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Friend & siblings Anonymous 43711

This is something that has been eating me for a while. I have a very deep crush for the brother of my best friend from childhood. We have really good chemistry and lately we have become very close, it's getting harder with each passing day to suppress the need to confess or take steps at this point. To be honest there isn't any reason not to, except that I'm very insecure about how my friend will react to this.
She means everything to me, we have been together in everything, I wouldn't have with whom to share my happiness nor my sorrow. If she somehow doesn't approve our relationship or gets mad at me I wouldn't forgive myself for trading her trust and friendship for something that feels selfish or just wrong, but it is definitely what my heart wants.

So I am kind of desperate to hear if anyone has experiences similar to mine or if you have heard of such cases. How did it go? Is my fear just stupid? A part of me believes I'm overthinking and even if she's against it she'll grow to accept it over time.

Anonymous 43717

If you are really great friends, I don't know why she would mind. I am sure that she would even feel bad if she knew she was inadvertently making you unhappy. I think you should tell her first that you like her brother and she might even help you get closer to him.

Anonymous 43718

You know she already knows right?
You just have to talk to her but she is already waiting for you to talk to her about it.

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