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bpd pushed him away and i fucking miss him Anonymous 43867

i’m so fucking sad I miss him so much he always said he would never abandon me and now he’s gone
i want to die. i was so close to just ending it when he left but i was hospitalized so i couldn’t
how do i find purpose in life i’m always so bored now and i just have nothing

Anonymous 43868

Have you tried yaoi?

Anonymous 43871


Anonymous 43874


First post best post as usual

Anonymous 43931

Here’s a serious answer; what happened? What went wrong? What made him so great? Give us more info and we’ll try to see what you can do

Anonymous 44462

I'm so sad to hear that. Don't worry though, we all have ups and downs. You will find someone better.

Anonymous 44580

relatable, but u dont need him anon. learn a new hobby, go on a nature walk, make new friends, its cheesy but you wont need him. i had to learn too, i was depressed violent for like 8 months, and i realized fuck that asshole. ur better off. this is nights without the constant anxiety of abandonment. nights you can sleep peacefully

Anonymous 44587

He didn’t deserve you. We all have someone made for us in the world, and by abandoning you he has secured his destiny with Jezebel.

Anonymous 45225

How did you push him away anon? Also surely you must still have a way of contacting him if you truly miss him so much?

Anonymous 46382

just start talking to him again like nothing happened lmao

it worked for me

Anonymous 46416

I have bpd and have pushed away every single guy I dated by being a crazy obsessive bitch. I get insanely jealous and lash out at people and say and do really hurtful things, I can’t even shittalk my exes cuz I know it was my fault lmao.

Anonymous 46506

Just find another guy

Anonymous 46723

>show you love through actions
What kind of actions show a man genuinely cares about and loves you? I always hear people say love is an action but I don’t know what they mean specifically by it. I never had a loving father so I have no idea what dads and good husbands do to show genuine care and love to the women in their lives.

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