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fuschia orchids.jp…

How do you want to do stuff Anonymous 43486

I just cba to do anything. All the things I was into like anime, movies, make-up, fashion, braiding, even pointless shit like watching anime and drinking just feels boring to me. I am always like "yeah I will do X later I cannot right now" and later usually never comes.

Only thing I enjoy nowadays is taking long contemplative walks at night or in a forest by myself so that i feel scared and unsafe. The danger is the only thing that makes me feel alive. Also smoking I guess.

Maybe it is just depression but I used to be a lot more depressed some years back when I did all that suff, nowadays I just feel sort of disappointed and bored.

Anonymous 43492

Have you tried physical activities

Anonymous 43497

You need to do something out of the ordinary to spark an interest in life again.
Anhedonia, but close enough.

Anonymous 43504

I mean, do the walks count?

I try and I usually like the stuff I try, but it just becomes like other stuff "wow I should really do X again it was so fun" but I never do

Anonymous 43510

I was thinking something more strenous. One hour every other day, your mind will come back around, i promise.

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