gold or whatever to have a chance at getting more matches and increase their chances. This is how Tinder makes money.

Anonymous 45948

>will take pretty much any 5/10 or higher boy who's respectful and pleasent to talk to
>stacy thinks 97% of men in the dating pool might as well not even exist
So this is why men are sociopaths when dating. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Anonymous 45979

I seriously doubt it, moid.
They won't swipe for anyone but 8/10 and up, because even a 5/10 looks like a 3/10 when put next to all the instagram supermodels.

Anonymous 45980

It's just rating. The same data from okcupid shows that when it comes to actually making contact with potential mate, males go after women that are way out of their league more often than women go after men way out of their league. Like always, men are worse than comen and they're projecting.

Anonymous 45981

It's because they are coomers.

Anonymous 45983

>They won't swipe for anyone but 8/10 and up
The avg moid swipes right on 60% of profiles, so it's statistically impossible for them to only swipe right on 8/10s and up.

Anonymous 45988

I've heard of guys swiping on every single girl just in the hopes they'll match with one, so I doubt this very much

also pretty sure "Instagram supermodels" don't need Tinder

Anonymous 45990

It is true women are far more selective about what is attractive, but unlike men, they will actually become into men who are close to their own level of attractiveness. Just because women find less men attractive doesn't mean they don't want to date and fall in love with the complement of the men they don't find a 9/10 or higher.

Anonymous 46008

I don't think you can fall in love with someone you personally don't find attractive.

Anonymous 46020

But it does mean that you'll be more likely to swipe left on a guy and never give him the chance to wow you with his personality.

The problem with online dating (from both genders' perspectives I think) is that there's too much emphasis on looks compared to real life dating.

I wonder if anyone has tried a dating site where you can only see someone's pictures after you swipe yes on them. Obviously you should get a second chance to swipe left if they turn out to just be absolutely not your type physically, but I feel like psychologically it might condition people that date online to select for personality a bit more

Anonymous 46021

But girls are always "defending" the appearance of their guy to their girlfriends, or they'll be like "there's never a good pic of him" to the point that became a meme years ago. Women are more conscious their partners may/does not fit the societal criteria of a 9-10/10, but that doesn't mean they personally find their partner ugly. Women are more aware of the actual status of their partner.

Anonymous 46022

Do you realize this discussion is in the context of online dating, right? everyone knows that in real life dating women will settle for boys they don't find super physically attractive

Anonymous 46265


Anonymous 46266

>it might condition people that date online to select for personality

Why should people who date online select for personality? That's what meeting people IRL is for.

Anonymous 46380

What about bumble? Is there any online dating thing that isn't just about hookups?

Are the boomer era sites only which are for serious relationships?

Anonymous 46383

what do you mean by personality? like, interests, or how they act? because their interests and neuroses, quirks, all of that are a large part of their personality, more so than like, whether or not they're just awkward, and all of it is more easily discerned online. selecting for personality is much easier online.

Anonymous 46420

I'm retarded and I don't understand the graph please help

Anonymous 46421

Personality can be expressed visually through dress sense (aesthetic preferences and interests), weight (lifestyle), and hygiene (self-care). Regardless of facial aesthetics, I find people attractive if they care about their presentation, shower, and are healthy (since I do all these things).

I don't expect anyone to go beyond what I do and am. Ideally I'd just date myself, but unfortunately there is only one of me. And I'm not that conventionally attractive in the face.

The thing with het men is that most put little effort into their presentation, and if they do it's just to get muscular. Things are sort of changing with the younger gen though, so there may be hope in the future.

Also, mandatory "dating sites are not the same as irl" and "men take shit selfies."

More hot = better personality

Anonymous 46425

How do compatible non-normies meet if they are less likely to have social hobbies where they would come into contact?

Anonymous 46436

Online dating. It's how my old roomie got married.

Anonymous 46437

What site?

Anonymous 46438

Get a social hobby, meet people and choose people who share your non-social hobbies.

Anonymous 46446

no hope.jpg

1. This is couples, nor married couples.
2. Met online doesn't mean Tinder, for all you know they met on some forum, or in a video game or Facebook or whatever.
3. Categories aren't exclusive, maybe they "met online" because of work, or through friends or family.

But yes, very fuck, much sad.

Anonymous 46464

I don't remember, I think it was OK cupid. It was a vanilla dating site. Both of them are into "nerdy" things and they clicked pretty fast. Was cool to watch in real time tbh.

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